Krsna is the Greatest Scientist – Godless Fake Science Exposed

by Mark Gerard Keenan, 31st August 2023 The importance of truth According to Puranic sources, Krishna’s disappearance marked the start of Kali Yuga, which is dated to 17/18 February 3102 BCE. Kali-Yuga means “the age of Kali (demon)“, “the age of darkness”, “the age of vice and misery”, or “the age of quarrel and hypocrisy”. In […]

The Origin of the Universe is Spiritual – The Big Bang Theory is Fake Science

by Mark Gerard Keenan, 10th October 2023 The Big Bang theory excludes the existence of God The creation of the universe is explained today in mainstream modern science by the big bang theory, DNA research, and other models. We are meant to believe that this big bang took place about 13.7 billion years ago, came […]

Transcendental Love – The Essence of Devotional Service

by Mark Gerard Keenan, 10th Oct 2023 What is Love? We hear that the essence of Krsna Consciousness is Love of God, but to quote the title of a modern pop song “What is Love?” The modern-day pop singer cried out this aching question? ‘Modern love’ is often confused with physical lust, yet we know […]

Godless Fake Science and the Vedic Path of Truth

The author mark-gerard, a former scientist at the UK government and at the United Nations, evidences the matrix of fake science that has polluted modern society for decades. Including in the areas of evolution, the big bang, paleontology, particle physics, cosmology, space travel, virology, manmade climate change, Covid-19, psychiatry, and pharmaceuticals. By denying the existence […]

The satellite hoax

We are supposed to believe that modern-day communications utilise thousands of satellites that supposedly exist hundreds of miles above the earth, but satellites are actually a science-fiction invented by science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke. The technical capabilities of so-called satellites were in existence using ground-based low technology methods, and high-altitude air balloons, decades before […]

Northern Ireland Government states “The Department of Health count the number of deaths reported by health trusts, where the deceased had a positive test for COVID-19 and died within 28 days, whether or not COVID-19 was the cause of death”

A multitude of deceptive aspects of the Coronavirus situation have been exposed worldwide. For example, in Ireland official data shows Ireland’s overall mortality rate is no different from previous years and previous flu seasons and Europe as a whole shows a similar situation. Ireland’s second wave shows no evidence of concerning difference in respiratory ICU […]

Fake Science

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