Demonic Economics and the Tricks of the Bankers

Published: 16th September 2020. Updates published 18th March 2023. (180 pages in PDF format, which includes Read Aloud audio book for Windows 10).

Paperback book available on here (Ships to Ireland, UK, Europe)

Paperbook book available on (Ships to UK)

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Topics covered in the book include:

The Debt Money Banking System
How the US fell into the hands of the international usurocracy
The Debt-Money System Has Detrimental Consequences
Virtually every national government of the world owes vast amounts of debt
The globalisation and the debt-money system drive resource depletion and environmental degradation
The real reason governments prioritise GDP growth is so interest can be paid to the banking system
Who owns the banks and asset management companies that own the world?
The privately owned Federal Reserve bank
The trick of taxes, usury and inflation further explained
The Boom Bust Bailout Cycle that Places Nations in Debt
Virtually all nations are in debt to the international private banking system
The 2008 banking crises
2020 – another Wall Street bank bailout
Monetary Reform
Globalisation – a destructive paradigm
The tragedy of the commons and the privatization of everything
Corporate globalisation – a design for mega-corporate rule of the world’s resources
Insane development policies cannot produce a sane society
The Flaws of the GDP Growth System
The myth that GDP growth and globalisation ‘floats all boats’
A prosperous sustainable society without GDP growth and fractional reserve banking?
Contemporary Economics is a Flawed Ideology and a Pseudo-Science
The fabricated matrix – A system of domination and exploitation
The illusion of ‘the economy’
Governments are corporations designed to tax and control you
Debt slaves from birth
Governments are registered corporations in perpetual debt to privately-owned mega-banks
In the U.S, in 1933, government policy was introduced to permanently protect the bankers
The US is a corporate owned foreign state – A crown possession
How can one break free from this system of government control and bonded surety?
A single group controlling the world’s mega-corporations and mega-banks?
BlackRock – the company that owns most of the world
Study proves one corporate ‘super-entity’ owns/dominates the world economy and resources
The private banking cartel owns and controls the corporate super-entity
Who owns the mega-banks that own and control the world?
How did a private banking cartel gain ownership of the world’s wealth and resources?
The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 – A private banking coup
The Federal Reserve is an independent, privately owned corporation
International bankers control governments via debt
1913 to 2019 – a private banking and corporate elite gained control of the world’s wealth/ resources
100 years of private banking leaves all nations in vast debt + bankers owning the world
2019 – mathematical end-phase of a world financial system that was always flawed/ fraudulent
2020: Blackrock and a multi-trillion Wall St bank bailout under cover of a so-called pandemic
The UN / WEF and international bankers needed a smokescreen for the economic reset
The private banking cartel purchased and controls the world’s corporate media
Testimonies the media is controlled by world bankers
The Tavistock Institute – a history of media manipulations and social engineering
The financial pyramid of power and control
Representative democracy as currently implemented in much of the world is an illusion
Systemic Problems, Oil Dependency, End of Growth, and Collapse
World Economic Forum ‘Reset’ – What Is It Really About?

False and deceptive narratives in banking, money creation, globalisation, economics, corporate media, and many other mechanisms have been utilised by a relatively small group of people for the purposes of greed, power and authoritarian control, to the general detriment – both financial and in terms of wellbeing – of the overwhelming majority of the world population.

This book chronicles the corrupted and unjust practices within the global banking, monetary, and economic system that benefit a very small group of people at the top, but which many people in the world are unaware of. This information is largely suppressed by corporate-owned news and media networks and is effectively not taught in the schools and universities of the world. Knowledge of and exposure to these facts are absolutely essential for everyone in the world that wishes to understand how the world ‘actually’ works and how worldwide society has been brought to the brink of financial ruin. This has all been happening while the vast resources of human productivity and of nature are continually exploited by these systems of greed and the small group of people that control these systems.