Interesting Videos Part 6

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Nothing is new under the sun

Ellora Caves 22 – Documentary 2019 The Mind-Boggling Rock Cut Temples of India

BBC reports WTC 7 Collapsed BEFORE it Collapsed

dr.kary mullis inventor of the pcr test used for covid19. pcr does not tell you you are sick

All wars are bankers wars

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenovs warning to America


[Note: It appears to me that it is the top echelons of the banking and corporate structures that are under scrutiny by many truth-seekers, obviously not any ordinary decent people who happen to be Jewish. I certainly am not criticising any good people in any religion, including Judaism, and it is not for me to make judgement of anyone. I am an independent researcher attempting to find the truth from the side-lines. In my humble opinion, only God can judge anyone or any group. It is certainly not for me to do.

Is there really a connection between the banking elites and Talmudic Judaism, Zionism, and satanic freemasonry, as some people claim? Is there a connection with the establishment of corporate monopolies, world government, and communism, anti-God policies, and hate laws to ensure they cannot be criticised ? The wider Jewish question and the rascist discriminatory policies against all non-Jews listed in the Jewish Talmud bears examination as it is an ongoing theme among people seeking the truth about what is happening in the world.

The following quote from the 1934 book The Alien Menace A Statement of the Case by the British author Lieut.-Col. A. H. Lane., see Endnote [i], is similar to the sentiment expressed in hundreds of other historical books on this subject.

“This criticism of Jewish influence is not anti-Semitic. The critics quoted above are, on the whole, friendly to the Jews, but they recognise that this persistent attempt to dominate and control the financial and political policies of the nations of the world and to make them serve the interests of a minority possessing much power, especially in world finance, must create friction and disturbances. This criticism would apply with equal force to Germans, Dutch, Italians, French, or any other race if they attempted by similar methods to impose their will upon other peoples and to make those peoples more or less subject to their domination.” – British author Lieut.-Col. A. H. Lane]

[i] The Alien Menace A Statement of the Case by the British author Lieut.-Col. A. H. Lane. FIFTH (Revised and Enlarged) EDITION 3/6 net LONDON: BOSWELL PUBLISHING CO. LTD. 10, Essex Street, Strand, London, W.C.1. 1934.


1st Communist Russian government was 85 percent Jewish and killed 60 million mostly Christian people

A look at who created communist China

Alan Pomerantz interview exposing Trump is controlled opposition (100% owned by Jewish New York banks and Zionists) – Conservative USA has been tricked by the media

Puppet of Zion – Trump is the swamp

Antifa is founded and funded by Jews (to this day)

Why are people afraid of facts about the Jews

The Holohoax


The Auschwitz Myth Myth

A few notes on the Jew – By Bobby Fischer Former World Chess Champion

The (Jewish created) Kalergi Plan – for White Genocide and Replacement Via Migration

The Jewish funded  plan to take guns away from 100 million americans


This is how they fake everything

A Sandy Hook Father smiling when his daughter is dead

A Lies of the white slave trade


Dr. Zelenko exposed – the cornered Jew (he coud’nt answer why he was supporting the bogus PCR test see what happened next)


Another Shill Exposed Jordan Peterson says Get The Damn Vaccine

Jordan B. Peterson EXPOSED – He is a ZIONIST JQ Jewish Question

Jordan Peterson dismantled

Jordan Peterson appears to be controlled opposition – behind his conservative facade there are indications he is actually a communist. His Home Is Decorated With lots of Totalitarian Communist Propaganda Art. When the scandal went viral – there appeared articles trying to explain away this shocking truth trying to convinve people he was not not a communist.



Eric Dubay: Big Bang Evolution is a Masonic Lie Hiding Intelligent Design

History of Evolution Theory | Darwin’s, Huxley’s and Royal Society