2. Globalism Unmasked - The Truth about Sustainable Development

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Over the past decades the political concept/agenda of ‘sustainable development’ has not worked, it has not addressed the unjust systems of banking, economics and globalisation that benefit an elite wealthy few at the expense of everyone else.

Written by Mark Keenan, Former Environmental Affairs Officer at the United Nations Sustainable Development team in Geneva, Switzerland, Book Two: “The Truth about Sustainable Development” describes and exposes the sustainable development agenda, which is a politically defined process that has been imposed on the world for the past 3o years and how it is not real sustainability at all. It has been a mere greenwashing of the flawed and unjust political, banking, economic and invasive technological agenda of surveillance and control of the existing orthodoxy that had detrimental implications for society and the environment.

Agenda 2030 contains aspects that would involve serious detrimental impacts for the health and wellbeing of humanity in the years ahead. This book is essential reading for anyone involved in the environmental sector and sustainable development sector, for all people seeking truth, and for those that wish to transcend the current flawed paradigm and create a thriving truly sustainable society of wellbeing for their family, community, nation and for all humanity in the decades ahead.

The actual obstacles to achieving real sustainability in society are not addressed, or even mentioned, by the current greenwash ‘business as usual’ political solution called ‘sustainable development’, which is also known as Agenda 21 or the ‘United Nations sustainable development goals’ (SDGs). There are reasons for this that are discussed in this book.

Furthermore, politically defined sustainable development increasingly appears to be an agenda to take control of all resources, all production, and all consumption on earth, leaving all people to be micromanaged by a digital and scientific technocracy. Real sustainability is not created by the political
jargon of ‘sustainable development’. A different path is needed to create a better world.

The knowledge, tools and processes to create sustainable local and regional societies already exists, so why has humanity not done so and fixed the environmental and resource problem that has been discussed for decades? The author examines the obstacles hindering the creation of ‘real’ sustainability in society – an environmentally sustainable, thriving and fair society of wellbeing for all that fully respects the natural world we rely on and nurtures and develops human wellbeing and human potential.

The book describes:

► The flawed political agenda of sustainable development that was supposed to solve the environmental and social poverty problems, but actually endorses the existing environmentally damaging debt-money banking and GDP growth system/orthodoxy. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which despite listing worthwhile aims, such as poverty reduction, continue to endorse environmentally destructive GDP growth and do not reform the banking sector. The goals will therefore never be achieved as the root causes of world’s problems are not addressed by these political initiatives.

► The failure of politically defined sustainable development over the past 30 years and why it has not and will never solve worldwide environmental, social poverty and wealth inequity problems. ‘Real sustainability’ is not the current flawed political definition known as ‘Sustainable Development’.

► The false paths to sustainability such as ‘Eco-efficiency’, which alone will not solve the environmental problem.

► What real sustainability actually is. A lack of understanding of what ‘real sustainability’ is amongst the general population and amongst most economists, politicians, scientists, and academics.

► The obstacles to creating real sustainability in society.

► How to create real sustainable societies and self-sufficient local systems for food, water, energy, and human wellbeing, with reference to visionaries, such as E. F. Schumacher.

► The truth about climate change (i.e., Co 2 emissions do not cause climate change) and the real reason for desertification and soil degradation.

► The end of the GDP growth paradigm and the inter-related topic of peak oil.

► Control and indoctrination systems that have perpetuated the current flawed paradigm, for example corporate owned mass media systems, educations systems, govern-mental policies and systems that condition or mold persons into being obedient cogs and work horses of the flawed GDP growth economic paradigm and debt-slaves of the banking system. The associated political, institutional, academic and corporate owned mainstream media systems/orthodoxy that perpetuate these flawed systems and other falsehoods.

► The human behaviours and the modes of consciousness of those that have created and perpetuated this flawed system; the transition from greed toward goodness, wellbeing and spiritual happiness.

► The nefarious attempted ‘Reset’ agenda of societal control proposed by organisations, such as the World Economic Forum.