Examining the difference between God teachings and modern-day religious instutions

I hesitant to raise aspects/potential issues within the Catholic church as it is a huge complex subject.

So I sincerely hope that if I raise some of my concerns about the institution of the church that I do not offend you the reader in any way. If I do so unintentionally please accept my apologies. As I said before there are of course many very good people in the church.

In relation to the institution of the Roman Catholic Church – in my humble opinion there are issues that are of concern over the history of the institution – that history is over 2000 years – thus there are various issues and questions historically in my humble opinion.

I will refer to 2 or 3 aspects below that are of concern from my humble perspective.

Church going Christians  raise a very important topic, i.e.,  the church as vehicle to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ.

It unfortunately appears to me that the current Roman Catholic Church is now removed in various ways from the original early authentic church (vehicle) and doctrine of Jesus Christ that was prevalent in the first few hundred years after Jesus.

Alterations to Church Scripture/ the original doctrine of Jesus Christ over the centuries

For example, the Church Council of Nicea in 325 AD made changes to the doctrine of the original doctrine/teachings of Jesus Christ.

It appears that, various aspects of Biblical / Christian scripture have been adjusted or mistranslated or lost their original meaning over the past 20 centuries – Jesus spoke in Aramaic this was later translated to Greek and later to English – the argument has been made by various researchers, priests, theologians and honest followers of Jesus Christ that alterations to the scriptures have been made by a small number of “non-ideal / bad people” (it appears to be that they were Freemasons that infiltrated the church) within the institutional structure to suit personal and institutional (Freemasonry) aims of politics, power and control – not aligned with the original doctrine of Jesus Christ.

This appears to have been done not just in Roman Catholicism but in all religions – thus the need to refer to original scripture. According to some authors the common thread appears to be the upper echelons of the satanic (atheistic) Freemasonry (not the commonplace levels which are not involved in such nefarious activities) which has infiltrated all major political, religious and banking organisations as well as media – to subvert, water down and distort the original teachings of God – while their media cohorts etc promoted an atheistic society.

This is why in my humble opinion the original scriptural words are so important.

Other questions are relevant – for example:

Why has the institution of the church not allowed the teaching/dissemination of the Christian Gnostic Gospels / Gnostic scriptures, these important scriptures describe the early church of Jesus Christ and its teachings and make first hand references to Jesus and his teachings, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, the teachings of the Judaic Essenes (various historical sources refer to Jesus as an Essene).

The Gnostic and Dead Sea Scriptures were originally part of the Christian Literary tradition but were later considered heretical by the Institution of the Roman Catholic Church (so I have to ask the question why?), in the past it appears to have been highly selective in its promulgation of certain scripture – much original Christian scripture has been kept from the general population.

Over the centuries the Church has kept these scriptures and teachings out from Christian doctrine and from being disseminated to the general population, along with introducing the alterations evident in modern Biblical doctrine. Early church councils especially the First Council of Nicea in 325 AD changed many points of doctrine and Jesus’s missing 18 years were expunged.

Various religious scholars have come to the conclusion that the important information about Jesus Christ and his teachings did not coincide with the institutional aims of those freemasons in power at the Institution back in those chaotic power-hungry times of many centuries ago. (It is an important question in mu humble opinion) i.e., why is 18 years of the life of Jesus Christ the son of God missing from the modern-day Bible?)

Are we true followers and devotees of Jesus Christ the son of God? or do we put the words of those who control religious institutions above those of Jesus Christ ?

(In my humble opinion do not research such topics on Wikipedia because there is deliberate distortion on cabal-controlled Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, etc).

Whatever the truth of these questions, for such reasons (it appears to me) our pure intention to love God is ever important as God sees “all”.

Whatever the truth about such questions about the institution of the church – in light of such questions – I note and encourage the importance /relevance of the word ‘Christ’ – Christ is a name – therefore it involves the potential of a personal connection with God as you are calling his name. Giving devotion to Christ our Lord is very important and is non assailable i.e., using the word Christ has special importance. This aspect ensures a person can pray directly to God.

Also, the following is of concern from my research: “Atheistic secret societies”

I list below some quotes etc from some of the books and research from when I looked in to these questions over the years.

“It is a known fact that the previous incompatibility of Freemasonry and clerical policy is a thing of the past. What is of greater importance is that the Catholic Church has undergone major changes.”

This was stated was Salvador Allende, president of Chile, known to be a freemason, in an interview published by the New York Times, 27 October 1970,

For centuries, Christian churches, especially the catholic church had persecuted and condemned all forms of secret societies. Pope Clemence XII on 28 April 1737 declared “condemnation of the association and of secret reunions called Freemasons, the deed being published by an immediate ban”

Pope Pius VIII (1761-1830) issue an encyclical against Freemasonry, as did Pope Leo XIII in 1884. It was condemned as being an anti—Christian movement and literally satanic. The church and the Freemasons were literally in conflict/opposition – but over time the church became infiltrated by clerical members who belonged to freemasonry, some became cardinals. For example, Giovanni Mastai-Ferretti was a member of the Freemason Great Lodge of Italy while being cardinal.

Mary ball Martinez, correspondent at the Vatican for many years, reports in her book “The Undermining of the catholic Church” that Cardinal Roncalli who later became Pope John XXIII paticipated in freemason meetings wearing civil clothes. This was confirmed by Carlos Vazquez a high level freemason in the Mexican paper Proceso (12 Oct 1992) stating the Roncalli and Montini were initiated into the freemason brotherhood and that is why many accomplishments of the Second Vatican Council are based on masonic principles.

The Italian magazine O.P (osservatore politico) published a list of 121 Vatican members who were connected to freemasonry, published 12 sept 1978. This was presented to Vatican Pope John Paul I. We don’t know how the Pope planned to react because on 28 September 1978 after 33 days (a masonic number the highest level in freemasonry) he died. In March 1979, Mino Pecorelli (the editor of the magazine that published the list) died – an undisputed assassination.

It appears that the war between the Freemason Lodge and the Church has been real.

Twenty high Vatican insiders who were part of a Judeo – Christian reform movement published a book in 1999 which became a number 1 bestseller in Italy – it attacks the spread of occultism in the church – referring to the “the unseen hand of freemasonry in the Vatican, in the centre of covert forces between high finance and high office.”

Archbishop Annibale Bugnini was connected to the Grand Freemason Lodge of Italy from whose Grandmaster he received monthly checks – this revealed in an investigation – a photograph of such a cheque was published in the 1975 in Italian magazines. This scandal resulted in him being transferred to Iran.

(It is also interesting that the Templars a powerful catholic order of their time were destroyed by armies of the French kind and the Pope in 1307 – some fled to Scotland etc. Freemasonry appears to have roots in these Templars which appears to have had originally good Godly principles – but over the centuries a satanic atheistic freemasonry evolved.)

So the entire story appears to be quite complex – as is most history.

Whatever the full truth about all these issues /questions, ultimately God will eventually restore divine harmony and eliminate all forms of the bad people in his own good way and all will reap the fruits of what they sow. None of us are without sin. Myself included.

I am hesitant to raise these topics – I am not worthy in any way to pass judgement on any of the above questions / issues / speculations – only God can do that as God sees all.