Requests for my time and analysis

We have been going through a time of chaos, lies, and upheaval. It is important to re-establish truth, and to be aligned with truth and with God. Yet, be aware there are certain well known personalities that are misleading you and are actually ‘controlled opposition’. The notorious communist brigand Lenin said “The best way to control the opposition is to be it”.

Over the past 3 years I have been receiving more requests for my time, knowledge, opinion, analysis, insight, thoughts, and energy in relation to various topics. projects, and world situations. My time is valuable and it is impossible to assist properly via ‘ad hoc’ emails. Knowledge needs structure. When you realise the fundamental roots and wider context of the current world situation you will likely not need to be asking my opinion.

Whatever project you are embarking on my free advice is: do not neglect the spiritual aspect for everything comes from God. The best path is to follow God’s instructions.

The books, articles, and the following links are designed to assist:

  4. No Worries No Virus (Examine Chapter 7 carefully)
  5. (Realise the significance of the last chapter)
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