Ancient history

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Current mainstream human history and science contains various falsehoods that have become accepted as truth. These are essentially ideologies (not proven facts) that have been promoted by certain powerful very well funded groups for many decades. These are some of the falsehoods and illusions that we have all been taught in school and in corporate media, TV, books, etc.

The illusion that humanity is only 40,000 years old: Humankind in the form of advanced human civilisations has existed on Earth for millions of years (not thousands of years as claimed by evolutionary theory). This is confirmed by the work of Michael A. Cremo and Richard l. Thompson authors of the book – The Hidden History of the Human Race (1998). The history of humanity extends much further back into the ancient past than the 40,000 years that we were taught in school.  Information on this subject is available at: and at

The visual evidence of ancient advanced cultures and advanced engineering  is easily viewed online. These examples put the current mainstream timeline of human development into disarray.  Examples include the incredible Ellora caves of India created/carved out of a mountain ! It is impossible to do this with chisels and hammers. To create this one temple over 380,000 tonnes of rock were removed/excavated from the mountain with incredible precision and there are over 100 such temples in the area.  Access to these sites has been restricted. See:

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“The history of mankind is documented in the Vedas with astronomically verifiable data: the current age is said to have begun 5,100 years ago. the age before that is said to have lasted 864,000 years. That this could well be possible  has been proven by late mathematician Richard L. Thompson on over 1,000 pages in his book ‘Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race’. He discovered hundreds of archeological discoveries that indicate the existence of very early human civilisation… Of course these findings are contradicting established theories in archeology and related sciences. Thompson examined these contradictions and proved the  methods of modern archeology are sometimes highly questionable, for instance, regarding the techniques for determining the exact age of discoveries. ” – Marcus Schmieke, Author the book The Second Path

The Illusion that the theory of neo-Darwinan Evolution is how human kind was created. Neo-Darwinian evolution is an unproven theory. It has been comprehensively and scientifically proved to be completely incorrect, full of many flaws. One of the many flaws is that Darwin’s theory cannot explain irreducibly complex systems in the human body, such as the human eye, the intracellular transport system, eukaryotic cilium,  and the bacterial flagellum.

Leif A. Jensen’s book ‘Rethinking Darwin’ is an excellent scientific explanation of of the fact that Darwin’s theory is incorrect and cannot explain the existence of humankind. The book can be purchased here. The first 30 pages of the book can be downloaded for free  here.

According to BBT ‘Rethinking Darwin: A Vedic Study of Darwinism and Intelligent Design’ is written for any lay scientist or general reader interested in Darwinism and its alternatives. The book is authored by Danish science writer Leif A. Jensen, but contains chapters from some of the world’s leading scientists in the field of Intelligent Design -professor of biochemistry Dr. Michael Behe, professor of mathematics Dr. William A. Dembski, and professor of biology Dr. Jonathan Wells.  Michael A. Cremo of Forbidden Archeology (among other titles) contributed a chapter on human origins and the archeological record. Rethinking Darwin discusses:

– the history and failure of evolutionary theory
– the fossil record
– the origin of life
– the amazing biochemistry inside our cells
– the philosophy and history of science
– how to infer intelligent design from nature
– the features in living organisms which cannot be explained by evolutionary theory
– cosmology, evolutionary theory, and Intelligent Design

The book also contains chapters on the latest in consciousness studies, reincarnation, paraphychology, and paranormal phenomena, and a final chapter proposing a Vedic understanding of how life began. This last chapter shows not only that Vedic knowledge can replace Darwin’s materialistic theory of evolution, it can also explain, in a simple, elegant way, the many anomolies Darwinism sweeps under the carpet. Easily accessible yet written with a serious, scientific tone, readers interested in the life sciences, evolution, or the debate between Intelligent Design and Darwinism will find food for thought in this book. Information on the subject of intelligent design is available at:

The illusion of the big bang that created the universe: In the book Cosmology on trial – Cracking the Cosmic Code author Pierre St. Clair describes widespread scientific concerns about (and the lack of verifiable data for) major theories like the big bang, general relativity, other theories of particle physics, and even the theory of gravity. He dismantles the modern scientific accounts of the origin of the universe – describing the big bang theory to a mere story that has been told without evidence and ingrained into the public consciousness.

Bestselling author Pierre St. Clair focuses on anomalies in cosmological theories. Recently he won the prestigious Sir J. C. Bose Award for Investigative Journalism in the field of Science and Technology for his book Cosmology on Trial.  Quote from the author: “Current theories about the origin of the universe lack verifiable data. In spite of this, many ideas masquerade as relevant theories.”