Maybe this helps to undo the fear a bit…


Maybe this helps to undo the fear a bit…

In 2020, 1.8 Million people died from or with Covid19.

This is 0.023% of the world population.

During the same year the population grew by 1.05% and 130 Million baby’s where born.

Between January 2020 and March 15th 2021, 2,6 Million people have died from or with Covid19. (PCR positive)

In 2017, 2.56 Million people died of Pneumonia (0.034% OurWorldInData)

Each year about 17.9 Million people die of Cardiovascular disease (0.23% WHO)

Around 9 Million people die yearly of hunger & hunger related diseases

(0.16% theWorldCount)

10 Million people die of cancer yearly (WHO)

1.35 Million people die in road traffic crashes. (WHO)

Smoking/Tobacco kills around 8 Million people yearly. (WHO)

Suicide 1.5 Million (2020)

Tuberculosis 1,4 Million (WHO)

Diabetes 1.6 Million (2016 WHO)

Yearly over 1 Million children are reported missing (ICMEC)

Live expectancy

Ireland: 82.35 years

USA: 78.93

Switzerland: 83.84

Median age of Covid deaths

Ireland: 83 (HPSC/HSE)

USA: 78 (CDC)

Switzerland: 86 (BAG)

Nicanor Perlas speak out

See the soundcloud link below for his podcast