Belief In Modern Day Institutional Authority Is Belief In Slavery

Interesting video:

In this current age all manmade institutions are infiltrated by those desiring narcissistic power and control and most people incorrectly believe in the authority of these institutions, governments being the prime example. Yet the only true authority is the Creator God. For example, see an article on the fallacy that the Roman catholic church (RCC) were ever actually granted authority over all those people who are devotees of God – Jesus Christ never granted that authority – this fact is evidenced by the original Greek and Aramaic texts of the words of Lord Jesus Christ. See ⁣…… ⁣So there is a differenvce between original early Christianity and the Christianity of the socalled authority of the RCC Yet there are of course many good people in the RCC and in many regious institutions but all the instutions have been corrupted by those seeking power and have withheld the full truth from the masses by altering scriptures over the centuries See also ⁣ Some minor aspects are incorrect in the above video, for example, in ancient times prior to 5,000 years prior to this age of Kali most kings were acting fairly in accordance of God’s natural laws so they had valid authority for example to vanquish evil as these Kings were REAL devotees of God and did not carry out injustice but assisted all branches of society. These good kingships and good kingdoms gradually degraded
over time as we entered the current era of deception and degradation – all of the current power grab for control by the seemingly bad forces is part of Gods test of everyone to wake up and purge society of the nonsense and create individuals, families and communities in the world based on Godly moral values and freedom and respect. These subtle aspects are explained in great detail in the ancient Vedic texts see ⁣ See also ⁣Ancient wisdom for modern sucess……../sri-canakya-nit Original Bhagavad Gita……../bhagavad-gita-a

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