Corona Virus False Alarm

‘Covid-19 – The Great Deception’ book is available here

Written by Mark Keenan, Former Scientist at United Nations, Palais de Nations, Geneva; and at the UK Government, Whitehall, London.

This book is the result of two years of research on the Covid-19 fake pandemic, and on the wider totalitarian agenda researched over the past decades. To explain what is ‘behind the curtain’ of the Covid-19 hoax and the World Economic Forum/UN/central banking reset, key historical events are detailed to provide a bigger picture of what it all means.  Information and evidence that has been heavily censored by mainstream corporate-owned media is provided. The Covid-19 and the ‘man-made climate change from Co2 emssions’ narratives are two of the biggest deceptive political and media-driven cons in the history of human kind.

The latest updated version of the above book is titled ‘Transcending the Covid-19 Deception” and is available here on amazon. 

This latest version was initially available on, but has since been BLOCKED from publication by Amazon. (See the  screenshot from my Amazon account displayed below which states my book is BLOCKED). Amazon’s Content Review Team emailed me to inform me that my book is “out of compliance” with Kindle Direct Publishing Guidelines. This is censorship plain and simple.

They have censored me because the information in this book is the true story of the deception behind the Covid hoax. The Wuhan virus leak story is a fake story that the controlled opposition media want you to believe.

The email I received from Amazon’s Content Review team is below:

The Table of Contents for the book Transcending the Covid-19 Deception is listed below:

Foreword. page 12
1. Covid-19 reality check. page 30
2. Covid-19 – part of a wider deceptive narrative of the UN/ WEF /WHO. page 56
3. Evidence the pandemic was planned with a purpose. page 78
4. Evidence the Covid-19 death numbers are fraudulent. page 109
5. The fraudulent Covid-19 PCR test created false Covid-19 case numbers. page 130
6. No evidence Covid-19 exists – never been isolated by any lab in the world ever. page 149
7. Mainstream virology wrong turn, pathogenic viruses causing disease do not exist. page 159
8. Unsafe/harmful Covid-19 vaccines. page 164
9. Bio-metrics, transhumanism, 5G, and graphene oxide. page 191
10. Masks of submission to the ‘new world order’ slave masters. page 204
11. The legal fightback against the criminals. page 208
12. The manipulators, the manipulated, the ulteriors. page 216
13. A single group controlling the world’s mega-corporations and mega-banks?. page 239
14. 1913 – 2019: Private banking control and the corporate super-entity. page 257
15. The WEF ‘great reset’ attempt. page 292
16. Climate change and SD deceptions are part of the fascist reset/new world order. page 307
17. Millions of people are realising Covid-19 is a trick – what can we do now?. page 319
18. Transcending Covid-19 and the world power game – a spiritual perspective. page  325

The World Economic Forum (WEF), a private unelected organisation, attempted to use the Corona virus ‘situation’ as an excuse to implement its own corporate agenda of worldwide societal changes, known as a ‘Reset’.

Proof the fake pandemic was planned with a purpose – download this document here Proof pandemic was planned with a purpose – download

Proof there is no evidence that a Covid-19 corona virus even exists, i.e., has never been isolated by any lab anywhere in the world. Freedom of Information requests to numerous governments show no evidence. Click here for the proof