Is Government Your God? Is Fake Science Your God? How Can We Escape the Matrix?

The fabricated institutional matrix is a system of deception and domination

We were born into a soul-killing system – a matrix of institutional political and financial control. Consider the events of recent times: a fake pandemic, orchestrated wars, communism under a cloak of climate change policy and UN Agenda 2030, etc. Meanwhile, corporate controlled news pushes a freedom-killing agenda building a deceptive jail house for the mind. One could be forgiven for thinking we have been living on a prison planet.

The UN, the World Health Organisation, the World Economic Forum (also known as the Davos Group), the World Bank, the US Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group, etc. are international unelected unaccountable organisations, and are all parts of the one politico-corporate institutional power base that was established by the financial powers that intentionally orchestrated the mass death and destruction that was World War II. This Censored History is evidenced by over 100 historical books on the subject that you won’t find in your local bookstore or library.

These structures act as implementation and marketing tools for the agendas of a group of power-hungry financial elites that have assumed control of almost everything via control of the money creation system. All these institutions, at the top level, are just clever political mechanisms for implementing and maintaining a corrupt worldwide system of so-called elite power and control of society, under the clever guise of ‘fixing the problems of the world’.

Analysis in this book indicates that this entire super structure is majority owned and controlled by a cartel of privately owned mega-banks. All national governments are dependent on this international banking/financial cartel for debt-money loans, i.e., and are thus subservient to the source of debt-money creation; and are ideologically and politically subservient to the UN super-structure.

The revolving door of national politics is simply a meaningless election of who will the next manager of a ‘national corporation’ that does not have the interests of the people at heart – quite the opposite. Look at the scenes in Ireland currently where the government is actively discriminating against the people in that land, see this article. The valiant protestors are right to stand for their interests.

Many people complain about government, yet they still accept government authority as their ‘God’ thinking that the next election will change things. The harsh reality is that in 2024 all governments are simply registered corporations – parts of this world corporate-communist matrix. Therefore, protesting to government is most likely to fall on deaf ears. Government will invariably do what it has been told to by the ulteriors that control the world debt-money financial system (upon which governments function). Elected politicians are little more than temporary cogs in that system. The instructions come externally from the EU, the UN, et al.


Fake science

Bogus godless science is also part of this ideological hegemony. The unpalatable reality is that economic and scientific tricks, used by this new world order group to increase their own economic power/control over world society. These scientific tricks include fake climate science; and a virology wrong turn conveniently used to launch bogus pandemics and foist vaccine mandates worldwide. Communist control ideology; monopoly capitalism; along with corporate, banking, political, and media control, and are the everyday tools of this group. They created and own this current world corporate system because they have owned the process of money creation itself for the past century, they have been funding, or defunding, whatever agenda they choose.

Meanwhile, the ulteriors, such as the families and secret societies that have historical ownership and control of the world’s mega-banks/mega-corporations and debt-money creatin process remain hidden from public view. The world private banking cartel has fashioned a dominator matrix of control and ideological subversion. In 2023, this dictatorship of words spans government, banking, corporate media, education, geo-politics, and the corporate/economic world.

Why give authority to a government or corporation that is spinning fake science and lies? The misplaced belief in government authority has replaced belief in original divine authority. There are countless ways in which free people can easily work for the mutual benefit of themselves and society without governments getting in the way. The only real authority is God, not the flawed corrupted manmade corporate and political power systems that are dominated by certain ‘groups’ to further their own power.


Democracy will not make things better

Democracy will not make things better – it is a divide and conquer/control trick. Modern democracy itself is a joke, a divide and conquer trick, the real power lies beyond the revolving door of elected politicians with the money masters. Democracy is there to provide talking points and mirages. The world doesn’t work that way, and the ruling elites know it, that’s why they love the ‘democratic’ parties of the ‘media manufactured’ left and right fighting against each other. Divide et impera = democracy! The reality in 2022 is that representative democracy under the debt-money system, is an illusion, it is a road to nowhere – it is money that controls the world. Over the decades the financial power of the money-masters translated into political power.

The democratic system is broken and unfixable because those that control the money creation process wield the power to control the corporate media, steer international political policy and own the material world, regardless of which political party is elected, or which system is utilised, capitalism, socialism, communism, etc. The left versus right divide is a divide created and fostered by the financialists who control both the so-called left and the so-called right.  The real divide is not left versus right, it is between the manipulators and the manipulated – between the power seeker and the freedom lovers. The following is an interesting quote from an interview with Emanuel Pastreic, see Endnote [i].

“: …  the billionaires paid off a group of people to push this neo-progressive neo-Marxist ideology of identity politics… The same people at BlackRock, or Cisco, or Facebook, or Google who are funding the corrupt parts of Black Lives Matter, ordering them to push this gender blending, race-based, fake ideological struggle, are the same people who are funding the Trump people and their MAGA (Make America Great Again) groups, those who are attacking immigrants as the threat to America without identifying the real problem of global finance. The Trump people are not any more right, or wrong, than those on the other side. They’re totally right to see how immigration is used to destroy the lives of ordinary Americans. Where they’re wrong, or where they miss the point, is that they don’t see how global financial institutions are investing in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina so as to destroy the local economies of those countries and to force people to move to the United States as part of this strategy to destroy the lives of workers in both places so that the billionaires can emerge all-powerful. Both sides, the left and the right, have become part of a puppet show these days.”  – Emanuel Pastreich

In these times, democracy is just the election of the latest political figure heads, the ins-become-the-outs and the outs-become-the-ins, none of whom have any real power. Ego-driven political personalities squabble with each other like barking dogs – just like with dogs, asking them to stop barking is pretty pointless. Many are subservient to, not the people, but to ‘special financial interests’ – if they were to actually declare these interests their suits they would be chequered with multiple corporate logos.

People have been conditioned to participate in democratic elections, which amount to begging the ulterior authorities to please be nicer. As long as this remains the case, people arguing over which political party puppet should be in power is akin to shuffling the deckchairs on the titanic.

There are various politicians seeking to get elected in order to change the government or the change the system, but do they realise what are they seeking to get elected to. They are getting elected to be the newest cog in the wheel of a demonic control system – a political structure that was set up by the demons – the cogs may be replaced but the wheel keeps turning. Good people thinking they are going to change the system maybe be valiant and sincere, however, it invariably amounts to (pardon the expression used in Ireland) ‘pissing against the wind’. I spent a year as an active member of a political party in government in 2009/2010 and that was my conclusion. Yet each must follow his inclination for he is forced to by his nature.


Are governments the enemy of freedom?

A government only exists in your mind – governments do not ‘actually’ exist. Sure, the buildings and people exist, and manmade rules have been written down. However, government is simply a concept, the word ‘govern’ means control, and the word ‘mental’ means your mind. The word ‘governmental’ literally means ‘control of your mind’, and governments are nothing more than an attempted ‘spell’ to control your mind via the ‘spelling’ of written rules. The following is an excerpt from an interesting online video presentation titled the ‘Myth of Authority’:

“government is the ridiculous idea that some people can have the moral right to rule everyone else and make it okay for them to boss around the sectors of population under threat of force… the idea that we need to give a group of people (governments) permission to forcibly rob us (via taxes) and control us (via government restrictions and huge police forces) so that they can protect us from those few private individuals who might possibly in the future forcibly rob and control us is ridiculous… and yet most people believe exactly that… that we need government the biggest thug and thieve around to protect us from thugs and thieves.”

There are ways to easily prove that government cannot possibly be legitimate, for example, if you do not have the right to rob your neighbour on your own or tell your neighbour what they can and cannot do, then you cannot possibly give that right to some public official, not can anyone else. Belief in government authority over others is a dangerous superstition. The presentation goes on to say that:

“The only thing that so-called authority is needed for is…  to try to authorize and legitimize acts that if done by normal people would be wrong, in other words so-called authority is nothing more than permission to do bad things… every soldier, every law enforcer, every tax collector, and every bureaucrat of every country…believes that they aren’t to blame for robbing, harassing assaulting, or even murdering… because so-called authority told them to… authority is the most dangerous superstition in the world…  it is only about whose agenda, opinion, and values will be forced on everyone else… to volunteer to be the slave of a political ruling class in the hope that it will do what you want and make the world what you wish it was, is simply insane.”

[Aside: There is another major flaw in majority-rules democracy i.e., why should the majority have the right to make rules for the minority? especially if the majority have been led to believe in false ideologies by a corporate owned media? This amounts to a divide and conquer system.]


A satanic consciousness directing the CO2, Covid, and other hoaxes

For those people who have little or no spiritual knowledge or realization, and who are generally absorbed in the materialistic society, the message that a ‘satanic influence’ or ‘satanic consciousness’ is controlling the top echelons of the world’s political, corporate and economic power structures is of such magnitude that it is quickly dismissed or certainly not easily understood or accepted. In March 2020, as the entire world grinded to a halt in the face of the covid-19 scare, most people had no idea of the deep significance of the events taking place – that this was a deceptive demoniac attempt to takeover and control the entirety of world society. Yet the bulk of society having accepted ‘government’ as their God simply accepted the narrative and queued up to get jabbed with ‘experimental’ vaccines.


They foolishly accepted ‘government’ and ‘science’ as their King – as their God

The smokescreen of the Climate Co2 Hoax and the Covid hoax enabled the godless forces to further control the world’s people and resources. Those souls that went along with the deceptive narrative had accepted ‘government’ and ‘modern science (infused with fake science)’ as their God – only problem is these are false Gods. It follows that the actual devotees of God should not naively trust the official government narrative, or blindly accept the so-called remedial measures to the fake climate catastrophe or next fake pandemic.

In our own life-time we have lived under a political hierarchy, which though pertaining to be made of individual and autonomous nation states, is actually a one world government controlled by the world banking cartel and its mega-corporations. In 2024, all nations states are corporations and are thus simply part of the one world government superstructure.  If you think you are part of a ‘nation’ then you a slave that is owned – you have been conned into living within a cage that your mind has accepted. Obviously people exist, obviously different races of people exist, and obviously different geographical locations, different lands and islands exist. Yet, nations do not exist, a nation is a political fabrication to control you via government, taxes, debt-money, and bondage to that system via the ‘registered’ birth certificate, see also this book.

This hierarchy has stealthily introduced a poisonous atheistic ideology, an artificial monetary system that has caused economic enslavement to billions of people through-out the world, and a perpetual war machine which has caused death and injury to hundreds of millions of people through-out the world; it is a system which has introduced mass abortion, mass animal killing, illicit sex, gambling, and intoxication; it is a system that has introduced genetically modified foods, chemtrails, herbicides and pesticides, fluoridated water, toxic pharmaceuticals and vaccines, widespread ecological destruction, etc.; the list goes on and on. Though individual politicians have been replaced by others, the same system of government has continued.

Through various networks, such servants of the government matrix are placed in positions of leadership, power, and influence, and then enact laws that allow society to become degraded, weak, easily controllable, and unable to perceive the nature of their material and spiritual captivity.

Our living reality has been co-opted into a godless political world regime. However, God-conscious souls have no need to fear as the perceived power of evil does not compare to the much greater and infinite power of God Himself. It is an awakening of God-consciousness that will help each individual soul to bypass the godless aspects of society. Without God it is just the blind leading the blind.

Those souls that have neglected God have accepted what their bogus governmental or scientific king says. [Aside: The issue runs also deeper than government, for many people have also accepted bogus and corrupted religious institutions that have claimed to be representatives of God, the self-appointed middle-men between you and God, see also this book.]

The souls that have given away their God-given freedom – they will getted vaxxed,  they will foolishly buy an eco-car to “save the planet”, they will take toxic pharmaceuticals, and they will tell their children the bizarre story that humanity evolved from monkeys (rather than tell them that God is our father and creator). See also this book for evidence that Darwinian evolution is another hoax that has been foisted upon the world.

They will do what their bogus king tells them to do, and if not, the demoniac king will try to force them. Living free souls know that they are children of God alone and that God is the real authority, not communist-type governments. They know they are not the legal fiction of a birth certificate cleverly bonded in tax paying servitude as collateral on unpayable national debt, whilst government tells them how to live their life.


Choose the Real God – God Protects His Devotees

You can’t prove the existence of God to someone who has chosen to believe that there is no God. Those people that choose the government, the UN, fake scientific narratives, or a corrupted ‘religious organisation’ as their God will be subject to the dictates of those demoniac forces. It is folly to give away authority over oneself to such forces – the mistake is to neglect the true eternal God for only God has real authority.

God is everywhere, God exists in the smallest atom and in the warmth of the sun, God exists as a friend and father to us all. He is in our heart and is hoping we will return to be with Him.

Crucially, God is not a manmade organisation/institution. The demoniac paedophilia that has been exposed within manmade religious institutions exemplifies this. A deeper story is how original Christianity, the original movement of Lord Jesus Christ, was hijacked and subverted by institutional political forces seeking to advance their own power and empire, see this book.


Excerpt from a poem by Red Willow (American poet)

“You breathe the air, it wasn’t made in a factory.

You feel the sunshine on your face, you feel the cold wind coming your way.

This is Life, did you forget? That you need real human interaction.

You need all these things that can’t be obtained from a screen.

The scientists and the machines can’t manufacture reality even though they foolishly try.

The virtual world is limited and will never compare to the infinite spiritual sky.

…reclaim your life. Remember what you are actually dependent on, And give thanks.”


If we really want to protect ourself then we should surrender to the controller – to God Himself. There is no other way out of all this. Demons control those who accept false gods, but they cannot control God’s devotees – that is the real law. The 5,000-year-old Vedic scripture the Bhagavad Gita, see Endnote [ii], states the world is in Kali-yuga, an era of degradation in which the demons are in control of the planet. The solution, it is stated, in all authentic scriptures of the world, is to surrender to God, to align ourself with God, and to lead a God-conscious life. Surrender to God is an active process and an ‘internal’ process. God sees all.

All authentic scriptures of the world tell us that we are an eternal soul currently in a body. Like a person driving a car – sooner or late the car wears out and the person must get a new car, so it is with the body. Yet, an intelligent person must wonder: If I am an eternal soul, why was I placed in a body that was born and will soon enough die? Srila Prabhupada (a great saint in the tradition of Vedic Vaishnavism, a process of devotion to God and His Holy Names) asserted that this world is a kind of prison for those who do not accept God’s authority, whereas those who are not jealous of God will live in God’s spiritual kingdom.

Who thinks they are fighting the demons of the world yet does not give devotion and thanks to God? If you deny the existence of God then who is the demon?


Author: Mark Keenan, is a former scientist at the UK Government Dept. of Energy and Climate Change, and at the United Nations Environment Division. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is author of the following books available on

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