Health Danger of WIFI/ Smartphones/5G

Health dangers of EMF technology – WiFi, smart phones, smart meters, 5g, etc

Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) microwave technology for example including mobile phones, WiFi, 5g, Smart meters, etc emits electromagnetic frequency radiation that has been shown in thousands of studies to be harmful to human health.

There are thousands of scientific studies and research papers showing the harmful biological effects of electromagnetic and microwave radiation from mobile phones, WiFi, 5G, Smart meters, etc on our health and the environment. The following websites give detailed information and links to many of these studies:

In May 2011, the World Health Organisation and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified mobile phone and wireless radiation as a Class 2B Carcinogenic, the same category as DDT, chloroform and methylmercury. Press release available at:

Information on the risk to health of Electro-magnetic frequency technology, including mobile phones, WiFi, 5g, Smart meters, etc is available at Electromagnetic Sense Ireland:

Canadians for Safe Technology:

US Naval Research Institute (1970)  2,300 studies by the US Navy showing biological impacts of EMF:

A compilation of Scientific Studies on the effects of wireless microwave radiation and electromagnetic fields on the body – EMF Data. Available at:

In May 2016  A National Toxicology Program Study funded by  US Government confirms RF radiation from mobile phones breaks DNA and is a cancer risk/ Cell Phone Radiation Study available at: and Microwave News available at:

EMF Research is an independent research resource into electromagnetic fields (EMF) for public education purposes, focused primarily on Radiofrequency EMF (RF-EMF) and Extremely-Low Frequency (ELF-EMF) fields. Available at:

Wireless Radiation & EMF Studies published from August 2016 to September 2018 (335 pages).  Compiled by Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D. School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.

March 2018 –  Expert Panel to US National Toxicology Program on cell phone radiation concludes “clear evidence” of cancer.

June 2018. Recent Research on Wifi Health Effects available at:

Environmental Health Trust – Science. A comprehensive list of up to date studies and research available at: An extensive literature database with an inventory of 28,391 publications and 6,359 summaries of individual scientific studies on the effects of electromagnetic fields.

EMFacts Consultancy – Papers & Publications Research papers and up to date information available at:

Bioinitiative Report 2012
References 1,800 reports showing biological effects of electromagnetic fields available at:

Pall, ML. 2013. – Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects. Available at:

Pall,  ML. 2016   – Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression. Available at:

Pall, ML. 2018 – Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health. Available at:

Glaser naval medical research institute studies on microwave radiofrequency 1972 onwards available at:

EMF Analysis – Science. A comprehensive list of scientific studies, research and links available at:

“Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age: An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries about Cancer and Genetic Damage” by Dr. George Carlo available at:

The research of Professor Olle Johansson, a neuroscientist at the world-renowned Karolinska Institute. Available at:

The research and lectures of scientist Barrie Trower, for example ‘The Dangers of Microwave Technology’ and and ‘5G Gigantic health hazard’ available on YouTube.

See also videos by scientist Barrie Trower – The Dangers of Microwave Technology at: and 5G Gigantic health hazard :

See also Canadians for Safe Technology:

See also Spirit of Eireann website

See also the work of EMF expert Mark Steele


See also the work of Harold Kautz Vella

The information below is the EMF Updates compiled by John Wiegel (circulated by email by John and reproduced here)

In 2007 Prof. Olle Johansson warned that mice exposed to microwave radiation became infertile at the fifth generation. In 2013 Barrie Trower, lecturer in Advanced physics, told the Irish Doctors Environmental Association “The bad news, as most of you will know,” said Trower, “is that the mitochondrial DNA is irreparable. So what we’re saying to your children is if we damage your mitochondrial DNA it is their children and their children and their children. As long as there is a female line you will have this genetic damage. So, by putting wi-fi in school classrooms, what you’re actually doing is sentencing 57 percent of your children to some form of birth defect forever. This is where the joke stops. It isn’t a decision we have the right to make.”  Trower told the group that due to mitochondrial damage, little girls become infertial after the third generation of exposure to radiation by their grandmothers and great grandmothers.  Now humanity has arrived on the threshold of their prophecies.. The BBC reported the following:
Fertility rate: ‘Jaw-dropping’ global crash in children being born
The world is ill-prepared for the global crash in children being born which is set to have a “jaw-dropping” impact on societies, say researchers.
Falling fertility rates mean nearly every country could have shrinking populations by the end of the century.
And 23 nations – including Spain and Japan – are expected to see their populations halve by 2100.
Falling fertility rates mean nearly every country could have shrinking populations by the end of the century.
And 23 nations – including Spain and Japan – are expected to see their populations halve by 2100.
The article does not mention microwave radiation as being a contributory factor. Trower’s original information is supported by a paper published in 2015 entitled “Effects Of Electromagnetic Radiation On Mitochondria”. (See Patricia Burke’s Tech News below.)  Another prediction Trower made was that the leaders of countries who adopted technology would lose control of their country, it’s economy and the people to Big Tech. This now appears to be happening on a world-wide scale with the United Nations being both a moving force and the beneficiary. The United Nations has now become involved in contact tracing and creating public / private partnerships even hosting seminars for regulators. (See below.)  Congratulations to Virginia Farver for her informative interview on Dave Hodges’ Common Sense Show. (Link Below.) Thank you to Patricia Burke in Massachusetts for her tireless round-up of technology. Please circulate widely.
Kind regards,
John Weigel
If 5G is not deemed safe in the USA, and nowhere in the rest of the world, by the insurance industry … why is it by the Danish government? 
While the politicians and the rest of the population all over the world are busy going about with their lives, the telecommunications industry is working at high speed. Billions of dollars and top salaries are at stake.
The purpose of the operator TDC A/S in Denmark is to ”rollout” Ericsson’s new medically and biologically untested and not evidence-based (1) 5G radiation products right over the unsuspecting Danes before they can protest. The small town Elsinore (Danish: Helsingør; Swedish: Helsingör) has been designated by TDC and the government as a ”test area”. The telecommunications industry ”informs” Elsinore’s citizens that the product will be ”exciting”, and the mayor of Elsinore states that the children want it (2).
Unsuspecting citizens in the municipality of Elsinore are thus chosen as guinea pigs. These facts give a chilling reality to the famous words in the theatre play “Hamlet, Prince of Danmark”, by William Shakespeare, where an officer of the Elsinore Kronborg palace guard says “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” after the ghost of the dead king appears, walking over the palace walls.
To support Professor Olle Johansson’s efforts economically via PayPal, here are the instructions:
Fibre to the House (FTTH) but what about IN the house?
Fibre to the House requires a wireless router.
What is FTTH?
Note: An engineer installing (FTTH) technology explains that a wireless router is included at installation to provide 1,000 gigs coverage through oath home.
Fibre to the Building (FTTB)

Siro secures €200m funding to accelerate gigabit FTTB roll-out
Siro (a broadband wholesaler) plans to continue rolling out fibre-to-the-building broadband across Ireland, using €200m of recently secured funding.
Siro announced that it has secured €200m in funding from five banks, which it said represents the largest debt investment dedicated entirely to a fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) broadband roll-out in Ireland.
The funding came from a syndicate of international banks, including Ulster Bank, NatWest, HSBC, BNP Paribas and Royal Bank of Canada. The debt package is a five-year revolving credit facility and was led by NatWest.
Proceeds from the package will go towards Siro’s business plan to connect 450,000 homes and businesses in Ireland to a gigabit fibre broadband service. The company’s roll-out is already live in 45 towns across the country and this new funding will be used to accelerate the programme.

Note: SIRO is a joint venture from the ESB and Vodafone that uses the existing electricity network to provide 100% fibre broadband.
Note: Fibre to the House is a two-way communications technology.
From Barb Payne, International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells
M Fioranelli  1 , A Sepehri  1 , M G Roccia  1 , M Jafferany  2 , O Y Olisova  3 , K M Lomonosov  3 , T Lotti  1   3
1 Department of Nuclear, Sub-nuclear and Radiation Physics, G. Marconi University, Rome, Italy.
2 Central Michigan Saginaw, Michigan, USA.
3 Department of Dermatology and Venereology, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow, Russia.
PMID: 32668870
In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells. DNA is built from charged electrons and atoms and has an inductor-like structure. This structure could be divided into linear, toroid and round inductors. Inductors interact with external electromagnetic waves, move and produce some extra waves within the cells. The shapes of these waves are similar to shapes of hexagonal and pentagonal bases of their DNA source. These waves produce some holes in liquids within the nucleus. To fill these holes, some extra hexagonal and pentagonal bases are produced. These bases could join to each other and form virus-like structures such as Coronavirus. To produce these viruses within a cell, it is necessary that the wavelength of external waves be shorter than the size of the cell. Thus 5G millimeter waves could be good candidates for applying in constructing virus-like structures such as Coronaviruses (COVID-19) within cells.
Keywords: 5G technology; COVID-19; DNA; dermatologic antenna; inductor; millimeter wave.
DOI: 10.23812/20-269-E-4
Copyright 2020 Biolife Sas.

From Denise Rowland, South Africa
Virtual Meeting: The State of U.S. 5G
Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Sponsored by Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations
Panelists discuss the state of the U.S. 5G industry, including its progress relative to Chinese competitors and the status of public-private cooperation in achieving universal 5G.
Robert B. Blair
Director of Policy and Strategic Planning, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce; Former U.S. Special Representative for International Telecommunications Policy, White House
Diane Rinaldo
Senior Vice President, Beacon Global Strategies; Executive Director, Open RAN Policy Coalition; Former Acting Administrator, National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Adam Segal
Ira A. Lipman Chair in Emerging Technologies and National Security and Director of the Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program, Council on Foreign Relations
Nicholas F. Beim

Partner, Venrock; Member, Board of Directors, Council on Foreign Relations

Research clearly demonstrates that 5G will significantly shorten life spans- Virginia Farver and Dave Hodges
From Virginia Farver, Colorado
Samsung shares vision for 6G: 1,000Gbps peak rate, holograms, 16K VR, and more
  • Samsung has published a white paper regarding 6G technology.
  • It foresees user-experienced download speeds of 1Gbps and latency under ten milliseconds.
  • Samsung thinks 6G networks could arrive as soon as 2028.
Finland 6G vision – where are the people?
Beyond 5G, China eyes dominance in 6G networks by 2030
As countries vie for leadership in 5G some countries are already eyeing leadership in 6G.
The race for leadership in the 5G world might still be in its early stages but China, alongside the UK who started work on a new 6G standard back in 2015, is already making moves to become a pioneer in future 6G networks that will leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quantum mechanics to operate at terabit, not gigabit, speeds. Su Xin, head of a 5G technology working group at China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, last week announced that teams in Beijing started working on a new 6G standard late last year, but that he doesn’t expect the first commercial 6G networks to be ready before 2030.
UK High Court case against EMFs and 5G
Jessica Learmond-Criqui
Case Owner
I am a solicitor. I became involved in understanding the harmful health impact of 5G when a member of my community alerted me to an application to put a mast on the building opposite her apartment.
5G Judicial Review 2020 update 9.7.20
I have been working hard on preparation of the case and getting information to our barrister.  I am still in that process and will let you know when I have news to report.
In the meantime, we have now raised £67,488 being £61,364 on the Crowdjustice platform and £6,124 sent directly as at 9.7.20 @ 22:23.
We still need to get to £150,000 so any help you can give would be very much appreciated.
BBC Radio 4 v Judge John Deed
Some of you would have heard the BBC 4 File on 4 report last night at 8pm which was titled “The 5G con that could make you sick”.
It pitched the impressive Devra Devis against David Grimes who denies there is any harm from 5G. Then it addresses the sale of expensive products which are marketed to those concerned about EMFs. Some of you may have been disappointed with the reporting of this serious subject.
5G Legal Action (UK) – Please help now in order to help yourself wherever you live in the world
This legal case against 5G in the UK is being handled by a very prominent and successful barrister and has an excellent chance of making a breakthrough.
If we can get even one legal case into the mainstream media in any country it would break the stranglehold of silence in all countries.
With 8 days to go, they have raised £92,738 of their £150,000 stretch target.
Please consider donating to this cause, which may help stop 5G everywhere.
Thank you.
Amazon unveils shopping cart that knows what you’re buying

The cart, called Amazon Dash Cart, will first show up at a new Los Angeles supermarket Amazon is opening later this year. The store will have cashiers, but Amazon said it wanted to give shoppers a way to bypass any lines. In the future, it could be used at Amazon’s Whole Foods grocery chain or other stores, if Amazon sells the technology, but there are no plans for either right now.

From Sylvie Hsem, France
Loire-Atlantique: ‘killer’ wind turbines pointed out by local residents
REPORTAGE – A wind farm installed in Loire-Atlantique is accused by local residents of causing physical psychological problems, but also of having led to the death of several farm animals. RTL Morning Weekend Stéphane Carpentier Loire-Atlantique: “killer” wind turbines pointed out by local residentsCredit Image: SIPA | Media Credit: Nicolas Bauby / RTL | Duration: 01:18 | Date: 05/07/2020Loire-Atlantique: “killer” wind turbines pointed out by local residents 01: 18Loire-Atlantique: “killer” wind turbines pointed out by local residents 00:59 Nicolas BaubyJournalist RTLPhare the articlePUBLISHED ON 05 / 07/2020 At 13:08 In Loire-Atlantique, a hitherto mysterious phenomenon poisons the lives of several residents who live near eight wind turbines in Nozay between Nantes and Rennes. Since 2012, these inhabitants have suffered heavy physical and psychological inconvenience. Several hundred surrounding farm animals also died.
The electromagnetism of the 20,000-volt underground cable, which carries the energy produced by wind turbines, could cause these problems that seriously affect daily life. Marina, 32, talks about the headaches that rot her life. “When there is atmospheric pressure, rain or whatever, it’s worse, it intensifies. I also suffer from insomnia which is treated with sleeping pills. I have a treatment for my dizziness which is very heavy. I am at the maximum dose, but nothing helps. I went to see an ENT doctor, but they can’t find any cause. They say it could be due to infrasound, “she explains. “We suffer, but that’s how it is,” she said resignedly to the microphone of RTL. However, it is out of the question for her to leave her house, which has been in her family for several generations. Dairy cow breeder, Céline Bouvet has lost thirty animals since the installation of the wind farm. “Calves that are losing weight, diarrhea that we can no longer treat, big fertility problems. I will probably stop milk production,” she says.
Electromagnetic radiation: What is the real 5G agenda and why the frantic hurry to deploy it?
This interview of an ex United Nations Editor brings much needed clarity to cut through the propaganda, and the deceit, especially in relation to the increasing health problems and their effects on living organisms – people.
There has always been a lingering question as to why is 5G being hyped up, as the panacea for all things with communications and especially the internet of things. That they must deploy NOW as soon as possible! Why the hurry?
Claire Edwards has worked for 19 years in the UN in Austria as an editor on Drugs and Crime, anti Terrorism and especially worked on Space documents and the ‘peaceful use of outer space’ … which has a legal subcommittee and a scientific and technical sub committee and as a results she has a very good understanding of Space Law as well as some of the issues regarding space (which should be designated as part of the global commons).
What brought her to an in-depth understanding of 5G and its effect on human health is that in December 2015 the UN installed all along the ceilings in what is called ‘public access points’ in the UN International Centre in Vienna in Austria. These areas were for public use.

U.N. dominates global push for wireless tech

From the UN’s subsidiary the ITU
Beyond contact tracing: How new e-health tools are being deployed to fight COVID-19

WSIS+15 Forum 2020

Virtual event. 22 June to 10 September 2020.
The World Summit on the Information Society Forum 2020 represents the world’s largest annual gathering of the ‘ICT for development’ community. The WSIS Forum, co-organized by ITU, UNESCO, UNDP and UNCTAD, in close collaboration with all WSIS Action Line Facilitators/Co-Facilitators, has proven to be an efficient mechanism for coordination of multi- stakeholder implementation activities, information exchange, creation of knowledge, sharing of best practices and continues to provide assistance in developing multi-stakeholder and public/private partnerships to advance development goals.

AI for Good Global Summit 2020

Join the conversation online, throughout 2020.
The 2020 edition of the AI for Good Global Summit will be presented as a continuous digital event, featuring weekly programming across multiple formats, platforms and time-zones, including keynotes, expert webinars, project pitches, Q&As, performances, demos, interviews, networking and more.

Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR-20).

Virtual event. 1 to 3 September 2020.
As GSR celebrates its 20th edition, we will be celebrating 20 years of changing regulatory frameworks, presenting an updated 20th anniversary edition of the ICT Regulation Handbook as well as concrete guidance on steps that regulators can take to achieve meaningful connectivity for digital transformation.
GSR-20 will provide you with the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge, collaborate and identify evolving regulatory tools and approaches to bring affordable, safe, secure and trusted connectivity and online access and use to people everywhere.
Going digital — with purpose: ITU Deputy Secretary-General Malcolm Johnson explained how we can go digital with purpose during a United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, at a webinar side event co-organized by ITU, GeSI & the United Nations Office for South South Cooperation (UNOSSC).
From Prof. Lennart Hardell, Orebo University Hospital, Sweden
Health risks from radiofrequency radiation, including 5G, should be assessed by experts with no conflicts of interest
The fifth generation, 5G, of radiofrequency (RF) radiation is about to be implemented globally without investigating the risks to human health and the environment. This has created debate among concerned individuals in numerous countries. In an appeal to the European Union (EU) in September 2017, currently endorsed by >390 scientists and medical doctors, a moratorium on 5G deployment was requested until proper scientific evaluation of potential negative consequences has been conducted. This request has not been acknowledged by the EU. The evaluation of RF radiation health risks from 5G technology is ignored in a report by a government expert group in Switzerland and a recent publication from The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. Conflicts of interest and ties to the industry seem to have contributed to the biased reports. The lack of proper unbiased risk evaluation of the 5G technology places populations at risk. Furthermore, there seems to be a cartel of individuals monopolizing evaluation committees, thus reinforcing the no-risk paradigm. We believe that this activity should qualify as scientific misconduct.
No to ‘scanning our intimate thoughts’: Top German court curbs sweeping police powers to access private user data
Police access to private internet or phone data is too intrusive and must be curbed, Germany’s highest court has ruled. The news comes a day after the top EU court invalidated a major data sharing pact with the US.
The Federal Constitutional Court ruled on Friday that several German laws allowing investigators access to the so-called “inventory data” – which includes names and birth dates of online users – run contrary to the Basic Law and heavily infringe on privacy rights.
Existing legislation, most notably Germany’s Telecommunications Act, enables law enforcers to access email passwords and mobile phone PIN numbers without getting judicial orders in certain cases.European court strikes down US-EU data sharing pact
German police and security services are also able to query such data from telecoms companies, internet providers, hotels, and hospitals as part of criminal investigations.

Getting the truth out. Growing numbers is the key to our success in stopping the 5G genocide agenda. The fact that people do not like the LED street lights is a great way to start the conversation with them about dangerous technologies that are experimental and uninsurable for harm.
Mask agenda is to prove submission to the genocide agenda that the government are going to make the people sick. Walking in circles is all part of a Satanic circle the symbolism is key to the take down and the tactic agreement
Social and normal media. We are gearing up for our campaign to get the information out about the upcoming Court cases, we know it has taken longer than anyone would have liked and believe the lock down was a deliberate attempt to frustrate the court action, but now we now have a clear line of sight at the target and it’s going to be up to everyone to make sure we get the widest coverage for our advance into the Courts.
Court Cases.

The delays in bringing court action have only strengthened our case as the evidence is piling up against the 5G LED crime that has been brought upon us by local councils due to their ignorance and corrupt practices 
Mass surveillance using electronic warfare – the hunter becomes the hunted
How you feel depends on where you are
New research uses GPS data from cell phones to draw connections between people’s location and their mood.
Do the places where we choose to spend time have any part in shaping our personalities? The answer lies in the GPS data captured by nearly every app on our phones, according to a new study by Sandra Matz, a computational scientist at Columbia Business School, and Gabriella Harari, a social psychologist at Stanford.
The study, published in June in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, shows that people’s persisting characteristics as well as their fleeting states of mind can be reliably predicted by the geographic breadcrumbs they leave behind. “Where you are tells us something about who you are and how you currently feel about yourself. And that’s not something you necessarily want to reveal to everyone,” said Prof. Matz.
What is the 5G calendar in France?
Numerama offers you a summary of the big upcoming deadlines for 5G, until 2030.
It is therefore in September that the main auctions will take place for the allocation of the frequency blocks which will be used for 5G. On June 11, the Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority formalized its schedule. The other option, the July auction, has been abandoned. SFR and Bouygues Telecom’s calls to postpone the subject for a few years were also not followed up.
These auctions are in fact the second phase of the allocation process put in place by the telecoms regulator. This intends to distribute the additional frequencies which were not distributed during the first stage. This concerns eleven 10 MHz blocks, which will be accessible from 70 million euros per unit. Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile are in the running.
C-mask, a smart face mask that can translate and transcribe for you
Among the many changes the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, wearing a face mask is one that has received lots of attention, with designers and companies around the world trying to make it better. In the past months we’ve seen proposals that include making them transparent while others have created new biodegradable materials to help with the waste problem. but we haven’t seen an internet connected one… until now.
Dubbed the C-mask, this new face mask by japanese startup donut robotics can record conversations, transcribe them into text messages via bluetooth, and translate japanese into eight languages: english, chinese, french, korean, thai, bahasa, spanish and vietnamese. you can also use it to make calls and to amplify the wearer’s voice, making it very useful as wearing masks can sometimes interfere with people being heard.
Ajit Pai is making lots of enemies on the road to 5G
In moving to free up Wi-Fi and bolster superfast service, Pai has alienated some industries, congressional committees and Trump Cabinet leaders.
The Pentagon, the Commerce Department and the Department of Transportation. Electric utilities, airlines and the auto industry. Public safety officials and weather forecasters. Top lawmakers of both parties, including an ally of President Donald Trump’s who controls the FCC’s purse strings on the Senate Appropriations Committee.
An April vote to open an entire band known as 6 GHz for Wi-Fi drew applause from cable giants like Comcast and Silicon Valley titans like Facebook. But electric utilities and public safety officials cried foul, saying it could disrupt their use of the same airwaves for critical infrastructure services.
A Bird? A Plane? No, it’s a Google Balloon beaming the internet
A commercial deal in Kenya marks the first application of balloon-powered internet in Africa, the region with the lowest percentage of internet users globally.
NAIROBI, Kenya — A fleet of high-altitude balloons started delivering internet service to Kenya on Tuesday, extending online access to tens of thousands of people in the first-ever commercial deployment of the technology.
The balloons, which hover about 12 miles up in the stratosphere — well above commercial airplanes — will initially provide a 4G LTE network connection to a nearly 31,000-square-mile area across central and western Kenya, including the capital, Nairobi.
The first report of 5G injury from Switzerland
The first reported injury of 5G in a news report comes from Switzerland, where 5G has been launched in 102 locations.  The weekly French-language Swiss magazine L’Illustré  interviewed people living in Geneva after the 5G rollout with alarming details of illness. In their article, With 5G, We Feel Like Guinea Pigsposted July 18, 2019, they report neighbors met to discuss their many common symptoms and many unanswered questions.
Update 2/29/20
5G: It’s legal but not safe
As soon as the antennas were installed, several residents and entire families in the heart of Geneva reported similar unusual symptoms of loud ringing in the ear, intense headaches, unbearable earaches, insomnia, chest pain, fatigue and not feeling well in the house. 29-year-old Geneva resident, Johan Perruchoud, called up Swisscom and was told that indeed the 5G cell towers were activated on the same day he began to feel the symptoms. When others called Swisscom they were told everything is legal and within guidelines.
Swiss Physician Denounces 5G and Calls for a 5G Moratorium
Dr. Bertrand Buchs, who has also called for a 5G moratorium, states he has seen more and more patients with similar symptoms. He notes, “In this case, our authorities are going against common sense … we risk experiencing a catastrophe in a few years… no serious study exists yet, which is not surprising when we know that this technology was developed in China, then to the United States. In Switzerland, we could open a line for people who feel bad, listen to these complaints and examine them. Our country has the means and the skills. The debate must be launched because the story is not about to end.”
Swisscom: Millions of fast connections
Swisscom states, “5G will create new opportunities for residential customers and businesses across Switzerland. 5G is the new mobile communication standard for digitisation, enabling the extremely fast connection of millions of devices, things and people.”  Will those millions of fast connection enable communication, or instead disable people from communicating due to illness?
Dear Diary: Loud humming, lots of pain, nausea, no sleep
These stories parallel that of Anne Mills, author of “All EMF’d Up”, who suffered wireless radiation poisoning in Germany when her husband was stationed there for work. She wrote a diary with identical symptoms of those in Geneva. As noted in the Swiss magazine L’Illustré article, her concerns, like those in Geneva, were dismissed. She consulted with German physician, Dr. Horst Eger, to confirm her symptoms were that of microwave illness seen in military radar personnel and those working on microwave towers.  All EMFd Up (Electromagnetic Fields): My Journey Through Wireless Radiation Poisoning and How You Can Protect Yourself. (2019)Anne Mills
Electronic ‘tattoo’? Here’s how experts say paper, pencil could monitor your health
The team found that pencils with more than 90% graphite are able to conduct “a high amount of energy” from friction between the paper and pencil during writing or drawing, the news release said; pencils with 93% graphite proved to be a better electrical conductor….“For example, if a person has a sleep issue, we could draw a biomedical device that could help monitor that person’s sleep levels,” Yan said. “Or in the classroom, a teacher could engage students by incorporating the creation of a wearable device using pencils and paper in a lesson plan.”
From James Devaney, Ireland
Robert David Steele UNLEASHED — EMFs on airplanes (from 44.50 min.)

Video links:
5G, Tobacco, Asbestos and Your Health

5G Health Effects Cayman Islands Legislative Session

Telecom Advertising Hides the Truth About Cell Phones

From Patricia Burke, Massachusetts


Today is theatre of the absurd;

– using 5G to help bees with the bee o meter

– and researchers in Oregon studied zebrafish embryos in a box and have declared that 5G networks have few health effects.

EVENT: Today, Thursday 9 July at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 4 PM GMT)  I’m interviewing R Blank (yes, he is actually called ‘R’).   w/ free replay 24 hours

R. Blank is the co-author, along with his late father, Dr. Martin Blank, of Overpowered, one of the leading books on the science of the health effects of electromagnetic fields and he is the CEO of Shield Your Body.

To connect with this FREE interview go to this page at the designated time: (there’s also a FREE 24-hour replay).

Listen to my interview with R. Blank and discover:
how it is no longer a debatable point that EMFs are bioactive—there is a large body of high-quality science that demonstrates a wide range of negative health effects from EMFs
the two key rules of EMF protection which many people overlook (which are totally free)
why 5G may be particularly dangerous and the important aspect of 5G that’s currently being left out of the debate
how 5G is having a much bigger impact on consumer consciousness than the previous generations of cellular technology
a revolutionary Faraday 5G-tested bed canopy that shields up to 26GHz
how R has developed new phone shields which offer protection from 5G frequencies up to 20GHz
how R (in association with a UK company) has developed a device that can turn any headset into a low-radiation headset
how even companies like Apple, if you read the manual, say not to carry your cell phone in your pocket to avoid exceeding Federal radiation guidelines
how to turn your pocket into a cell phone radiation shield, which makes it safer to carry your phone in your pocket by deflecting the radiation away from your body
why you need to be careful using any shielding product that comes in direct contact with your skin and what specifically to look for
how we all have more control over our EMF exposures than we think we have and how we can best exercise that control

To connect with this FREE interview go to this page at the designated time:   (if the page doesn’t open just copy/paste this link in your browser).

ACTIVISM: The Science of Nonprofit Video Engagement: How To Use Emotion to Increase Social Sharing

BIG TECH: Monopoly mayhem: Corporations win, workers lose

Big corporations have become so dominant that workers and consumers have fewer options and have to accept the wages and prices these giant corporations offer.
Today, just five giant corporations preside over key, high-tech platforms, together comprising more than a quarter of the value of the entire U.S. stock market. Facebook and Google are the first stops for many Americans seeking news. Apple dominates smartphones and laptop computers. Amazon is now the first stop for a third of all American consumers seeking to buy anything.
The monopolies of yesteryear are back with a vengeance.
Thanks to the abandonment of antitrust, we’re now living in a new Gilded Age, as consolidation has inflated corporate profits, suppressed worker pay, supercharged economic inequality, and stifled innovation.
This mega-concentration of American industry has also made the entire economy more fragile – and susceptible to deep downturns. Even before the coronavirus, it was harder for newer firms to gain footholds. The rate at which new businesses formed had already been halved from the pace in 1980. And the coronavirus has exacerbated this trend even more, bringing new business formations to a standstill with no rescue plan in sight.
– High profits of Big Tech have come from wanton invasions of personal privacy, the weaponizing of false information, and disproportionate power that prevents innovative startups from entering the market.
Perhaps the worst consequence of monopolization is that as wealth accumulates at the top, so too does political power.
These massive corporations provide significant campaign contributions; they have platoons of lobbyists and lawyers and directly employ many voters. So items they want included in legislation are inserted; those they don’t want are scrapped.
They get tax cuts, tax loopholes, subsidies, bailouts, and regulatory exemptions. When the government is handing out money to stimulate the economy, these giant corporations are first in line. When they’ve gone so deep into debt to buy back their shares of stock that they might not be able to repay their creditors, what happens? They get bailed out. It’s the same old story.
The financial returns on their political investments are sky-high.


5. Tech causes more problems than it solves

Angela Campbell, a professor of law and co-director of the Institute for Public Representation at Georgetown University, responded, “I think there will be efforts to address the social and civic impacts of technology but they may not be sufficient. In particular, I am concerned about the impact of overuse or over-reliance on technology with respect to children and teens. I am concerned about the safety of children online, not just from predators but from peers (bullying). Overuse may also contribute to physical maladies such as obesity, bad posture, eye problems, ADHD, insufficient sleep and even addiction. While technology can help to educateolder children (not preschoolers who need to interact with humans and objects), it needs to be selected [and] used carefully and should not subject children to commercialism or invade their privacy. My other major concerns are job loss and discrimination. It seems inevitable that many jobs will be eliminated by technology, and while technologies may generate new jobs, I suspect there will be fewer jobs, and those that remain will require certain skills. It will be important, and difficult, to ensure that everyone is able to have employment and to make enough to live at a reasonable level. As competition for jobs increases, I am also worried about how big data allows hidden discrimination in education, health and employment.”
A chair of political science based in the American South commented, “Technology always creates two new problems for every one it solves. At some point, humans’ cognitive and cooperative capacities – largely hard-wired into their brains by millennia of evolution – can’t keep up. Human technology probably overran human coping mechanisms sometime in the later 19th century. The rest is history.”

There is a gap between the rate at which technology develops and the rate at which society develops. We need to take care not to fall into that gap.- LOUISA HEINRICH
Bach Avezdjanov, a program officer with Columbia University’s Global Freedom of Expression project, said, “Technological development – being driven by the Silicon Valley theory of uncontrolled growth – will continue to outpace civic and social innovation. The latter needs to happen in tandem with technological innovation, but instead plays catch-up. This will not change in the future, unless political will to heavily regulate digital tools is introduced – an unlikely occurrence.”
A renowned professor of sociology known for her research into online communications and digital literacies observed, “New groups expose the error of false equivalence and continue to challenge humans to evolve into our pre-frontal cortex. I guess I am optimistic because the downside is pretty terrible to imagine. It’s like E.O. Wilson said: ‘The real problem of humanity is the following: We have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology. And it is terrifically dangerous, and it is now approaching a point of crisis overall.’”

BIG TECH: Tech Head: Trump’s virtual border wall, flying cars and e-waste

Chair of Digital Rights Watch, Lizzie O’Shea talks to Zoe Daniel about the Trump Administration’s plan to enlist a tech firm to build a virtual wall on the US border with Mexico.
Is it a feasible plan and how would it work?
Guest:  Lizzie O’Shea, Chair of Digital Rights Watch
Duration: 7min 7sec
Broadcast: Wed 8 Jul 2020, 6:52pm,-flying-cars-and-e-waste/12436578   (have not listened)


CELLPHONES: There IS life beyond the Smartphone natural activist

I’m sitting with a friend at a cafe. She’s got her smartphone on the table between us, and I can tell she isn’t really paying attention to our conversation because of the way she’s twitching. She’s got it on silent mode, but her eyes keep flicking to the phone, then up to mine, and I can tell she’s itching to see who just sent her a message. And I’m thinking, why am I here? Why can’t she just turn the bloody thing off for an hour or so? Why is she behaving like an addict who’s desperate for a fix?
Of course, she is an addict. Most people who own smartphones are. It’s got to be there all the time, on all the time, making them available all the time. Not having it there, not having it on, not being available, makes people feel naked, vulnerable, cut off, antsy. It also makes them very bad company.

EMF:    InfraSound Detector for your phone (I don’t have)

InfraSound Detector is the App that allows you to detect infrasound (infrasonic) acoustic signals below the user-defined frequency (up to 30 Hz by default). Infrasound propagates hundreds of miles and can penetrate walls, mountains and other obstacles without loss. This detector can be useful in following cases: To find out any suspicious low frequency noise, vibrations, and sounds in building structures. To register a number of hazardous atmospheric phenomena, including aircraft wake vortices, clear air turbulence, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes as well as any seismic events and volcano activities. As a benefit, it allows early detection of tornadoes from hundreds of miles away. To detect underground activity, e.g., tunnel digging. To detect some kind of infrasonic weapons, that cause physical pain without human detection. To check out the quality of bass sounds (low frequency) of your subwoofer speaker system as well as any loudspeakers. Result of detection can be shown on the screen in the foreground mode and also be presented in the notification form and (or) by sound (vibration) in the background mode when the screen of the Android device is turned off. All events can be recorded in the log for later analysis. The lower working frequency is depend on the audio specification of the current Android device and can be reached as low as 4 Hz. For better result, the high quality Android device with internal microphone should be used to determine the infrasound signal, but sensitivity on the lowest frequencies will be worse anyway. Also, you can use a special external infrasound microphone connected to the audio jack (microphone input of the ear plug connector). The idea of the App is based on the fact that any analog system (microphone and amplifier of your Android device in this case) does NOT have ideal characteristics and infrasound signals can be infiltrate through it down to 4 Hz. Features. Completely NO ads. The signal level indication. Vibration indication of the alarm event. Event log is recorded automatically. Signal spectrum and location information can be included in the log. The converter infrasonic signals into audible sounds. So you can hear infrasonic signals. Background mode with notifications. Once this option starts, the App runs quietly in the background and requires no human interaction until the alarm event happens. It continues to run even after the device reboots. Adjustable battery consumption in the background mode. The App is designed to conserve your device battery and allows to select the data update rate. The more update rate time, the less battery it takes. Comprehensive spectrum analysis with different ways to display results: spectrum, waterfall, oscilloscope. Adjustable frequency range and selectable frequency resolution between 0.1 and 1 Hz. If you have any problems or any suggestions to improve this application, please feel free to contact by e-mail: Thanks!

InfraSound Detector is the App that allows you to detect infrasound (infrasonic) acoustic signals below the user-defined frequency (up to 30 Hz by default).
Infrasound propagates hundreds of miles and can penetrate walls, mountains and other obstacles without loss.
This detector can be useful in following cases:
To find out any suspicious low frequency noise, vibrations, and sounds in building structures.
To register a number of hazardous atmospheric phenomena, including aircraft wake vortices, clear air turbulence, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes as well as any seismic events and volcano activities. As a benefit, it allows early detection of tornadoes from hundreds of miles away.
To detect underground activity, e.g., tunnel digging.
To detect some kind of infrasonic weapons, that cause physical pain without human detection.
To check out the quality of bass sounds (low frequency) of your subwoofer speaker system as well as any loudspeakers.
Result of detection can be shown on the screen in the foreground mode and also be presented in the notification form and (or) by sound (vibration) in the background mode when the screen of the Android device is turned off. All events can be recorded in the log for later analysis. The lower working frequency is depend on the audio specification of the current Android device and can be reached as low as 4 Hz. For better result, the high quality Android device with internal microphone should be used to determine the infrasound signal, but sensitivity on the lowest frequencies will be worse anyway. Also, you can use a special external infrasound microphone connected to the audio jack (microphone input of the ear plug connector).
The idea of the App is based on the fact that any analog system (microphone and amplifier of your Android device in this case) does NOT have ideal characteristics and infrasound signals can be infiltrated through it down to 4 Hz.

ENVIRONMENT: A BRIEFING MEMORANDUM: What We Know, Can Infer, and Don’t Yet Know about Impacts from Thermal and Non-thermal Non-ionizing Radiation to Birds and Other Wildlife — for Public Release

“Most of the biological-effects studies of RFR that have been conducted since the 1980s were under non-thermal conditions, including the most recent NTP (2016) studies. In studies using isolated cells, the ambient temperature during exposure was generally well controlled. In most animal studies, the RFR intensity used usually did not cause a significant increase in body temperature in the test animals. Most scientists consider non-thermal effects as well established, even though the implications are not fully understood….
At present, given industry and agency intransigence (with the exception of the Interior Department and Department of Commerce both which are now beginning to address non-thermal radiation issues), massive amounts of money being spent to prevent addressing impacts from non-thermal radiation — not unlike the battles over tobacco and smoking — and a lack of significant, dedicated and reliable funding to advance independent field studies and better understand the etiology and consequences of impacts, we are left with few options. Currently, other than to proceed using the precautionary approach and keep emissions as low as reasonably achievable, we are at loggerheads in advancing meaningful guidelines, policies and regulations that address non-thermal effects. The good news: there appears to be an awakening at least within a significant segment the scientific community to the realization that these issues must be addressed — for the health of humans, wildlife and our environment — and DOI and the Department of Commerce are also beginning to address non-thermal effects to migratory birds.”


EWASTE: Global e-waste growth rate poses increased danger to the environment

According to the report, only 17.4% of e-waste is recycled annually, leaving about 83% of electronic waste to end up in landfills and bodies of water. According to Belmont Trading, many marine species are dying due to the increase in electronic waste in the oceans.
“We know we’re losing biodiversity at a rate that is 1,000 times faster than we should be,” said Stuart Pimm, a conservation biologist at Duke University.


Examining the impact of eWaste on marine life

IDR Environmental Services says it plainly: “Already two-thirds of aquatic life is considered to be an endangered species because of improperly disposed chemicals and other waste.” What’s more: “When a toxic waste harms one organism, it can end up destroying an entire food chain of aquatic life.” And it’s happening fast. According to Stuart Pimm, a conservation biologist at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, “We know we’re losing biodiversity at a rate that is 1,000 times faster than we should be.” And the problem is spreading. “Improperly disposed chemicals pollute marine life and kills sea mammals, corals, and fish,” Pimm says. “At the same time, sea birds are affected because they eat the fish. In a matter of fact, any organism that digests affected marine life can have adverse effects.”
eWaste doesn’t have to be dumped directly into the world’s water sources to end up there. Landfilled eWaste can affect marine wildlife, as the toxic chemicals in eWaste that do not organically break down can, over time, can seep directly into the environment to contaminate ground water; and if the items are incinerated, the toxins get absorbed into the atmosphere and return in atmospheric fallout or acid rain.
The following heavy metals, toxic substances and hazardous chemicals are used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment. It’s after their useful life, when they’re landfilled, incinerated or dumped into waterways, that they prove most devastating.

EWASTE: Video: Rising e-waste and a deficit of recycling

Millions of tons of electrical and electronic equipment are discarded every year, and many companies that claim to “recycle” these materials are actually exporting the e-waste to developing countries instead, where it is often dumped improperly in the ground or burned, releasing toxic pollutants into the environment and negatively affecting the health of workers.
Why is e-waste growing so rapidly? The report says the growing amount is mainly fueled by higher consumption rates of electrical and electronic equipment, short life cycles, and few repair options. And though Asia generated the highest quantity of e-waste in 2019 at 24.9 million Mt, Europe ranked first worldwide in terms of e-waste generation per capita at 16.2 kg.
On a positive note, the number of countries that have adopted a national e-waste policy, legislation, or regulation has increased from 61 to 78 since 2014. Unfortunately, “regulatory advances in some regions are slow, enforcement is poor, and policy, legislation, or regulation does not yet stimulate the collection and proper management of e-waste due to lack of investment and political motivation,” the report says.
includes 20 minute video

FCC: FCC reluctantly proposes rules to auction the T-Band

By Kelly Hill on JULY 8, 2020 Spectrum
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The Federal Communications Commission is usually enthusiastic about opening up additional spectrum for commercial use. Not in the case of the T-Band—which has long been used by public safety agencies in some major cities, but under a Congressional mandate, has to be auctioned off by February 2021.
The section of law which requires the T-Band to be auctioned is part of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012, which also created the First Responders Network Authority. The deal it created was essentially this: If public safety was to be granted dedicated Band 14 spectrum at 700 MHz and future auction proceeds that would fund a public-private partnership for a national first responder mobile broadband network, they would have to give up the T-Band.
FCC Chair Ajit Pai has repeatedly asked Congress to scuttle the so-called T-Band mandate, arguing that between the cost of moving users out of the band and the disruption to public safety communications, it’s not worth it. While there is bipartisan opposition to a T-Band auction and some legislation has been proposed that would include a repeal of the mandate, so far Congress hasn’t passed anything that lets the FCC off the hook for a T-Band auction. So the agency recently proposed rules (pdf) for the reallocation of the T-Band spectrum at 470-512 MHz.
The proposed flexible use rules would include fixed or mobile wireless, and permitting broadband operations to continue in the band. There is between 6-18 megahertz of spectrum potentially available in each of eleven urbanized areas where the T-Band is in use: Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Dallas/Fort Worth, TX; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; New York, NY/NE NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; San Francisco/Oakland, CA; and Washington, D.C./MD/VA (T-Band spectrum was also allocated but never assigned in Detroit, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio, due to conflicts with Canada about border operations). T-Band licensees are allows an 80-mile operational radius.
According to the FCC, in most of those areas, “T-Band provides public safety entities with significant and much needed additional channel capacity to support their operations.” The agency said that major public safety T-Band licensees include the county of Los Angeles, the New York City Police Department, and the city of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management.