My twitter account has been unjustly suspended for posting publicly available information about the official EU MHRA Covid vaccine side effects database tender which states “expected high volume of Covid vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions” i.e. side effects harmful to human health

My twitter account can however still be viewed here:

Mark Keenan (@SustainIreland) / Twitter


The MHRA urgently seeks a tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs). They already know this vaccine is harmful to human health.


Furthermore, this is a list of the number of millions of animals poisoned, tortured, and killed by astra zeneca :

And that’s only figures for one of these pharmaceutical companies.

Religious and political leaders who are promoting vaccines are completely irresponsible.

Regarding the other so-called ‘vaccines’, this is a simple explanation of the difference between traditional vaccines and the covid 19 mRNA by Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Coronavirus is in the family of flues and colds. They are not dangerous to anyone except those who have serious health-threatening issues.

The world’s population does not required to be vaccinated against the cold or the flu which is simply the body’s own way of detoxifying.

Certainly the world does not require to be shut down.

The death figures for 2020 were no different than in previous years, but as a result of this ‘vaccination’ program we shall certainly see a much larger increase in deaths and injuries.

The ‘vaccines’ were not created as a response to a pandemic; the ‘plandemic’ was created to give people the genocide injection.

When death rates and illnesses start rising in the next few years they will blame it on a more deadly strain of covid 19. But the actual cause will be the full-on assault on people’s natural immune system.

This is the moment when Kill Gates and his wife smirk as he says “We have to prepare for the next one…that will get attention this time”

(3 minute video) Why would anyone smirk and smile with glee at the prospect of the next ‘pandemic’? These people are psycho. Yet many deluded religious leaders are promoting this agenda of vaccination.

The evil doers behind this agenda are subject to punishment by God and by good people. Millions of people see through this fake pandemic agenda to inject billions of vaccines (and millions more are seeing the truth each day) and those responsible are being exposed and it is inevitable they are brought to justice. See also the legal challenge taking place in Germany by Dr. Reiner Fullmich

“The Corona Scandal: The Greatest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed” by Dr. Reiner Füllmich