List of Deceptions


Environmental UNtruths: The Truth is Climate Change is not caused by Carbon Emissions / The Truth about Desertification


The Sustainable Development Deception


Health Danger of Smartphones / WIFI / 5G / Smartmeters


The Vaccine Deception: The Truth is Vaccines can Seriously Harm Health


The Banking Deception



The problem of Government and Taxes


BBC reports WTC 7 Collapsed BEFORE it Collapsed (video for those people that still do not realise the corporate owned media just does what ever they are told by the criminal cabal running media, banking, politics etc)


Proof that the pandemic was planned with a purpose


Over 60 million Christians were killed by Communist leaders in Russia and Asia – What really happened in WW2 ? – interesting documentaries


My twitter account has been unjustly suspended for posting publicly available information about the official EU MHRA Covid vaccine side effects database tender which states “expected high volume of Covid vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions” i.e. side effects harmful to human health


Video of IRL government covid committee proves deaths are recorded as covid whether or NOT the people died of covid. Covid death numbers are incorrect.


Actual letters from multiple governments under Freedom of Information state there is no proof that covid 19 even exists. See enclosed records stating it has never been isolated.


PCR Lab Visit: Scientists Explain Why COVID Tests are “Garbage”


Portuguese court rules PCR tests are unreliable, unlawful “evidence” of alleged Covid-19 infections



False and deceptive UN and WEF narratives on Corona/Reset/Agenda 2030 – all part of the one world government agenda of control


“The Corona Scandal: The Greatest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed” by Dr. Reiner Füllmich