The satellite hoax

We are supposed to believe that modern-day communications utilise thousands of satellites that supposedly exist hundreds of miles above the earth, but satellites are actually a science-fiction invented by science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke. The technical capabilities of so-called satellites were in existence using ground-based low technology methods, and high-altitude air balloons, decades before any space program. The US government used high altitude air balloons before World War II to implement all the functions that are now attributed to satellites. Why would you spend hundreds of billions on thousands of satellites when the exact same function can be adequately achieved with much less expense arrays of high-altitude air balloons or high-altitude drone aeroplanes, that are hundreds of miles closer to the earth?

It is claimed that geo-stationary satellites are hundreds of miles above the Earth and even up to 20,000 miles above the Earth. This is a lie that has been taught to you by people you have never heard of or met, without a single piece of proof. NASA and its military programs are at the heart of this hoax and receive billions of your tax dollars while they are at it. Satellites are just a network of high-altitude aeronautic vehicles above 35,000 feet, such as aeronautic drone planes; and are another hoax of modern scientism, a hoax in which hundreds of billions of funds has been channeled to the liars at NASA et al. They are another feature of the deceptive Kali-yuga society. Is it just a co-incidence the Jewish Hebrew word nāšā means ‘to deceive’, see Endnote [i].

[i] Source:

H5377 – nāšā’ – Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon (kjv) – Blue Letter Bible. The KJV translates Strong’s H5377 in the following manner: deceive (12x), greatly (1x), beguiled me (1x), seize (1x), utterly (1x).

For more information see the newly published book Godless Fake Science and the Vedic Path of Truth

by Mark Gerard Keenan

Former scientist at the UK government and the United Nations