Gravitas: Pfizer’s abusive vaccine deals – and a documentary with world experts on the potential detrimental consequences of taking the vaccine.



This is an extract from letter I received:

“We have been working on valuable information about the Covid vaccine… We know that everyone wants to travel…. We want to alert you to the Cure for Covid as well as to some of the issues around the vaccine.
There are a few tried and tested protocols which are a cure for Covid:
1. Ivermectin protocol: We have devotee doctors who have used it to treat Covid patients successfully
2. Hydroxychloroquin protocol- prophylactic
3. Vitamin D high dose
We have prepared a documentary with world experts, Nobel Laureates, professionals, scientists, doctors who are the top of their professions. These experts are offering alternatives to the vaccine and alerting us to some of the potential consequences of taking the vaccine.
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The Last Inch:
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