Shocking video: Irish villagers attacked and pepper sprayed by police – conflict over hundreds of ‘unvetted migrant’ centres being planted throughout the UK and Ireland’

30th April 2024 by Mark-Gerard Keenan

The Irish government is now at war with its own people as clashes grow between police and Irish citizens who are protesting against thousands of unchecked/unvetted migrants being forced into their communities with free accomodation, free social welfare, and other perks.  Make no mistake about it this could turn very nasty.

The following shocking video of Irish villagers being attacked by government police is an example of what is happening throughout Ireland (and the UK) as the Irish government (i.e., EU puppets) turn, yet again, on the Irish people. Irish people, renowned for their friendly nature of ‘100,000 welcomes’ have in general been very welcoming to migrants. However, now after years of blatant ‘unvetted’ migration, increased crime, and a serious accommodation crisis for Irish people, it appears many Irish have simply had enough.

Literally hundreds of IPAS migrant centres are being ‘planted’ throughout Ireland and the UK. The influx has coincided with an acute housing crisis that has driven up rents and homelessness and fueled anti-immigrant sentiment. The ‘Irish is Full’ #tag has become popular, and over the past year there have been over 600 protests against mass immigration throughout Ireland.

Newtown Mount Kennedy, a small village in Ireland is basically on fire. Riot police have been deployed and there was people being beaten last night and an independent media journalist was pepper sprayed just for reporting. A local woman at the protest describes (on radio) her horrific experience being attacked by police HERE.


More Irish towns and villages are standing against the EU / new world order plantation Of Ireland.

Whilst Ireland has always been welcoming to genuine refugees, it is clear most of these international protection applicants are not fleeing war and are unchecked/unvetted.

Government statistics actually show that 87% of the applicants are destroying their passports upon entry therefore nobody know who these people are and whether, or not, they have a criminal record. In doing so, as part of the ‘process’ the applicants can then avail of government international protection status, i.e., this often means free benefits, free housing, free social welfare, free medical care, free food, etc. The vast majority of the migrants are not fleeing war as they are from countries where no war is taking place.

Anybody arriving here without a means of us identifying them should never ever be allowed to be free amongst irish citizens. This is a huge safety concern.

So, what is actually going on here?

On one hand perhaps one cannot blame non-Irish people for attempting to avail of the generous free government benefits and handouts that are enticing many thousands of migrants into Ireland.

On the other hand, 87% of the applicants are intentionally destroying their own passports, and many Irish people are extremely angry that thousands of ‘unvetted’ migrants, almost exclusively single men, are being ‘planted’ into their small towns and villages throughout the land without local consultation or consent.

While thousands of migrants are given free accomodation in hotels and country estates throughout Ireland, the Irish people are seriously struggling to make ends meet with a never-ending story of sky-high rents, high taxes, inflation, and an ongoing extremely serious accommodation crisis.

Thus, many young Irish people are left with little option but to live with their parents or emigrate to countries such as Australia, where they will work, as they cannot afford to live in their own country! Many Irish people are asserting ‘Ireland is full’; and are asserting that there is a funded plantation agenda that has nothing to do with war or asylum. I note that when Irish people emigrated in past decades to the US, Australia, Canada and the UK, they worked hard in these countries and received no freebies!


At the same time that the puppet Irish government is facilitating mass immigration there are 14,000 Irish homeless people on the streets. 4,000 of those are children so think about that, four 4,000 homeless Irish children. International protection applicant centers Asylum centers all around Ireland are giving the international applicants free social welfare, free housing, free food, free money clothes, free phones, free bikes, and apparently even cars.

In the video below the asylum applicant is from a country where there is no war and admits he was living in the UK for 6 months and had accommodation there. If that is case the obvious question is why is he applying for ‘asylum’ in Ireland? The answer of course is he, like thousands of others, is in Ireland for free accomodation, which he actually admits is “just the basic” thing he wants.


In this video HERE an angry Irishman goes into a migrant centre in his village and sees all the migrants are men and asks “why are the migrants all men? Why are there 200 foreign men in my village”?


In this video HERE we see police forcibly attack and remove protestors (including women and housewives) at another location, Roscrea, County Galway:

It should be remembered that the Irish people fought for 800 years for freedom against invading forces, including the genocidal invasions of British crown royalty. Freedom is in the Irish blood, thus, it is no wonder Irish people are protesting against  thousands of  ‘unvetted’ migrants literally being dumped into their communities in groups of about 200 into numerous hotels, country estates, and new housing estates throughout Ireland. This process is also being implemented across hundreds of locations in the UK.

Please embed this video here

In this video HERE independent journalist Niall McConnell is confronted by an aggressive African migrant on St Patricks day.


In this video HERE the commentator states the “the Irish are being replaced”.

The stark reality is the Irish government is not really the Irish government it is just a puppet of the EU bureaucracy. Ireland has been a fully controlled vassal state of the banker-controlled EU, in particular since the controversial (and rerun) Lisbon referendum 14 years ago, which hammered a nail in the coffin of Irish sovereignty.


Crime and violence in Ireland is on the increase

The demographic in Ireland, a country of only 4.5 million, is fast changing and it now appears that around 30% of people in Ireland are non-Irish. Irish people have always been very welcoming by nature, but now the situation is reaching breaking point with many people reporting that with a huge influx of ‘unvetted’ migrants, who have destroyed their passports, it has become very dangerous for local people walking about. Nobody knows who these people are, and crimes on the increase. Many are flooding in from the UK. Take for example this shocking video below of a migrant encouraging all migrants in Ireland to carry knives and weapons. This man clearly has zero respect for the country that has taken him in and given him ‘free stuff’.


It is not just the Irish people that are unhappy about this – legal immigrants who came to Ireland are saying “well what was the point of us coming here legally to work? we could have just came here without a passport and got free accommodation and free social welfare!”  There are hundreds of videos surfacing that expose the arrogant entitlement culture that has quickly developed among the ‘unvetted’ migrants who literally say they want free houses, free food, free social welfare, and claim discrimination and racism at anyone who rebukes them.

Another video HERE shows a migrant stating he went on holidays for three months to Europe but having returned to Ireland he wants to be paid in full social welfare for the three months he has been on holidays. He then claims ‘discrimination’ when he is told only 2 weeks holidays is allowed.

In another video a Ukrainian migrant has made a video saying he has become an alcoholic because the Irish government gave him and his family a free 6 bedroom house to live in and too much money. In contrast, rents for the Irish working population are sky high. I have friends who pay 2,700 euro a month for a medium size house in rural Ireland 45 minutes outside Galway city. In Dublin rents are higher still.


The media portrays the protestors as “far-right”, yet the protestors claim they are simply defending their Irish culture; and many of these protestors are ordinary mothers and fathers concerned about why their sons and daughters cannot get or afford accommodation, whilst thousands of immigrants are being given free accommodation.

The “woke left” retort that that Irish people themselves emigrated en-masse to the U.S. Canada, and Australia, and should, therefore, not complain. However, the lefties do not mention that when Irish people emigrated over the decades they worked very hard in the countries they emigrated to, and received no freebies.

Meanwhile in Ukraine nightlife, bars and restaurants and booming – it makes you wonder what is really going there? See this video HERE. It also appears that in large parts of that huge country, which is almost ten times bigger than Ireland, there is no war – so why then are there still 100,000 Ukrainians in Ireland, 2,500 kilometers from their home country? Meanwhile there are ongoing reports of Irish families being evicted form their homes by non-Irish men wearing balaclavas and government police. It all sounds eerily like the evictions from famine times.


Is there an intentional sinister agenda behind all this? I explore this question with reference to over 100 censored historical books in my book:

Censored History of the New World Order – WW2, Communism, Zionism, Jews, and the Vatican


Missing migrant children

Another crazy statistic, there are reports that hundreds of migrant children have went missing in Ireland. 22 children alone last January went missing and nobody knows where they are. Amidst accusations of the existence of human trafficking, when government Minister Roderic O’Gorman was asked about this he completely ignored the question.


Police brutality until the EU migration pact is signed off?

Rather than showing the police as being keepers of the peace these events are an illustration of how far the Irish establishment seems prepared to go to force its agenda or should I say the EU / UN / WEF communist agenda on their unwilling people.

The Irish government is trying and divert people’s attention away from their vigorous plans to import as many people as possible and secondly then sign off the new EU pact on Asylum and migration, which is something that the represents the surrendering of Irish sovereign rights in respect of migration and Asylum seeking.

In addition, my contacts assert that many of the Irish police in balaclavas that are enforcing these tactics against the Irish people are not Irish at all, but are more akin to non-Irish hired mercenaries, or more like an EU army. Two days ago, army water cannons were deployed to the small village of Newtown Mount Kennedy, where the sinister force of Irish mammies joined the peaceful protest.


It appears to me this entire situation has been brewing for at least 20 years. I first reported on my blog in 2009 that, that based on government and EU policies, Irish people would become a minority in Ireland.

It was not hard to see this, but few were prepared to talk about it for fear of being branded a racist. At that time the Irish government were issuing around 5,000 PPS numbers per month to non-Irish immigrants. Whilst a significant percentage of people genuinely came to Ireland to work and live as part of Irish society, the reality is many migrants go straight onto social welfare and government benefits long term.

At the same time in 2009 around 5,000 Irish people were emigrating from Ireland per month to go to places such as Australia. Why do they go? Due to incessant government policies over decades that have made it more difficult and expensive for the indigenous Irish population to live in Ireland, but yet enticed and assisted migrants into the country with lots of free benefits. How does that make sense?


George Soros funds mass migration into Europe

The wider picture is that billions of euros has been set aside by NGOs and governments to promote and facilitate the mass migration of tens of millions of people into Europe. The vast majority of these people are not fleeing war. This is a fully funded plan endorsed by the bankster controlled EU and the UN. George Soros, allegedly a zionist, has funded around 20 billion euros into NGOs that promote and facilitate mass migration into Europe.


See this video HERE recorded by a town mayor in Hungary that exposes that mass migration is an EU / UN / George Soros funded project.


There is also much to indicate that it was the zionist influenced/controlled US government that destabilized the middle-east in the first place via the US bombing and invasion of seven pre-dominantly Muslim countries, including Libya.

Meanwhile, it appears zionist Isreal does not take any migrants. Furthermore, miscegenation (the mixing of other races with the Jewish race) is illegal in Isreal. Yet zionists appear to be funding mass migration into Europe. It appears that is has been the zionist power structure in the US that orchestrated the US bombing and invasion of seven pre-dominantly Muslim countries in the middle-east. Thus, the middle-east itself became de-stabilised. Now Europe is being destabilized by a fully funded ‘clash of cultures’, as alleged zionists, such as George Soros, are funding and promoting the mass migration in to Europe.


I stated 14 years ago that Irish people would become a minority in Ireland ‘if’ Ireland remained in the EU

I stated on my blog 14 years ago, during the Lisbon referendum debacle, that Irish people would become a minority their own country if Ireland remained in the EU. However, few were prepared to listen. Now thousands of Irish people are raising these issues.

According to a recent poll, it appears three quarters of the Irish population are saying ‘no’ to the plantation policy of the puppet Irish government. However, the government is not listening to them – in fact the puppet Irish government is treating the Irish people with utter contempt.


Is there an ‘enforced race mixing’ agenda?

Various authors assert that zionist Jews or other ‘behind the scenes ulteriors’ are orchestrating a talmudic ‘enforced race mixing’ agenda. Other authors assert that the ulteriors of the new world order are not Jews, but include the triple crown – the London royal crown, the Vatican/Jesuit power structure, and the Washington D.C. I examine these assertions in this book


Some commentators assert that the Irish Celtic people will fight for the land they have lived in for thousands of years all over again, rather than become a minority demographic in their own country. Will the ancient land of Atlantis, rich in ancient spirituality, and God-consciousness, the land the Irish/Celtic and white European races have lived in for over 8,000 years become a cultural death-bed?

In this video HERE we see the ‘drug culture’ that has arrived, or been ‘imported’, into Dublin. Is this what Ireland will become? The rampant use of drugs by migrants in Dublin City centre is rapidly ruining the capital’s image as a tourist destination. It appears to many Irish people that it is the thousands of migrants who are now the ‘tourists’, only their holiday is a free long-term all expenses paid for trip.


I have reported on the situation, however, it is not for me to judge anyone. Only God knows each of us truly. Are the ‘unvetted’ migrants in Ireland to work and contribute to society, or are the migrants that have destroyed their passports simply seeking free benefits?

It appears to me the signs are not good – already we see the once pretty center of Dublin’s ‘Fair City’ being degraded by extensive migrant drug culture mere yards from the GPO – a historic building where brave Irish men and women fought for their freedom from the tyranny of the British royal crown.

Is it a good idea for the EU / UN to forcibly impose thousands of people from one culture onto the lands of those of a very different culture, without consent? To do so appears to be a recipe for conflict. Where is the line line drawn between compassion for genuine refugees of war and ‘police-enforced multicultarism’? It is clear opinions on this subject vary wildly depending on your politics.


Whatever colour or nationality we born into – we were all registered at birth, via the birth cert, into a world debt-slavery banking system

A deeper reality is that all governments are registered corporations and are fully subservient to the system of  privately-owned world banking; and to the international political agendas of the covert communist UN, the EU, the WEF, and other institutions of the new world order. Whatever country we live, or whatever colour or nationality we born into – we were all registered at birth, via the birth cert, into a debt-slavery system. We were all born as collateral in a debt-slavery system that is owned and controlled by the agents of ‘old world order’, which are the same agents of the ‘new world order’ and the triple crown.

See also the books: Demonic Economics and the Tricks of the Bankers

and Censored History of the New World Order – WW2, Communism, Zionism, Jews, and the Vatican


All land belongs to God – we are only the caretakers

An even deeper reality, it appears to me, is that ultimately, according to ancient scripture, all land, and the Earth itself, belongs to God the creator; and that we are only temporary caretakers who should abide by God’s instructions.

All of this materialism, greed, and political power play is an illusory trap. Death comes for us all, and when it does God’s agents will judge each of us. We will each be subject to the karmic force of our past actions. I wonder sometimes if hell itself is having a migrant crisis?


Author: Mark Keenan, is a former scientist at the UK Government Dept. of Energy and Climate Change, and at the United Nations Environment Division. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is author of the following books available on

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