Lies and illusions in corporate owned mass media

The illusion of truth in corporate mass media has become very common. Distortions of truth, lies and conditioning of your thoughts via corporate media culture and advertising is a world-wide commonplace reality. TV network news, films, press, what we are ‘told’ in history books by the winners of wars (rewriting what actually happened), music industry influencing young people etc. People are conditioned daily by TV programmes (to program your mind), endless mass media entertainment to distract you with ‘weapons of mass distraction’.

Over the course of decades the consequence of this corporate control to dictate what is true and what is not has created a society of ideologies rather than truth. A certain ideology or statement is presented as truth and anyone who dares to question that so called truth is then ridiculed by the media and may become a social outcast amongst his or her corporate peers.

An example of a media created illusion is the war on terrorism: An enemy has to be continually created so that the US government and its allies can justify its invasions for resources such as oil and control of foreign markets. The western corporate media were bombarding the public with the need to invade Iraq for months before the invasion – yet we were lied to as Iraq actually had no weapons of mass destruction and were not responsible for what is known as 911. We were told incessantly for months by all the corporate owned mass media networks about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq yet the weapons inspectors found nothing.  We were told the war was to bring democracy to the Iraq, but in reality the US government was gaining control of oil resources and establishing a permanent military outpost in the Middle East.

The lie of 911: An obvious untruth that was spread to the population of the world was what happened on 9/11. The events of 9/11 were used as a pretext by the U.S. government to launch a large scale war and bombing against various countries in the middle east. However, the official story about the collapse of the World Trade Center that was distributed by the mainstream corporate owned media has been shown to erroneous at best and deceiptful at worse.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is a group of over 3,000 architects and engineers that have by technical analysis shown that the massive steel structure of the buildings could not have simply collapsed due to a plane crash. Furthermore, BBC television made a blunder on the morning of 9/11 by reporting that Building 7 had also collapsed, yet in the background out the window Building 7 can be seen still standing, the building then later collapsed in a manner similar to the collapse of the Twin Towers – i.e. a manner clearly resembling a controlled demolition (see Endnote [i] for references and links related to this topic). The persons responsible for creating this event and the large scale media lie that surrounds it is a subject in which the official story has also been cast into serious doubt by various researchers.

[i]  The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is available at:

The BBC report describing the collapse of Building 7 is available at: