Proof That Face Masks Cause Sickness

“I haven’t worn a mask on any occasion, nor will I ever. For any persons and devotees of God who haven’t looked into it, these are a few short videos showing both the inefficacy and dangers of face masks:

Masks Don’t Stop the Spread of Aerosols Dr Ted Noel

This meter for measuring carbon dioxide levels in the air shows the lethal levels that are reached by breathing in one’s own carbon dioxide whilst wearing a mask.

Proof That Face masks Cause Sickness:

This fire fighter demonstrates his equipment for detecting safe levels of oxygen. His equipment show that a person wearing a mask is deprived of necessary levels of oxygen, and that he is actually in serious danger by continuous use of such masks.

There are other many other studies that show the dangers of bacteria, etc. whilst wearing a mask.

This is the testimony of representatives from an official govt. agency whose business it is to make sure that people in industrial settings are not in danger whilst wearing masks:

Osha Experts Speak of Dangers of Masks

The above text was provided by a member of the research team.