Book Title: Globalism Unmasked - The Truth about Banking, Boom-Bust-Bailouts and the 'Reset' of Society

Published: 16th September 2020. (330 pages in Amazon Kindle format). (180 pages in PDF format, which includes Read Aloud audio book for Windows 10).

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False and deceptive narratives in banking, money creation, globalisation, economics, corporate media, and many other mechanisms have been utilised by a relatively small group of people for the purposes of greed, power and authoritarian control, to the general detriment – both financial and in terms of wellbeing – of the overwhelming majority of the world population.

Various peddled untruths, media deceptions, and ideologies that have been accepted as fact in our media-driven society are examined by the author. These deceptions relate to banking, debt, growth, sustainable development, climate change and carbon emissions, the World Economic Forum (WEF) ‘Reset’ of society, wind power, EMF technologies, and many other aspects of the globalist agenda.

Having examined these subjects for over 20 years, and having worked at the United Nations Environment Division and as a Science Advisor at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, U.K., Mark Keenan exposes the truth about these subjects.

This book chronicles the corrupted and unjust practices within the global banking, monetary, and economic system that benefit a very small group of people at the top, but which many people in the world are unaware of. This information is largely suppressed by corporate-owned news and media networks and is effectively not taught in the schools and universities of the world. Knowledge of and exposure to these facts are absolutely essential for everyone in the world that wishes to understand how the world ‘actually’ works and how worldwide society has been brought to the brink of financial ruin. This has all been happening while the vast resources of human productivity and of nature are continually exploited by these systems of greed and the small group of people that control these systems.

The following topics are covered:

► The international privately owned banking system that creates debt-money from nothing and charges everyone in the world extortionist interest on it (usury).

► The worldwide detrimental consequences of the debt-money/fractional reserve banking/usury system.

► How the debt-money banking system money and usury results in wealth and power for a tiny minority, but places a financial debt burden on the peoples of the world and is a root- cause of environmental destruction.

► The GDP growth system that is needed by the banking system, so that it can receive interest payments on debt-money loans created from nothing, yet GDP growth causes environmental degradation, social poverty, and wealth inequity in society.

► How the privately owned debt-money system is a world-wide system of power and control – those that own the debt-money system, by default, generate the wealth to acquire vast portfolios of assets.

► The boom-bust-bailout cycle that places nations in debt.

► How, beyond a certain point, GDP growth does not increase human wellbeing, rather it impoverishes it; and how the real economic welfare of society, as estimated by the GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator), has decreased since 1978.

► Putting a financial value on the environment, i.e. utilising environmental economics is an insufficient strategy. The Hartwick rule of environmental economics does not work, nor has it been validated.

► The ways in which contemporary economics is a flawed ideology and not a scientific discipline, i.e. a flawed pseudo-science practiced religiously by many economists and governments of the world.

► Limits to GDP growth and the end of growth.

► The deceptions of climate change being caused by carbon emissions and the deceptive sustainable development agenda

► Systemic problems in the economic system and the banking bailout in 2020 that took place under cover of a virus.

► The serious implications of peak oil for the future of worldwide society and the potential collapse of industrialised society.

► The nefarious economic reset of major societal changes proposed by the World Economic Forum and the growing opposition to these changes.