PCR test is not designed to test for viruses it does not detect so-called Covid – Covid numbers are a scam based on false unscientific data – governments are being challenged legally

This PCR issue is what is being challenged all over the world. A big German Committee group are taking legal action as we have seen “Crimes Against Humanity” video (posted below).
Dr Michael Yeadon in the UK has also been heavily criticising the use of PCR tests to detect virus as the test was not designed to do so. He says most (if not all) of the positive PCR test results are false/incorrect i.e. the people testing positive in a PCR test are not infectious and are not ill ! He says it is not a test for a virus !
A White Paper” which has been submitted to HSE and Goverment in Ireland by a group of doctors in Ireland.


See also – https://timeforrecovery.org/






The sequence of the initial PCR primer that is supposed to be specific to Sars-Cov-2 actually corresponds to 74 fragents of the human genome.


A breakdown of current testing procedures