Moon Landing 2023 – Science or Science-Fiction?

The India Space Research Organisation (ISRO) claim that their Chandrayaan Mission-3 spacecraft landed on the moon in August 2023. Given that millions of people assert the NASA moon landings were faked, the author examines the evidence for the claims of ISRO and NASA, and exposes the moon landing deceptions. Despite having received $2400 billion of US tax payers money, NASA even say they ‘lost’ all the technology and telemetry data.

We see how Hollywood and space agencies utilise technical trickery, fake science, and augmented virtual reality to fake space and zero-gravity; and to propagate the concept of space travel and the globe heliocentric doctrine. The subjects of satellites, flat earth, Vedic cosmology, freemasonry, the knowledge filter in modern science, censorship in the corporate-owned media, and the atheistic forces behind the deception are detailed. In this spiritual war between truth and illusion, the author references the ancient Vedas – the true spirit of science which is the basis of all knowledge.


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