Graphene oxide vaccine poison evidence 99% and other interesting weblinks

Graphene oxide vaccine poison evidence 99%

The following in an interesting email I received from ssedition:

"Many of us have heard of the 'Magnet Challenge' but now here comes the 'UV Light Challenge' !!!
Please watch the following video, in which La Quinta Columna talks about the photoluminescence properties of graphene (do not worry about the language, as Spanish has been subtitled):

La Quinta Columna Photoluminescence Properties of Graphene

Vaxxed people will glow under a small Ultra Violet lamp! I am still shocked... and I'm sure you will be if you haven't heard of this yet. So now, nobody needs to be a graduated MD to figure out whether someone got jabbed. There are many options available: either a small magnet, an RF meter, a pet microchip reader (?) and now a UV lamp will do the job... inconceivable! By the way, for those who still think that a monstruous 'Spike Protein' shed or spread by vaccinated people is a threat to the unvaccinated, I'm sorry to say that you have been misled as the manipulation has been endemic. Just like an 18 year-old was saying back in May, "There are no contagious proteins, just like there are no contagious vitamins." - before Dr Luis Marcelo Martinez recorded the following. 

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: 'The Spike protein doesn't exist'

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: The S-protein is graphene inside your body “spiking” you’

All these vaccines are made of a staggering 98 to 99% of graphene oxide.
At last we have finally solved the equation: Graphene oxide + 5G = COVID-19 !!!
PS/ If you consider buying a small UV torch, make sure that it says "365 nm" in wavelength on the product description (see here)."