The Big Bang and Darwinian Evolution are Falsehoods Posing as Facts

E-Book PDF Format (66 pages)

Table of Contents

1. Neo-Darwinian evolution is falsehood posing as fact
Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species – a pivotal publication
Hundreds of scientists dispute the incorrect theory of evolution
Where there is a creation there is a creator
Examining the flaws in Darwin’s theory of evolution
The fossil record proves Darwin’s’ theory is completely incorrect
The search for speciation – there are no intermediate fossils
Cambrian explosion – species emerged suddenly and fully formed
Fossils that indicate humans have existed for millions of years
Neanderthals were not the ancestors of humans
Additional evidence that the theory of evolution is incorrect
No evidence that breeding or natural selection creates a new species
Fake embryo drawings in college textbooks
Miller Urey – textbooks present false proof on the origin of life
The Piltdown man forgery and false claims of evolution
Nature exhibits irreducible complexity that refutes Darwin’s theory
The first cells could not have been created by random chance as evolutionists claim
The emergence of Darwinism and the atheistic groups that promoted it
Diving deeper into the atheistic communist ideology behind Darwinism

2. Dinosaurs never existed – a hoax to validate Darwin’s theory

3. The ‘big bang’ is fake science – it a religion without God
The ‘big bang’ theory is fake science – we are asked to accept it on ‘faith’
The fine-tuning of the universe cannot be explained away as mere chance
The knowledge filter – scientific ideologies and lies accepted as fact
State funded atheistic indoctrination

4. Intelligent design, consciousness, and God
The intelligent design argument for the existence of God
Censorship of intelligent design
The greatest scientist is God – quotes from distinguished scientists
Arguments for the existence of a super-intelligent designer – God
The personal aspect of God
Who is God and what is his name? Christ and Krishna

5. Fake history and the real timeline of human history
Advanced humankind has been here for millions of years
Ancient architecture – ancient mankind was advanced not primitive
Purging / suppression of ancient knowledge – Vedas and original Christian texts
The spiritual science in the Vedas
The missing years of Jesus Christ
The ancient Vedic world
Kali-yuga begins