Greta Thunberg has a change of heart

Dutch farmers have been protesting at government measures to combat climate change which impact on their livelihood. Over the past four years farmers have been holding protests across Europe, clogging the streets with their tractors, blocking ports and pelting the European Parliament with eggs over a long list of complaints. The farmers claim excessive environmental regulation and red tape. Some groups claim that UN climate science, which calls for a mass culling of dairy cows, is fake science. Protests have been taking place in France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Greece, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands.

In an extra-ordinary development this week, Greta Thunberg the well known climate activist met with the Dutch farmers to discuss the climate catastrophe. Since the age of 15 Thunberg has called for world leaders to take immediate action for  climate change mitigation stating the CO2 and methane from livestock such as cows is causing a climate catastrophe.

Now at age 21, it appears Thunberg may be having a change of heart. In an effort tobridge the gap between climate hysteria and climate realism, Young Greta was invited by a group of Dutch farmers to visit a local farming community to see for herself the importance of farming for food provision and to hear the other side of the ongoing climate debate. The following report was forwarded by Leonardo Christiaensen.

According to Christiaensen, Thunberg began by stating: “So, what we need now is to raise awareness and to create public opinion. To treat the crisis like a crisis.” However, during the exchange of views several Dutch farmers claimed that the climate crisis did not exist and was based on fake science. The young Thunberg ignored these remarks and the meeting quickly arrived at an impasse. The young climate warrior was then offered of a tour of a local farm.
To the surprise of everyone the young climate activist accepted the invitation. Seeing the fields and crops firsthand she even jumped behind the wheel of a tractor of a blue tractor. She stated “I like blue tractors because the sky is blue”.  The whole experience seemed to noticeably lighten the mood of the young Swede. Such fun was had on the day young Thunberg decided to christen the tractor she was driving as ‘Big Greta’.  Later the young Swede, who now had a smile on her face, even drank some raw milk a local dairy farmer had offered to her.
The farmer’s wife said the benefits of good quality raw milk are well established since ancient times. A member of Thunberg’s entourage was heard saying “she had never seen Greta looking so happy”. Greta, who has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and selective mutism, thanked the local farmer for his gift; and thanked the Dutch farmers for their work in producing food to sustain the people of the Netherlands and wider Europe. Then with a grin of joy that perhaps the world had never seen before young Greta jumped into her new favorite tractor and sped off into the sunset!