Truth about Sustainable Development

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Over the past 30 years decades the political concept/solution/flawed agenda of ‘sustainable development’ has not worked it has not solved the environmental or social problems of the world. Politically defined sustainable development contains much sustainability and greenwashing rhetoric, however by design sustainable development has served to maintain the interests of the existing debt money banking system and the associated GDP growth paradigm. i.e. the interests of the extremely wealthy at the expense of 99.99% of the world’s population. Sustainable development as a political concept was in reality not true sustainability at all – it was designed to enable the existing flawed economic paradigm to continue as long as possible.

The knowledge, tools and processes to create sustainable local and regional societies already exists – so why has humanity not done so and fixed the environmental and resource problem that has been discussed for decades?

The actual obstacles to achieving real sustainability in society are not addressed, or even mentioned, by the current greenwash ‘business as usual’ political solution called ‘sustainable development’, which is also known as Agenda 21 or the ‘United Nations sustainable development goals’ (SDGs). There are reasons for this that are discussed in the book The Truth about Sustainable Development by Mark Keenan.

In this book I examine the obstacles hindering the creation of ‘real’ sustainability in society i.e., an environmentally sustainable and fair society that fully respects the natural world we rely on and nurtures and develops human wellbeing rather than limiting it with unjust systems of economic control that have predominantly benefitted a very small group of extremely wealthy people at the expense of everyone else.

The book describes topics including:
► The failure of politically defined sustainable development and why it has not and will never solve worldwide environmental and social poverty problems.
► The obstacles to creating real sustainability.
► Defining what real sustainability actually is and how to create real sustainable societies.
► The truth about climate change (it is not caused by Co2 emissions) and the real reason for desertification and soil degradation.

The worthwhile challenge is to achieve a sustainable earth-human relationship.

The SDGs provide an illusion of sustainability goals – a light ‘greenwashing’ of the current flawed system, thereby temporarily further perpetuating a system that will ultimately fail due its unsustainable aspects. Many worthwhile corporate and governmental sustainable development initiatives are in operation, but all operate within the unquestioned paradigm (or status quo) of environmentally destructive GDP growth and the socially destructive debt-based privately owned worldwide banking system.

The underlying causes of the damaging impacts to environmental and human wellbeing that have not been addressed via current sustainable development mechanisms are embedded in a metaphorical matrix of control and illusion. This matrix includes the economic paradigm of GDP growth; the banking system that creates money from nothing and charges everyone interest for it; as well as the political, governmental and corporate mass media networks and online media systems that dominate and influence most people’s lives and mindsets.

Furthermore, politically defined sustainable development increasingly appears to be an agenda to take control of all resources, all production, and all consumption on earth, leaving all people to be micromanaged by a digital and scientific technocracy. Real sustainability is not created by the political jargon of ‘sustainable development’. A different path is needed to create a better world.