Truth about Sustainable Development

Over the past 30 years decades the political concept/solution/flawed agenda of ‘sustainable development’ has not worked it has not solved the environmental or social problems of the world.

Truth about Banking

The privately owned worldwide debt-money banking system creates money from nothing and charges governments and people interest on it. It has been a scam for decades.

Corona Virus False Alarm/Reset Agenda of Control

There is no doubt that mainstream media and government (EU government, World Health Organisation etc) have misrepresented and lied about Corona virus to create fear and to attempt to introduce an agenda of control.

Vaccines can harm human health

Vaccines are harmful to human health. Corporations whose interest is selling more products and creating massive profits have promoted for decades the illusion that technology will solve the problems of society.

Health Danger of WIFI/ Smartphones/5G

Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) microwave technology for example including mobile phones, WiFi, 5g, Smart meters, etc emits electromagnetic frequency radiation that has been shown in thousands of studies to be harmful to human health.

Ancient history

Current mainstream human history and science contains various falsehoods that have become accepted as truth. These are essentially ideologies (not proven facts) that have been promoted by certain powerful very well funded groups for many decades.

The Vedas

“The wisdom, insight and knowledge of the Vedic scriptures enable every human to follow his path toward spiritual development and to achieve complete physical, emotional and interpersonal wellbeing. The Vedic way is not a religion it can be followed by peoples of all faiths.”

Early Christian

“Let your light so shine before men so that may see your good work and give Glory to your father who is in heaven” – Mathew 5:16

Truth about CO₂

Any climate change that may be taking place is not due to CO2 emissions.


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