Book title: Transcending the Climate Change Deception

Written by Mark Keenan, Former scientist at the United Nations Environment Division; and at Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK.

Table of contents for this new book is below.

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The Table of Contents is summarized below

Foreword – page 10

1. Climate change deception and other deceptive UN/WEF/WHO narratives pg 21
Manmade climate change is a convenient lie – it is not caused by CO2 or methane from cows – pg 21
Deceptive narratives on covid-19, UN agenda 2030, climate change, and the WEF reset – pg 24
The modern green movement is far removed from the original principles of environmentalism – pg 25
Rothschilds hijacked the real environmental movement creating the fake climate change agenda – pg 28
Renowned scientists that have demolished the fake climate change hysteria – pg 30
The UN IPPC cherry picks data and uses flawed modelling – pg 35
Financialization of the world economy based on a life-killing net-zero emissions strategy – pg 37

Key players that promoted the climate crisis agenda 40
The Chicago Climate Exchange and the trillion-dollar money-generating hoax 41
Renewable energy is not a viable solution to the world’s energy problems 42
The nonsense of electric cars 45
The failure of the industrial agriculture ‘green revolution’ 47
Desertification – UN incorrectly state that animal livestock is a cause – it is actually the solution 47
What is the UN really? 48
Real environmentalism was hijacked by deceptive UN political schemes 49
True objectives behind the UN 17 ‘New Sustainable Development Goals’ 52
Agenda 21/2030 is an agenda of control – it is the opposite of real sustainability 57
UN Agenda 2030 smart cities – smart for them, but not smart for you 58
The trick of world heritage sites and ‘rewilding’ 59
Fascism disguised as sustainability – Local Governments for Sustainability stakeholder councils 61

2. The WEF ‘reset’ attempt – sold as a solution to climate change and covid-19 – pg 62

3. Summary of the climate change and sustainable development deceptions – pg 75

4. The climate hoax required a single controlling world influence – pg 81

5. 1913 – 2019: Private banking control and the corporate super-entity – pg 106

6. Sustainable development is a problem wrapped up as a solution – what about the real sustainability challenge? – pg 134

7. Globalisation – a destructive paradigm – pg 158

8. The flaws of the GDP growth system – pg 169

9. Contemporary economics is a flawed ideology / pseudo-science – pg 183

10. Systemic problems, oil dependency, end of growth, and collapse – pg 186

11. Modern day attempts to scientifically define ‘real’ sustainability – pg 191

12. A sustainable retreat – creating resilient local systems – pg 203

A sustainable retreat is needed not so-called ‘UN sustainable development’ – pg 204
Is it possible to re-align the current ‘system’ toward ‘real’ sustainability – pg 204
Sustainability or Collapse? – the risk of societal collapse – pg 205
Resilience planning and creating sustainable communities/regions – pg 207
The bio-char solution to soil management and desertification – pg 211
Re-discovering the power and dynamics of horses – pg 212
A transition to a gift economy? – the moneyless manifesto – pg 213
Vedic communities and ancient knowledge for thriving in balance with nature – pg 213
Rediscovering the splendour of ancient Vedic forest villages – pg 214
Ancient Vedic culture – a thriving God-conscious society in balance with nature – pg 215
A Vedic perspective on the importance of cows in self-sufficient communities – pg 217
Consciousness and dharma in a spiritual civilisation of wellbeing for all – pg 218
A metaphorical ‘mountain of success’ – a ‘successful society of higher quality’ – pg 219
The wisdom of E.F. Schumacher – pg 221

13. The trap of the materialistic illusion – pg 224

14. Beyond material consciousness – pg 233
Are humans capable of ‘real’ sustainability? – pg 233

15. Transcending the world power game – a Vedic perspective – pg 252