Early Christian

Trigger Warning:

This information in this section may come into the hands of readers for whom it is not intended.This section deals primarily with a problem that is strictly intellectual and historical, and is therefore addressed only to those individuals who are capable of objective and dispassionate thinking involving facts and reason, and without emotional bias.

It is not my intention to unsettle individuals who shrink from unpleasant realities and spare themselves the discomfort of intellectual analysis. Persons who are not capable of objectivity or are unwilling to disturb their mass-media-created mental and ideological conditioning by facing displeasing facts should never read books or information that cannot but disturb them emotionally. If they do so, they must blame their own curiosity to read books or information that was not intended for them. The reader has been warned.

Listing these books here does not imply I endorse all the contents. The books are posted for historical and research purposes only.

The following historical documents and books provide evidence of the lies of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), the important difference between original Christianity from before the time of the RCC; and Judeo-Christianity as taught by the RCC; and the agenda of Talmudic Judaism, which is anti-Christian and anti-God.

Are you ready to free yourself from the mental conditioning and the big lies we have been told? An archive of historical books and videos that have been censored is available here.  The truth has been filtered out of mainstream circulation.The archive contains PDF books, and video documentaries.

This archive provides evidence and historical analysis demonstrating that Lord Jesus Christ was not a Jew as the Roman Catholic Church would have you believe. The Jewish Pharisees, Scribes, Elders and Priests of Israel were the great enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ. The persecutors of Jesus were Jewish Pharisees, Scribes, Elders and Priests of Israel, and the Romans. Most Christians have been living under the mistaken illusion that Jesus Christ was a Jew. Jesus Christ was not a Jew – he was a Nazerene, a Galilean. Judeo-Christianity is not original Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church is Judeo-Christianity – it is not the original Christianity. That was the great trick of the Roman Catholic Church, which hijacked the name and teachings of Jesus to advance their own political agenda of power and control. Many historical books proving this are available on this archive.

Compiling this archive has taken a large amount of time and analysis over the years.

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