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Listing these books here does not imply I endorse all the contents. The books are posted for historical and research purposes only.

The following historical documents and books provide evidence of the lies of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), the important difference between original Christianity and Judeo-Christianity as taught by the RCC, and the difference between original Christianity and Talmudic Judaism.

Jesus Christ was not a Jew



Jesus-Christ-the-Galilean (Jesus was NOT a Jew – He was never called Jesus the Jew or Jesus of Jerusalem)


The-Collected-Works-of-Col.-Jack-Mohr (Christians brainwashed into believing Jesus was a Jew) Pt1

The-Collected-Works-of-Col.-Jack-Mohr (Jesus was against the religion of the Jewish pharisees) Pt2




The-Old-Jerusalem-is-Not-the-New-Jerusalem – (The Jews are not God’s chosen people)


About the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity

Solving-The-Mystery-Of-Babylon-The-Great -Tracking the Beast from the Synagogue to the Vatican (The RCC is NOT the original church of Jesus Christ)

About the Jewish Talmud












“Let your light so shine before men so that they may see your good work and give Glory to your father who is in heaven” – Mathew 5:16

“For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul” – Luke 9:25

“Do unto other as you would have them do unto you” – Luke 6:31

“Do not commit adultery, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, honor your father and your mother” – Luke 18:20

“’Love God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and first commandment. The second is as important: love your neighbour as you love yourself (Matt. 22.37-40).. with a few words, Jesus summarised the essence of oneness, love and free will.” – Armin Risi

Quotes by Armin Risi about God and Christianity

Armin Risi was a monk who studied both the Christian scriptures and the older Vedic scriptures.

“Light does not cast shadows. This is the only thing that light cannot do: produce shadows. The same is true for God. God does not create godlessness and can therefore not be blamed for the existence of evil. As the absolute Individuality, however, He allows the potential blocking of the light. Whoever wants to go against it, is free to do so. Nobody is forced to love God, and nobody is forced to cast shadows.”

“In other words, the existence of evil is not in God’s will but in God’s laws. It is allowed but not sanctioned. Everybody is allowed to be evil as this is possible in the world of duality. However, standing outside of God’s will, all evil-doers are subject to the laws, especially the law of action and reaction, or cause and effect.”

“All divine mystical schools lead to this enlightenment: seeing ourselves as indivisibly united with God. Being indivisible and one simultaneously is only possible in the state of conscious union, which is simply a philosophical definition of ‘real love’ (love that comes from the consciousness of this reality). And love is an expression of free as love is always voluntary. Therefore, real love is the perfection of individuality and free will… there is only one thing God wants: the perfection of free will – love !“

“Evil is unnecessary and illusory, just as darkness, seen from the perspective of the light, is an illusion. It only exists because something is temporarily blocking the light. as soon as the obstacle is removed light will be there again, and the darkness will be gone as if it never existed. Therefore only from the higher perspective of the Light can we see what evil really is: an illusory ego-trip..”

“Self deception means accepting the illusion of becoming powerful, self sufficient and content outside the harmony of the Whole (God). Those who have such a separatist mentality are unable to see their spiritual individuality beyond material duality. Having cut themselves off from the Source, they no longer obtain their life energy from there. Consequently, they start to exploit the energy of other beings – animal, plants, human beings and the planet itself.”

In the book Transcending the Global Power Game, author Armin Risi describes many topics including: the trap of duality; how our consciousness is programmed by the mental imprints and images we receive; how throughout history religious institutions were infiltrated by those seeking power and that the original spiritual teachings were adjusted by those seeking power for their own purposes; and how we can transcend the global power game toward a higher consciousness by realising the common essence in all ‘original’ spiritual knowledge of the world (he specifically refers to original early Christian and Vedic texts). It is not wish to rephrase or re-interpret the words of Armin Risi and I have therefore attempted to provide a number of quotes that I believe reflect the writings.

“Divine sources may give different kinds of information regarding their wording and perspective, but in their essence they always indicate the same truths; life after death, the existence of higher realms, the oneness beyond duality, the reality of God, and the inspiration to live in divine love. in the course of history, these contents were revealed in different manners and with different priorities according to the time, the place and the people involved…

Those who do not limit themselves to one single point of view… are able to perceive the good within all teachings. At the same time, they carefully avoid the diabolic spirit which tries to destroy this very harmony of understanding… In other words, we should not be bewildered by the variety of perspectives found in divine revelations (including Vedic, Buddhist, early Christian etc).. it is only natural that Light beings speak about the same essential truths in their own individual ways….  the Light beings know that revelation is a dynamic and ongoing process. Contrary to that, the diabolic spirit is rigid and dogmatic. That is why clutching to one single point of view and absolutizing it through dogmas is so detrimenrtal to finding the truth”. – Armin Risi, author of ‘Transcending the Global Power Game”, pg 313.

“Try for some minutes not to think of past or upcoming job duties, of impressions received through radio, TV, cinema, videos, magazines and newspapers, and of private affairs. Try to concentrate on a prayer, on a mantra, or on visualizing spiritual energies and higher communication. Here in this inner realm, is the door to all of our spiritual potentials. However, it is the door from which people are being diverted.”

“The mind is like a mirror or an unexposed film which we constantly expose to certain sensory perceptions… These are the impressions that are reflected back into our consciousness, or to be more precise into our mind…. The mental body consists of a subtle substance (that) reacts to all conscious stimuli, registering (filming) each single one of them, either consciously or unconsciously…. It certainly matters what impression we allow to enter our consciousness… it is, therefore, essential to live in a pure and conscious manner to avoid harming or weakening one’s subtle material body.“

“..these impressions influence the direction of our consciousness… those in the position of materialistic power try their best to shape people’s consciousness so as to secure and, ultimately, enforce subordination.”

“It is difficult to force people to do something against their will. However, they will do the same thing without objection if they act under the impression that they are doing it voluntarily, or that it is necessary – for example, accepting new laws and enforced restrictions in the name of security, anti-terrorism, anti-cult information, or fight against new diseases. The easiest way to bring about total control is to create an atmosphere (atmos-fear!) of fear and intimidation. And this again starts in the mind.”

“In contrast to manipulative forces, divine beings always further an atmosphere of inner peace and contentment. Self control, purity, farsightedness, simplicity, purified consciousness, openness, love – these are the criteria that nourish spiritual advancement.”

“’Do not give what is holy to the dogs, and do not throw your pearls before the swine.’

When Satan came to seduce Jesus with an offer of global power, Jesus answered, ‘Away with you, Satan!’ This was not an expression of hate or fear but of unconditional love. Through this clear differentiation and demarcation Jesus protected Satan from falling into even deeper darkness.”

On this basis we will be able to read about the intricate backgrounds of world history  – no matter how shocking they are – without falling into feelings of hate or helplessness… this spiritual ability of differentiating without judging is essential as we are heading for many challenging disclosures ..”

“Obviously, ‘do not judge’ does not mean ‘do not differentiate’! Jesus often differentiated very critically. Some men he even called ‘fools and blind ones.. snakes, broods of vipers. (Matt. 23.17,33)”

“(in) the vicious circle of duality we would continue to see others as enemies and ourselves as victims. We would see ourselves as powerless and others as more powerful, and fail to see the spiritual equality of us all.”

“’Love God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and first commandment. The second is as important: love your neighbour as you love yourself (Matt. 22.37-40).. with a few words, Jesus summarised the essence of oneness, love and free will.”

“Asuras have a lot to do with religion. They fight it, and even more so they infiltrate it because that is a double victory for them; they have disunited all these people, and furthermore they can use them for their own ends. Therefore infiltration is much more effective than physical elimination. An infiltrated religion is no longer a threat, it is a tool!.. in one way or another, this matrix of (infiltrated) ‘religion’ was enforced all over the world.”

Early Christianity – The Jesus Movement

“many older scriptures were absorbed into priestly writings as, by then, the priests (who had adjusted the original scriptures for their own ) gained a monopoly on worship and ‘God’ contacts… In this way, holy scriptures became a mixture of divine revelations, great wisdom and (in)human power enforcement. Still, there were courageous men who stood up up against this new tyranny…One example is the prophet Jeremy (sixth century BC).. Jeremy obviously recognized the grave danger.. and time did prove him right as it was they who then started to edit the scriptures of the Old Testament (around 400 BC) adding their own words and interpretations to the long-gone God channels like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Isiah or Jeremy.

Therefore, the descriptions and quotes in today’s available texts do not always represent their true biography and teaching. This is acknowledged by most Bible philologists as well as by conservative Judaism… the Priests who were accused.. did not heed any criticism nor did they change themselves. factually, this was the same line of priests whom later on, John the Baptist and Jesus called the ‘brood of vipers’ (Matt. 3.7; 12.34; 23.33; Luke 3.7; John 8.44) and murderers of the prophets’ (Matt 21.45; 23.31-7; Luke 11.47-9; 13.34).”

“Only when the Church of Rome took over the Jesus movement did a new tyranny of the written word start established by the foundation of an ecclesiastical hierarchy… immediately, the agents of this new institution began to preach against those having the inner word.. many of these gifted people were killed.. professional members of the Church monopolized Christianity by taking the positions of ‘authorised’ priests, bishops and popes. Only those having gone through church monitored schools were entitled to preach and lead communities. The reason was obvious: hierarchical positions could easily be manned with institutionally chosen people; whereas those chosen by the Spirit of truth could not be recruited… and people were not to know about the original (true) form of Christianity, what to speak of comparing it to the new ‘only’ Church.”(pg 305)

“When those (original) early followers came together, they did so in the name of Jesus, who had told them: ‘ As the father loves me, I love you; abide in my love. If you truly follow my words you will abide in my love, just as I have truly followed the words of my father aand abide in his love. These things I have spoken to you so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete. This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.’ (John 15.9-12). In their inner circles, the believers experienced love and joy that was sublime and ‘complete’. When these groups of enthusiastic men and women met, they created a most powerful energy field in perfect resonance with the field of Christ’s consciousness.” (pg 307)

Related to this section is the Vedas, much older texts and scriptures, which also describe importance of devotion to God. The following description of the Vedas was written by Author Marcus Schmieke.

“The wisdom, insight and knowledge of the Vedic scriptures enable every human to follow his path toward spiritual development and to achieve complete physical, emotional and interpersonal wellbeing. The Vedic way is not a religion it can be followed by peoples of all faiths.”

Quotes from the Vedic teachings

“Everything in the universe belongs to the Lord. Therefore take only what you need that is set aside for you. Do not take anything else, for you know to whom it belongs.“ – Isa Upanishad

“One who is undisturbed by the flow of desires, as the ocean is unmoved by the incessant flow of rivers, finds peace.” – Bhagavad Gita, 2.70

“The duty of a saintly person is to cultivate the quality of forgiveness, which is illuminating like the sun. Someone who is kshamina (able to forgive) supremely harmonises with the absolute.” – Srimad Bhagavatam (9.15.40)

For more information see the Vedas section