The Vatican is NOT on your side – Censored History of WW2, Communism, Zionism, Jews and the Vatican

It described in various scriptures, including the Vedas, that we live in times of godlessness and degradation where demons run the society.

Unfortunately, most Roman Catholics are mistaken about the ‘Roman Vatican’ church. The reality is it is not the original church of Jesus Christ. The Vatican is NOT on the side of white people. The reality is the Vatican is bogus and is part of the force behind all this mass migration – it is NOT the real church of Jesus Christ – never was – the Judeo-Roman Vatican destroyed the original Christianity. See the

New Book – Censored History of WW2, Communism, Zionism, Jews and the Vatican

The Commie Pope with the communist symbol and the Communist Jesuits

The Pope is fully aligned with the communist-type policies of the new world order, including the deceptive UN Agenda 2030. In the picture below we see Pope Francis accept a hammer-sickle communist style crucifix from the Marxist President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, in 2015.

Roman Catholic Pope Francis appears to be a champion of the new world order, and of the bogus climate change policies. He is co-operating with the UN, the WEF, and running PR for the globalists on climate change. Amidst the Covid-19 hoax he advocated that even healthy young people get vaccinated, stood in the way of religious exemption for forced vaccinations, and sent a representative to Davos to bless and approve the totalitarian WEF great reset.

“… this (climate change) has become some kind of religion, even the Pope is into it!” –  Patrick Moore

Pope Francis, even addressed UN member governments with a plea to support the UN goals. “The adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development … is an important sign of hope,” he declared, before demanding a UN “climate” regime, see this book. In 2015, when the UN General Assembly of the United Nations voted on the UN policy document Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Pope Francis blessed their ambitious venture and addressed the General Assembly in person to endorse the deceptive document.

“The [Vatican] Jesuits have made extensive use of Liberation Theology over the past fifty years to advance the ideals and principles of Marxism throughout Latin America. This is one reason – and possibly the main reason – why virtually all Latin American countries today are controlled by Marxist governments… Since the Roman Catholic Church is now being led by men who espouse the doctrines of Marx, albeit in a modified form, it should hardly be surprising that the global elite have called on Pope Francis to launch their “new universal agenda”. He is part of the same globalist cabal, placed in that position – like his immediate predecessors – to assist with the introduction of the New World Order.” – Author, Jeremy James

Evidences Jesus Christ was not a Jew

I have sent several emails and  evidences and links over the past several years – have you examined these evidences? Also there are over a hundred censored books here on WW2 and the reality that Jesus Christ was not a Jew. Judeo-Christian heritage is a hoax. Modern Christians and those seeking God have been lied to over the centuries by the Roman Vatican. These links provide evidence and part of the story:


Modern Jews follow the (Babylonian)Talmud not the Bible – they speak Yiddish, reject Christ, and have nothing to do with the religion of Christ. They consider themselves a separate race from whites and regards all whites and non-Jews as their slaves – see also this video here

Mistranslations and alterations of scriptures

 My analysis demonstrates that scriptures have been altered, mistranslated, deleted, and inserted.   I will summarise much of these evidences in a future book for the benefit of people to see that the Vatican destroyed and hijacked and subverted original Christianity, and that Lord Jesus was not a Jew. The judeo-Roman Vatican has been lying to Christians in order to advance their own political and institutional power structure. These lies stretch back to the foundation of the Vatican church, which please note was 4 centuries after the appearance of Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, a Christian must ask what happened during those 4 centuries. There is also a free archive of books here providing evidences.

Are we Romans? Are we Jews? Or are we souls seeking Christ? seeking God? Are you open minded enough to examine the evidence that some of the modern day  Judeo-Roman Vatican scriptures are a result of distortion, alteration, or intentional mistranslation, at the expense of original Christianity?

Corrupt Vatican – Playing the ball not the man? Freemason logo on the ceiling of St Pauls cathedral.

Some Catholics protest about the communist Pope, but the situation is much deeper than that.

A Catholic foolishly stated to me: “I ardently believe in “playing the ball, not the man”. The “ball” in this case is the living word of God, and the “man” is clearly mankind, who by his nature, is weak.”

Respectfully, that is not a good analogy if you don’t see the difference between the ball hitting you in the face and the man punching you in the face. My analysis indicates the Vatican is an institution that has practiced paedophilia and freemasonry for centuries – why would a Godly man associate with that institution? God is everywhere not just in an institution. Why not be aligned fully with Christ rather than an institution of freemasonry? See here the Freemason logo on the ceiling of St Pauls cathedral.

The Romans legions threw the original Christians to the lions in the coliseum. Roman crusades were to enforce the Roman empire “brand” of Judeo-Christianity (not original pure Christianity). Do you think St Patrick just arrived on the shore and the whole Island of god-conscious Celts ~10 million at that time, said OH he’s great let’s all be like him? No – like all Roman crusades and book burnings throughout Europe and beyond, ‘Patrick’ (who was not Irish) arrived with an army of thousands of Roman soldiers, and threatened to burn the children if the people would not accept the authority of the Roman empire, under the ‘auspices’ of the Roman ‘church’.

The evidence is CLEAR – Ireland was a real Holy Land of original Christianity long BEFORE ‘Patrick’ came to Ireland. The white European peoples were the stronghold of original Christianity for many centuries (and much longer) BEFORE they were hit by the agents and soldiers of the Roman empire under the auspices of the Vatican.

That is part of the reason Ireland and White Europe has been so heavily targeted by new world order/masonic crowd for centuries. The agenda is also anti-white.

The Vedas – why reject what you have not studied?

True Christians would do weel to also study the ancient Vedas.  Do not use Wikipedia. I have studied over 200 books on the subject, including the connection with original Christianity. Many Christians have a knee jerk reaction and have been conditioned to reject the Vedas – why reject what you have not studied? Is that not a position of dogma? Actually, many early Christian stories and Christian scriptures are taken directly from or inspired by the earlier Vedas. Including the story of the flood.

Note that the modern Isreali ‘star of David’ is not the star of David at all – it is an ancient Vedic symbol thousands of years old (the shatkona) that was hijacked in modern times. The Nazi swastika is an ancient Vedic symbol thousands of years old hijacked in modern times. Various ancient Irish early Christian symbols on ancient standing stones etc., are Vedic, as they are in many parts of the world. The Celtic St. Brigid’s cross is a clear derivation of an ancient Vedic symbol. Vedic knowledge was on all continents.

Many words in the Irish language itself are derived from ancient Sanskrit the most ancient holy language thousands of years old in which the Vedas are written. This incredible language has over 2 million words – I have a Sanskrit dictionary. Ancient humans were without a doubt more advanced intellectually and spiritually than we are in socalled modern times. Darwinian evolution is a lie

God is not a manmade institution

It is very good to have faith in God. However, misplaced faith, faith without knowledge can lead you off the edge of a cliff. The word Veda means knowledge. God is not a manmade ‘institutional’ religion. God is not manmade. I have proved that the Roman Vatican scriptures in relation to the authority of the ‘church’ are mistranslations. A question to ponder is do you serve Christ or do you serve the Communist Freemasonry Vatican?  there is a huge difference.

The Jewish holocaust was a hoax

Evidence is in the link below – if you take the time to do the research you will see the Jewish holocaust was all bullshit, propaganda, and fakery:

Trump is controlled opposition

I explained several times this guy is controlled opposition, yet fools still drone on about Trump. Communist Lenin said the best way to control the opposition is to be it. You are meant to like Trump we all were  – he says what you want to hear – just as Obama said what the left wanted to them to hear – they are just well spoken TV actor types.  Both the left and right are controlled by the same ulterior financial forces – the sources of money – all debt money creation. Politics is a punch and judy show – one arm up one puppet’s ass and the other up the other puppet’s ass. The videos I posted with evidence about Trump as controlled opposition over the years were always quickly pulled off the internet and censored or marked as violating youtube or bitchute policy. You may find this this video I uploaded today interesting here and here .


Paedophilia – The Talmud’s Dirty Secret

Another point is that a horrific culture of paedophilia has been exposed in the Roman Catholic church in recent decades. Paedophilia is endorsed in the perverted Jewish Talmud. The Vatican and the Pope at that time also covered up the scandals over a decade ago – a movie came out that exposed this and the movie was quickly censored. I watched it about 14 years ago – now it is nowhere to be found

The perversity inherent in Freud’s nonsensical ideology and within the Jewish Talmud is unacceptable to many Christians. Rev. Ted Pike, director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian organization, stated in a 2016 article titled Paedophilia – The Talmud’s Dirty Secret:

“Does the Talmud share Christianity’s foundation of wholesome moral values? Hardly. Instead, the Talmud is the sleazy substrata of a religious system gone terribly astray; it is that code of Pharisaic unbelief Christ described as “full of all uncleanness” (Matt. 23:27). Shockingly, Judaism’s most revered authority actually endorses such sins as lying, oath-breaking, and indirect murder. And it even sanctions one of the greatest sins of all: child molestation.

Christ accused the Pharisees of His day of being Satan’s spiritual children… Second century Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai, one of Judaism’s very greatest rabbis and a creator of Kabbalah, sanctioned paedophilia—permitting molestation of baby girls even younger than three! He proclaimed, “A proselyte who is under the age of three years and a day is permitted to marry a priest.”… Subsequent rabbis refer to ben Yohai’s endorsement of paedophilia as “halakah,” or binding Jewish law…  in ben Yohai’s hometown of Meron, Israel, tens of thousands of orthodox and ultra-orthodox Jews gather annually for days and nights of singing and dancing in his memory.

References to paedophilia abound in the Talmud. They occupy considerable sections of Treatises Kethuboth and Yebamoth and are enthusiastically endorsed by the Talmud’s definitive legal work, Treatise Sanhedrin… It was in Babylon after the exile under Nebuchadnezzar in 597 BC that Judaism’s leading sages probably began to indulge in paedophilia. Babylon was the staggeringly immoral capitol of the ancient world. For 1600 years, the world’s largest population of Jews flourished within it. As an example of their evil, Babylonian priests said a man’s religious duty included regular sex with temple prostitutes. Bestiality was widely tolerated. So, Babylonians hardly cared whether a rabbi married a three year old girl. But with expulsion of the Jews in the 11th century AD, mostly to western Christian lands, Gentile tolerance of Jewish paedophilia abruptly ended…  To this hour, no synod of Judaism has repudiated their vile practice.

“A girl who is three years of age and one day may be bethothed by cohabitation… (Yeb. 57B)” These child brides were expected to submit willingly to sex. Yeb. 12b confirms that under eleven years and one day a little girl is not permitted to use a contraceptive but “must carry on her marital intercourse in the usual manner.” Aren’t Christ’s words more appropriate? “Woe unto you, scribes and pharisees, hypocrites!… even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and inequity. (Matthew 23:27,28)” – Rev. Ted Pike, see Endnote [i].

Jesus Christ was not a Jew

If we accept the assertion that Jesus Christ did exist, then it is absolutely clear from my research that Jesus was not a Jew. Furthermore, it appears the concept and word ‘Jew’ was only invented in recent centuries. Jesus was a ‘Galilean’ (not a Jew) who lived in Judea, a region in which various races of people lived. In addition, I note that modern day ‘Jews’ have almost no lineage connection at all with the people that lived in ancient Judea. The modern ‘Jewish claim’ to the region is based on a lie.


The following is an extract from the book Christian Sheep and Satans Wolves (1971) by James Combs

“THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION is an assembly of political intents for Jewish world control. Jewry and its gentile apologists have denounced THE PROTOCOLS as spurious. However, when one appreciates THE PROTOCOLS were brought to world attention in Czarist Russia in 1905 and were translated into English by Victor E . Marsden , a journalist, about 1920, the now-realized substance of THE PROTOCOLS is most impressive. Henry Ford, Senior, after coming to an awareness that Jews were undermining his business, as well as Traditional America, actively supported exposing THE PROTOCOLS to the world . He was quoted by THE NEW YORK WORLD (February 17, 1921) as saying: “The only statement I care to make about the PROTOCOLS is that they fit in with what is going on . … “

“Though Jews in Christ’s time , as now, called themselves “Israel, ” they were not and are not. Rather, they were those “who say they are Jews (sons of Judah) and are not but are the synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9 , etc.); and, further, as Jesus said in St. John (8: 44-48), “are of (their) father the devil. ” They give on the surface a hypocritical appearance of “whited sepulchres,” but on the inside are “dead men’s bones and of all uncleanness ” (St. Matthew 23:27). Indeed, this is Jewry. Regardless of much ear-shattering announcements of its “charity ” and “humanitarianism, ” it is, in truth , the embodiment of all that is evil!

Never, in the Holy Testament, did Christ call Himself “Jewish.” Only in two or three vague Biblical instances could the reader construe Him to be Jewish. One such instance was the placing of the inscription on His cross by the Romans; popularly, we are told it said, “Jesus the Nazarene, the King of the Jews” (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudeorum). A proper Latin translation would better be, “Jesus, the Nazarene, leader of the Judeans.” And , whereas “Judeans ” could mean “Jews, ” who resided in Judaea, it carried the greater geographical connotation, for all people who lived there. When Jesus condemned the Jews in St. John, etc., He referred to the mongrelized remnant of Judah, which had radicalized the Hebrew faith.

It is blasphemous to call Christ a “Jew. ” No group was a greater foe of Christ, and no group is a greater foe of Traditional America, than Jewry. Jesus came, as Messiah, to fulfill Biblical prophecy; His spiritual antecedents were Hebraic and Davidic… not Jewish.

Jesus came to the “sheep of Israel ” (Matthew 10: 6) and stated, in St. John (10: 26-27), that Jews were “not of my sheep. Indeed, far from Jews being “God’s chosen, ” they were anything but that. Matthew 21:4 3 declared of the Jews, “The Kingdom of God shall be taken from you. ” John the Baptist condemned them in Matthew 3: 7 with, “O children of vipers! who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” The only selectiveness of the Jews was by Satan; they stole (in accordance with their nature) the concept of a “chosen people” from the “lost sheep” of Israel. Much evidence exists that white Christians of today are Israel rather than the “gentiles” we are thought to be.”

The following is an extract from the book Christ Was Not A Jew An Epistle to the Gentiles By Jacob Elon Conner, Ph.D . Published Privately New York (1936)

“If my criticisms of the Jews may seem harsh, I rely for their justification on the facts herein presented, on the evidence to be found in the Talmud and other ancient sources….”

“The world is still echoing with the attack of Jewish bolshevism upon Christian Russia, while the latter was embarrassed along with ourselves in the greatest of all wars . And now the scope of its devastation is widening and reaching to our shores, and again Anti-Christ is gloating over the prospect of another victim while it preaches non-resistance and “internationalism,” though its own name is Judaism. Its program is as follows: First defile, then destroy. You may read its purpose in the Jewish Talmud, you may find its program (no matter who wrote them), in the so-called Protocols, Its blight may be read in the press, seen on the screen and on the stage, heard in the radio, and felt in business and government everywhere. It has even attacked the last stronghold of free speech, namely, the pulpit, both through its demoralizing traditionalism and its paid apologists. It works under the disguises of nihilism, bolshevism, communism, socialism, pacifism and internationalism, discarding any label as soon as it becomes odious and taking refuge under a new one. But its one unchanging and secreted name is Judaism. It keeps in the dark as long as it can find dupes to – obey its orders.”

“The truth demanding recognition is that Christ, as the Son of Man, was a Galilean, and the Galileans were not Jews, in race, though in part Judaised in religion and nationality . It is RACE that counts, for “A stream must rise from a source higher than itself, and Judaism was no such source for Christianity. “Men do not gather grapes of thorns nor figs of thistles”-s, said Christ.”

“It is A MESSAGE TO THE GENTILES 19 through history and its adjuncts, anthropology and archaeology, that it is possible to establish the difference between Galilean and Judaean, as marked in contrast as it is between any modern race and the Jews.”

“THE CANAANITES Palestine, the western arm of the “fertile crescent,” had been inhabited by Gentiles for more than a thousand years when Joshua appeared with his Hebrew tribes about 1300 B. C. These Gentiles or non-Jews were not even Semitic, but were Aryan like ourselves-members of the Caucasion or white race, known to the Jews or Hebrews as Canaanites. The history of the Aryans in all that part of the world goes back some centuries beyond the year 4000 B. C. Hence, the Hebrew tribes came as raiders or invaders…”

“There is a long-standing tradition among the Russian Orthodox, descendants of the ancient Scythians, that the Virgin Mary was of their race . As a tradition it is far more believable than that of a Jewish origin, the Jews having been twice ejected from Galilee and kept separate by racial antipathies.”

“The racial differences between the Jews and the Galileans were too marked for the comfort of the latter, as one may see from the writings of Josephus, the Jewish historian, who about seventy years after the birth of Christ was the Roman governor of Galilee. That difference was remarkably well demonstrated after the fall of Jerusalem to Titus, when the Galileans, though defeated, clung to their homes. The Jews on the contrary agreed among themselves to scatter over the world, banded together as a predatory tribe, as one may read in their Talmud, thus contenting themselves with the role of an anti-national parasite. The Galileans were not parasitic stock.”

“It is by ignoring this distinction between Jews and Judaized that we fail to realize that the Galileans and Samaritans were of a different racial origin from the Jews. They were not Jews at all, but Gentiles, and mostly Aryan Gentiles like ourselves . Many of them, as we know, could never be Judaised in religion, but remained outside of the Jewish cult. A helpful analogy may be found in the case of the Highland Celts of Scotland and the Anglo-Saxons of England-of the same nationality and of the Christian religion, but of different racial origin. Circumstances made the Galileans and the Jews neighbors, and eventually partners in the same political state with a capital in common.”

“Even the Talmud is quoted as saying that “The Galileans were more anxious for honor than for money,” while “the contrary was true of Judaea .” “Their fidelity, often unreasoning and ill tempered, was always sincere”… her coins and weights, her dialect, were all sufficiently different from those of Judaea to excite popular sentiment in the latter, and provide the scribes with some quotable reasons for their hostility.”

“It is begging the question for anyone to assert that Christ was of the Jewish race. The contrast of His character with that of the Jewish background establishes a presumption that differentiates Him utterly, even if only the human aspect is considered. But historically speaking, twice was Galilee purged of the Jews before the advent of Christ, and we learn from Josephus half a century after that event that the Galileans were a different kind of people from those of Judaea-a fact attested by the Jews themselves. We know that the aboriginal stock of Palestine was Aryan, or Canaanite, as the Jews called them, centuries before the birth of the hypothetical Abraham, to whom the Hebrews absurdly claimed that all Palestine had been promised by their own racial deity.”

“So where is the justice or the justification in the claim of the Jew, and the Ebionite, ancient or modern, that Christ was of that perpetually alien race? It is obviously an assumption contrary to fact, and the burden of proof, if proof be necessary, rests upon those who would foist this age-old heresy upon us.”

“Surely it is a monstrous perversion of the truth-this claim that Christ was a Jew -that is now being used by Jews and modern Ebionites to the incredible damage of Christ’s mission to all the, world. Says a recent authority,’ “Whoever makes the assertion that Christ was a Jew is either ignorant or insincere: ignorant when he confuses race and religion; insincere when he knows the history of Galilee, and partly conceals, partly distorts the very entangled facts in favor of his religious prejudices, or it may be, to curry favor with the Jews. The probability that Christ was no Jew, that He had not a drop of genuinely Jewish blood in His veins, is so great that. it is almost equivalent to a certainty'”

“the Jewish Jahveh… the deity of a race alien to Christ and the Gentiles. It is thus that they put Christ to shame by yielding to the falsehood that His gospel is of Jewish origin, a rejected dogma of Judaism, the same identical religion and the same deity with that of the Jews, and with no purer ethics than those of the Jews today. Anyone who goes that far has no right to call himself a Christian, and the Apostle Paul has told him all about it in what he said to the Galatians who had become Judaised. “Well, if God is a Jew, what have we got to do with your religion?” said an outspoken Gentile in response to such doctrine. Is it any wonder that the preaching of a Judaised Christ is ruinous to the church of today?”

“… to this day there are those who cannot but believe that Christianity is only a continuation of the Jewish religion with certain additions that are peculiarly Christian! What fatal nonsense is this?”

“Christ’s mentality contrasts so vividly with a static mindedness… divides Him from the Jewish race. His mentality was alive and unbound. It was not derived from Judaism, but in spite of it.”

“He sought to dethrone sin in the human heart, and the “scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites” opposed Him. He went into the synagogues everywhere, as He had a right to do, because these were the “town halls” of the public. It was thus that He went into the synagogue of His’ own home town, Nazareth, and when He had announced Himself in the chosen text, “The spirit of the Lord is upon me,” they were ready to murder Him.”

“there were at least three different occasions, with several persons present, when Christ, by imputation, repudiated the Jewish messiahship. “What think ye of Christ-whose son is He?” This question He addressed to some Pharisees who, being orthodox Judaists, were committed to the strictly legalistic view, so they promptly replied, “He is the son of David.” Christ immediately challenged that statement and refuted it out of David’s own testimony, and, as we are told, “No man was able to answer Him a word.”

On another occasion, speaking to His disciples, He asked them, “Whom do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?” They replied to the effect that some say one thing .and some another, but it is noticeable that they do not say the messiah. Then He asked His disciples plainly, “But whom say ye that I am?” He gets His answer plainly from the blunt and outspoken Peter : “Thou art Christ, the Son of the living God.” And Peter did not say the son of David, as did the Pharisees. Peter got a well-deserved blessing for that answer, and why? Because as Christ tells him at once, Peter did not get that knowledge from any man, but “from My Father, Which is in Heaven .”Nothing about the Jewish Jahveh, nothing from Moses and the prophets, nothing from tradition, and nothing from the sacrosanct laws of Judaism, but a direct revelation from the Father through the Son. Peter is the first of whom we have any record that he did not repeat the customary palaver about the national hero, the son of David, that the Jews were looking for, and Christ saw that He was the first to discern and state the truth unequivocally.”

“And the gem of all these allusions was reserved for the Good Samaritan, a Gentile, the most disliked and distrusted of all by the Jews-and he it was who practiced an ideal in ethics and religion while the Jewish priest and Levite “passed by on the other side.” With this vivid picture of the difference between the new revelaton through Christ, and the antiquated background of Judaism, one is compelled to admit that Christianity came, not from Judaism, but in spite of it.”


The following is an extract from the book Behold the International Jew (Knowledgeable men, Jew and Gentile, speak out regarding the International Zionist Conspiracy) by Brig. Gen. Gordon “Jack” Mohr, CPDL

In dealing with any controversial subject such as International Judaism and its Satanic offspring Zionism and Communism, it is often difficult to get a message of warning across to those who are in the most immediate danger. This is due to the fact that the Christian world has become so “brainwashed” in the “Liberal mind detergent” of Zionist propaganda, that immediately, when one speaks of a Jew in any but the most complimentary of terms, he is saddled with the horrible accusation of being an “anti-Semite.” This has stifled honest discussion of this tremendous problem. This book has been written specifically to Christians who have been mis-led by their church leaders, into believing that the Jews of today are the Chosen People of the Old Testament and that they must be afforded only the most courteous treatment, no matter what evil they may do; to do less, will cause the curse of God to descend on this country, or so their religious leaders aver…They are very careful not to tell their parishioners that Abraham was a Hebrew, not a Jew and that there were no people known as Jews on the Bible scene, until Kings 16:6, about 1200 years after the time of Abraham, and here we find them fighting against Israel.

The contention that God has blessed America because we have been kind to the Jews, is a falsehood, easily proven so. There has been no time in America’s history, when this country has gone down hill faster, in every facet of our national life – economically, politically, militarily and spiritually – than in the years since 1948, when we first recognized the right of International Zionism to steal the land of Palestine from it’s rightful owners, and establish a Jewish State on this stolen ground.

It is quite possible that we are seeing the culmination of a curse men mentioned in 2 Chronicles 19:2, which is never quoted by our ministers. It says: “Shouldest thou help the un-Godly? and love them that hate the Lord; therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord.” Today we see good Christians, as they deny the truth spoken by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 5:11, when he said: “. . . have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them (expose).” 1 John 2:23, 23 tells Christians who the anti-Christ is. It is anyone who denies Jesus Christ. This person cannot have the Father. Then in 2 John 10, 11, John specifically warns Christians to have nothing whatsoever to do with these antiChrists, for if they do they become “partakers in their evil deeds.” This argument from the Scriptures should pretty well cover the attitude of any honest Christian who believes the Bible, yet who wants to fellowship with Jews.”


Judeo-Christian Heritage Is A Hoax

The following are extracts from the book A Chronology of the International Conspiracy To Form the New World Order by Willie Martin.

”The Jews are not Israelites, but are the descendants of the Khazars of Eastern Russia.”

“The occult, worshipers of Lucifer, used the cross as its sacred symbol. Now do we understand why our Savior, Jesus the Christ, died on a cross or upright stake or obelisk? It was Satan’s symbol!”

”Masons are in actuality worshiping Satan (Lucifer)… the pyramid and its all seeing eye was first printed on the U.S. dollar bill in the 1930s at the insistence of the Jewish President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Mason, and his vice-president, Henry Wallace.”

“The Origin Of The Jews “It is highly probable that the bulk of the Jew’s ancestors ‘never’ lived in Palestine ‘at all,’

“Judeo-Christian Heritage Is A Hoax: It appears there is no need to belabor the absurdity and fallacy of the “Judeo-Christian heritage” fiction, which certainly is clear to all honest theologians… Rabbi Eliezar Berkowitz, chairman of the department of Jewish philosophy, at the Hebrew Theological College… wrote: “As to dialogue in the purely theological sense, nothing could be more fruitless or pointless. Judaism is Judaism because it rejects Christianity; and Christianity is Christianity because it rejects Judaism.

What is usually referred to as the Jewish-Christian traditions exists only in Christian or secularist fantasy.”… And the fantasy exists in Christian and Secularist minds only because it was implanted there by the persistent propaganda of the masters of intrigue of the ADL-AJC Network… “I can’t allow the word anti-Semitism to be used,” he is quoted as saying, “Anti-Judaist, that’s what I am.”

“The Bible It is amazing how many millions of Christians over the centuries have poured over the pages of the Holy Bible without taking note of a fundamental truth: The Bible is a book written by, for, and about Israelites. And by this we do not mean the Jews for they are no part of Israel… The Bible is inseparably linked to the people who comprise the anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and kindred family in the earth…”


Christianity Vs Judeo-Christianity (The Battle for Truth)  by Malcolm Ross (1987)

A Prepared Lecture by Malcolm Ross, Executive Director of the Maritime Branch of the Christian Defence League of Canada.

“I believe the greatest enemy Christianity faces is that which Jesus Christ referred to in His warning. “Beware of the leaven of the pharisees.” I hope to show that the religion he warned about is alive and well today, and that it has been joined to Christianity in the most unusual of unions, forming what is known as Judeo-Christianity… Not many years ago we declared ourselves to be a Christian nation and part of Western Christian Civilisation. Now we have replaced “Christian” with Judeo-Christian and with this new union we see an entirely different society coming into being. This is the society of the “New Morality” and the one dominated by the philosophy of Secular Humanism…

I also quote from the Jewish encyclopedia and from the English translation of the Babylonian Talmud, published in 1935 by Soncino Press, London…

Rabbi Adolph Moses states, “Yet neither in biblical nor post-biblical, neither in Talmudic, nor in much later times is the term Judaism ever heard… It was Flavius Josephus… who coined the term Judaism, in order to pit it against Hellenism… It was only in comparitively recent times, after the Jews became familiar with modern Christian literature, that they began to name their religion Judaism

Rabbi Bokser writes, “… that Judaism is the religion of the Hebrew Bible. It is of course a fallacious impression.” He again contends, “Judaism is not the religion of the Bible.” A Jewish paper writes, “Fundamentally, Judaism is anti-Christian.”

A Jewish encyclopedia declares, “The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent without a break, through all the centuries, from the pharisees… The TALMUD is the largest and most important single piece of that literature… and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism.”… “The Talmud is to this today the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion.”…

the Talmud was not written for many centuries after the Christian Church came into existence… there is much in it that is viciously anti-Christ and anti-Christian… no other religion attacks the person and teachings of Jesus Christ… yet this is the religion we hyphenate with the Faith that bears His Name!…

Regarding non-Jews, the Talmud teaches that non-Jews have no property rights, and their possessions are “like unclaimed land in the desert”…

But what do these Jews plan to do with those who expose the truth? In their manual of Jewish laws it is written, “It is permitted to kill a Jew denunciator everywhere. It is permitted to kill him before he has denounced.”…

I trust not all Jews are in accord with the policies of these Rabbis or of the Talmud, and certainly some Jewish scholars have spoken out against them. No one should be ashamed to openly proclaim his religious beliefs or to defend them…

Some of you might be saying, “I can’t accept what you say, because t would destroy my faith in the Bible. All my life I have been told that the Jews are God’s chosen people, and now you ask me to believe that they are instead the enemies of Christ.”… It might help to know that the obsession of the Christian church with the Jews as the chosen people is a fairly recent phenomenon, and can correspond fairly closely with the rise of Zionism in the later part of the 19th century. This can cause justifiable speculation that there was Jewish involvement in the spread of this theory…Henry Barrow, four years before his martyrdom in 1593, wrote, “This is the Christian Church, not the false bride, Judeo-Christianity.”

… the planned destruction of all Christian nations by a worldwide conspiracy… the planned wars and destructive monetary policies of these same planners of a New World Order.

There are many caught in this web of deceit known as Judeo-Christianity, and you may be one of them.”

The following is an extract from The-Collected Works of Col. Jack Mohr:

“A JEW SPEAKS OUT! (A brief summary of Dr. Benjamin Freedman’s book FACTS ARE FACTS. Must reading for every concerned Christian.) by Brig. Gen. Jack Mohr C.P.D.L. National Defense Coordinator Civilian Emergency Defense System

Many Christians are utterly confused by what is happening in the world today. Much of this confusion is coming from the pulpits… There is probably no area where this is more evident than in modern church teaching regarding a people we today call “Jews” and who have been held up to most Christians, as being the “Chosen People of God, the People of the Book.”

An honest study of the teachings of Judaism, and especially their holy book The Babylonian Talmud will reveal that they are the most deadly enemies of God, His Christ, and the Christian church. They have advanced far in their plan to destroy Christian civilization and the freedom it has brought to the world…

This booklet was not written to make you hate the Jews. It was prayerfully prepared, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, to show you the truth…. My task is to warn you of dangers we face. What you do with this warning will be between you and God. Some day you will be required to answer for what you learn in this booklet. There will be no excuses then! So if you want the truth – READ ON! If you are afraid to know the truth, stop reading right now, for you are going to be tremendously disturbed! The historical facts revealed in this booklet provide incontestible proofs that their continued suppression will be harmful to the security of America, the peace of the world, the welfare of humanity, the progress of Civilization and the cause of Jesus Christ and His Coming Kingdom.

Most of the information you read will not come from the author, but from an original source, a Jew, who during his lifetime, spent a personal fortune of over $2-million to bring these frightening facts to the attention of the American people. This man was not a Jewish American, whose loyalty was to the “bastard state of the Israeli” in Palestine. He was an American Jew, who had been converted to Christianity and who loved Jesus Christ and the United States of America. Laboring under almost unbelievable odds, hated by his own people, vilified by Christians who should have known better, Dr. Benjamin Freedman literally “burned himself out”, materially and physically, to warn Christians and this nation of the danger posed by his own people, the Jews…



KERITHUTH (6b, p.78) – “Jews are called men; Christians are not men.”

MAKKOTH (7b) – “A Jew is innocent of murder if he intended to kill a Christian.”

ZOHAR (II, Mb) – “Christian birthrate must be diminished materially.” (Could this have anything to do with the fact that in America, most of the doctors running the Abortion Clinics are Jews? – ED.)

SCABBATH (I 16a) – “Talmudists agree that Christian books, such as the Bible should be burned.”

CHAGIGAH, 15b – “A Jew is to be considered good, no matter what sins he may commit.”

IORE DEA (148) – “Always hide your hatred of Christians.”

BABHA BATHRA (54b) – “Christian property belongs to the first Jew claiming it.”

BABHA KAMA (I 13b) – “It is permitted to deceive Christians.”

BABHA KAMA (I 13a) – “A Jew may lie in court to condemn a Christian.”

ZOHAR (I, 60a) – “Jews must always try and deceive Christians.”

HILKKOTH AKUM (X, I) – “Do not save a Christian in danger of death.”

SANHEDRIN (59a) – “Even the best of the goyim should be killed.”

ZOHAR (II, 43a) – “Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice.”

These are but a few of thousands of like references.”

Additional books on this subject are listed at and include:

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