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“The Corona Scandal: The Greatest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed” by Dr. Reiner Füllmich and Proof the fake pandemic was planned with a purpose

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Statement by Mark Keenan – Former United Nations, Environmental Affairs Officer, Former Science Advisor U.K. Government. Sept 16th 2020.

The flawed economic and financial system was already in crash mode prior to the Coronavirus “situation” (endless quantitative easing from 2019 onwards). The  privately owned worldwide banking system of debt slavery (all governments of the world in vast debt) reached its mathematical endpoint. The World Economic Forum ‘Reset’ of society attempts to replace it with their new fascist system of technocratic authoritarianism under cover of a fake pandemic and a deceptive political narrative of sustainable development.  The Reset is an attempt by the WEF, globalist bankers and their political cohorts to push their fourth industrial revolution agenda of control. The WEF attempt will fail and is failing. The real divide in society is fascist authoritarianism versus human freedom.

This book chronicles the false and deceptive narratives in relation to the ‘Reset’ of society, banking, money creation, globalisation, economics, sustainable development, climate change, and corporate media. These areas have been utilised by a small group of people that own the money creation system for the purposes of greed, power and authoritarian control of the world, to the general detriment of the overwhelming majority of the world population.

Corporate media and governments are peddling various untruths and flawed ideologies. The UN, EU, WEF, and most governments are not serving the people, for decades they have been prioritising the interests of private bankers who control the money system.

Decades ago, the real sustainability movement was hijacked by the deceptive political scheme of sustainable development, which endorsed unjust debt-money banking and a flawed economic system. Sustainable development is a false narrative operating under cover of continued environmentally destructive globalisation.

Climate Change as predicted by the IPCC is not caused by carbon emissions. I have signed a Declaration to this effect along with 900 other scientists. Sustainable Development is not real sustainability at all. It is a political scheme that has detracted from what real environmentalism is.

For decades, the international privately owned banking system has created debt-money from nothing and charged all governments and people extortionist interest on it (usury). By this and other mechanisms it bled around 35% of the profits of the world’s nations.  This resulted in immense wealth and political power for a tiny minority that own the private worldwide banking cartel, but placed a financial debt burden of control on the nations of the world. The cruel hoax is that governments could have created this money themselves. The last US President to attempt to take the money creation process out of the hands of the private bankers was John F Kennedy.

The flawed GDP growth system was needed by the banking system, so that it could receive endless interest payments on debt-money loans created from nothing, yet GDP growth caused environmental degradation, social poverty, and wealth inequity in society. By controlling the availability of credit the private banking cartel created boom-bust-bailout cycles at will that placed nations in further debt. The real economic welfare of society, as estimated by the GPI, has decreased since 1978. The pseudo-science of contemporary economics used by all governments facilitated the process.

In 2020, limits to GDP growth and peak oil appear to be manifesting. Systemic problems in the economic system led to a multi-trillion dollar banking bailout in 2020 that took place under cover of a virus. There are serious implications for the future of worldwide industrialised society. The nefarious economic reset of worldwide societal control, the growing opposition to these fascist changes, and what we must do in the years ahead are described. This agenda against human freedom is being exposed worldwide.

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God Bless.

Truth about Sustainable Development

Over the past 30 years decades the political concept/solution/flawed agenda of ‘sustainable development’ has not worked it has not solved the environmental or social problems of the world.

Truth about Banking

The privately owned worldwide debt-money banking system creates money from nothing and charges governments and people interest on it. It has been a scam for decades.

Corona Virus False Alarm/Reset Agenda of Control

There is no doubt that mainstream media and government (EU government, World Health Organisation etc) have misrepresented and lied about Corona virus to create fear and to attempt to introduce an agenda of control.

Vaccines can harm human health

Vaccines can seriously harm human health. Hundreds of children brain damaged by the Swine Flu Vaccine received £60 million in financial compensation from UK Government. Do you know what is in a vaccine ? Toxic pollutants including mercury and aluminum.

Health Danger of WIFI/ Smartphones/5G

Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) microwave technology for example including mobile phones, WiFi, 5g, Smart meters, etc emits electromagnetic frequency radiation that has been shown in thousands of studies to be harmful to human health.

Ancient history

Current mainstream human history and science contains various falsehoods that have become accepted as truth. These are essentially ideologies (not proven facts) that have been promoted by certain very well funded groups for many decades.

The Vedas

“The wisdom, insight and knowledge of the Vedic scriptures enable every human to follow his path toward spiritual development and to achieve complete physical, emotional and interpersonal wellbeing. The Vedic way is not a religion it can be followed by peoples of all faiths.”

Early Christian

“Let your light so shine before men so that may see your good work and give Glory to your father who is in heaven” – Mathew 5:16

Truth about CO₂

Any climate change that may be taking place is not due to CO2 emissions.


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