Is Government Your God? Is Fake Science Your God? How Can We Escape the Matrix?

The fabricated institutional matrix is a system of deception and domination We were born into a soul-killing system – a matrix of institutional political and financial control. Consider the events of recent times: a fake pandemic, orchestrated wars, communism under a cloak of climate change policy and UN Agenda 2030, etc. Meanwhile, corporate controlled news […]

30,000 People March in Dublin in Defiance of the Globalist-Funded Mass Plantation of ‘Unvetted’ Migrants into Ireland and Europe

On Monday 6th May, an estimated 30,000 people held a peaceful march in Dublin, Ireland, showing their strong determination to protect Irish culture from the new world order/UN-funded, plan of mass ‘unvetted’ immigration. The large march occurred amidst rising crime by migrants, including violent crime and sexual assaults. Of major concern to the demonstrators is […]

Shocking video: Irish villagers attacked and pepper sprayed by police – conflict over hundreds of ‘unvetted migrant’ centres being planted throughout the UK and Ireland’

30th April 2024 by Mark-Gerard Keenan The Irish government is now at war with its own people as clashes grow between police and Irish citizens who are protesting against thousands of unchecked/unvetted migrants being forced into their communities with free accomodation, free social welfare, and other perks.  Make no mistake about it this could turn […]

Greta Thunberg has a change of heart

Dutch farmers have been protesting at government measures to combat climate change which impact on their livelihood. Over the past four years farmers have been holding protests across Europe, clogging the streets with their tractors, blocking ports and pelting the European Parliament with eggs over a long list of complaints. The farmers claim excessive environmental […]


Articles in 2024 Is Government Your God? Is Fake Science Your God? How Can We Escape the Matrix? Irish Villagers Attacked and Pepper Sprayed by Police. Conflict Over Hundreds of ‘Unvetted Migrant’ Centres Being Planted Throughout Ireland and the UK Historical Analysis: How the Green Party Betrayed the People of Ireland During the Banking Bailout […]