Climate CO2 Hoax – How Bankers Hijacked the Environment Movement

The author, Mark Keenan, is a former scientist at the UK Government Dept. of Energy and Climate Change, and at the United Nations Environment Division. 1500 scientists have signed a declaration that the climate does not change due to Co2 emissions or methane from livestock, such as cows; and assert that the climate changes slowly and naturally in its own cycle and the dominant factor is solar activity. This book demolishes the UN-promoted climate change hysteria and provides evidence and testimony from renowned and distinguished climate scientists contradicting the UN narrative. Via their control of politics and the media, powerful special interests have tried to convince the world that Co2 is a climate changing toxin. The UN climate change narrative, that Co2 causes climate change, will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world.

The money agenda, fake science and fraudulent computer modelling is exposed. The climate hoax has subverted and suppressed real environmentalism and real local sustainability, and is designed to propel humanity into UN Agenda 2030, which is a plan for total corporate control of the world’s resources. UN Agenda 2030 aims to move everyone off the land and into ‘smart cities’. This is smart for them, not smart for you.

The world’s central bankers are behind this decision and are entirely funding and controlling the advancement of the worldwide project of reducing Co2 emissions. Thus, the historical controlling power structure behind the curtain of the globalised matrix of private banking, monopoly capitalism, war, and genocidal communism is examined. Oil dependency, the flaws of globalisation, the psuedo-science of contemporary economics, and the subject of collapse are also analysed. The author maps a path toward an enlightened future based on real local sustainability, monetary reform, freedom from bonded surety, the importance of a God-conscious society, and knowledge from the ancient Vedic texts.


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