CO2 emissions do not cause climate change / desertification is not caused by livestock

The following examples are just a small selection of the available presentations and papers from the scientific community that disputes the IPPC assertion that the climate is radically changing and that it is due to manmade Co2 emissions. My opinion is that these scientists are correct in stating that the IPCC assertions are incorrect – i.e. the truth is there is actually no evidence that the climate is changing due to Co2 emissions. My opinion on this subject may seem to be at odds with the aim of creating sustainability in the world, however, it appears to me that true environmentalism (i.e. eliminating actual of pollution of land, air and water and sustainability of resources) has been usurped over the past decades by the political agenda of manmade climate change.

The theory of manmade climate change has manifested implications in a political agenda of taxation that has been incessantly promoted for decades – this agenda has detracted and distracted significantly from peoples understanding of what real environmentalism is and involves.

The manmade climate change hoax would appear to an ideology without scientific evidence that is being utilised as a basis for the implementation of further taxing the people of the world – in this way it is a form of control further limiting peoples financial wellbeing and limiting people’s access to fossil fuel energy. If manmade climate change were a real issue then the vast militaries of the world powered by oil would be disbanded, international air travel would be abolished, oil driven industries would be disbanded etc. Yet what is happening is the man and woman on the street are being hit with the taxes – when in reality the general population use a comparatively small percentage of the fossils fuels being consumed compared to industry, military etc

The tragedy is that the climate change political agenda has detracted significantly from peoples understanding of what real environmentalism is and conditioned a whole generation with lies. The following are of note in the contentious subject of manmade climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions:

European Climate Declaration – There is No Climate Emergency. This a declaration (see Endnote [i]) by 500 scientists and academics that state that climate change is not due to manmade Co2 emissions.  The number has quickly increased to 750. A global network of 500 scientists and professionals has prepared this urgent message. Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address the uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real benefits as well as the imagined costs of adaptation to global warming, and the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of mitigation.

Michael A. Cremo Richard l. Thompson – The Hidden History of the Human Race 1998

The following is an excerpt:

“European Climate Declaration: There Is No Climate Emergency Date: 24/09/19 Press Release, Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL) As the latest U.N. climate summit begins in New York, a new, high-level global network of 500 prominent climate scientists and professionals has submitted a declaration that there is no “climate emergency”. The group has sent a European Climate Declaration with a registered letter to António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations. Professor Guus Berkhout of The Netherlands, who organized the Declaration, said: “So popular is the Declaration with scientists and researchers worldwide that signatories are flooding in not only from within Europe but also from other countries such as the United States and Canada, Australia and New Zealand.” The group’s letter warns the U.N. that “the general-circulation models of climate on which international policy is at present founded are unfit for their purpose”. The Declaration adds that the models, which have predicted far more warming than they should, “are not remotely plausible as policy tools”, in that “they … exaggerate the effect of greenhouse gases such as CO2” and “ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with CO2 is beneficial”.

[i] The European Climate Declaration – There is no Climate Emergency is available at:

Scientist Dr. Willie Soon in the presentation listed below shows the data that the International Panel on Climate Change do not show the general public, i.e., data that shows that temperatures in the USA were actually higher in the 1930s than they are today; the number of tornadoes in the USA is less today than in the 1970s when detailed records began; that the greenhouse effect in the world has flattened (is not increasing at all) from around 1992 to today around 1992 despite increased Co2; shows email communication evidence of the climate change advocate scientists of the IPCC that shows that they can’t account for the lack of global warming in their data sets; and the flaws in the IPCC climate models. Detractors will say that Dr. Soon has been funded by the fossil fuel industry, however, the amount of funding his research project received is tiny in comparison to vast funds that have been allocated to the IPPC and the promotion of the manmade climate change ideology across the world.  Dr. Willie Soon has demolished the extreme weather panic and other hysterical arguments in lectures that are available online (see Endnote [ii]).

[ii]  Dr. Willie Soon has demolishes the extreme weather panic and other hysterical arguments in the following lecture available at:

“..deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that Co2 from human industry was a dangerous plant destroying toxin. It will be remembered as a the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world – that Co2 the  life of plants was considered for a time to be a deadly poison.” – Professor Richard Linzen, MIT.

Professor Franco Battaglia has published a paper (see Endnote [iii]) stating that the EU’s energy policy of the last 20 years has been ‘dead wrong’. The following is an extract:

“AN OPEN LETTER TO THE MEMBERS OF THE EU’S PARLIAMENT SOARING ENERGY BILLS: A FAILURE OF THE EU By Franco Battaglia Professor of Chemical Physics and Environmental Chemistry Università di Modena, Italy. Introduction: The EU’s energy policy of the last 20 years has been dead wrong, to say the least. Here it is in a nutshell:1)It is based on the assumption that human activities have a bad influence on climate, mainly due to CO2 emissions.2) In order to reduce CO2 emissions several actions are needed: promote renewables, mainly sun and wind energy; promote energy saving; promote energy efficiency.3) All the above will have the beneficial side effect of creating jobs, thereby increasing wellness and providing prosperity; in a word, this is the green economy.

The purpose of this paper is to show you that the three items above are –all of them –wrong. In particular, I’ll show that:

1)Human activities have had no detectable impact on climate.

2)Most importantly –aside from the fact that even if they had an impact on climate (and they do not) it might even be beneficial –whatever the consequences on climate, reducingCO2 emissions will jeopardize our well being, our civilization, and even our own life. Enacting the EU policy could mean the death of millions and sentence billions of people in the developing world to lives of continued poverty and short lifespans: Securing energy, not climate, is the real problem mankind has to face.

3)Solar energy (specifically, wind and photovoltaic technologies) is a fraud and no CO2-emission reduction can be expected from them. Energy saving is the most dangerous maneuver we could make, and energy efficiency, as good to pursue as it might be, does not help in tackling our real problem.

4)Not by producing energy but by consuming energy jobs are created: the green economy is a scam.

Nature, not human activity rules the climate I am a member of the NIPCC (Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change). NIPCC has evaluated the same scientific literature at disposal of the more famous IPCC, which, together with Al Gore, received a Nobel Prize in 2007. It was a Nobel Price for Peace, not for Science. And, indeed, the members of the NIPCC, most of which are experienced and distinguished scientists, conclude that IPCC’s resolutions are scientifically very questionable”

[iii] Professor Franco Battaglia has published a paper stating that the EU’s energy policy of the last 20 years has been dead wrong. The full paper is available at:

In addition, it has been reported that 100 years of climate data was deleted from a Canadian government policy report (see Endnote [iv]).

[iv] 100 years of climate data was deleted from a Canadian government policy report. Source:

The illusion that livestock cause desertification

The truth about desertification, livestock, fire and loss of fertile soil. To combat desertification the United Nations have promoted policies such as reducing livestock numbers to reduce the potential for overgrazing of land thereby in their view reducing the rate of desertification. Alan Savory takes a different view based on experimental projects he has conducted – he maintains that grass needs animals and that it is the loss of livestock and animals that graze and fertilise the land with their defecation and the loss of natural vegetation that are the significant causes of desertification. The loss of huge areas of natural vegetation and the reduction of livestock and wild animals on the land has often occurred due to development of massive factory farming of wheat, corn, sugar beets etc of the international food production system. Such farms currently cover vast areas world-wide.

In his lectures, which are available on the internet (see Endnote [v]) Savory maintains that we have changed the natural cycle of vegetation decay by replacing decay with chemical oxidation and physical weathering – the loss of natural decay which formerly fertilised the soil means that the soil gradually loses fertility. He provides the example of how in times past large herds of buffalo or other wild animals stayed in large herds for protection and defecated on the ground for a few days – as no animal likes to feed on its own excrement they then they move thereby allowing the ground to go through the period of rest it requires to absorb the natural excrement as fertiliser. Savory maintains we (modern day industrialised agriculture) are not giving the land the natural rest and natural fertiliser periods it requires to retain fertility.

Savory also maintains that mankind has for thousands of years been using periodic burning of vegetation on the land to make it more fertile again – the char produced by the burn fertilises the soil  and that due to the mass extinction of thousands of species over the past decades that there are no longer enough animals to keep the vast natural grasslands of the world alive as before.  To support his view  Savory has provided videos and pictures that are available on the internet showing pictures of land with a high level of animal usage and then pictures of the same land with low levels of animal usage. These pictures indicate that desertified land with little grass or plant life recovers fertility and grass over a few years when animals are introduced and indicate that livestock and animals is the best low tech way to reverse desertification regrow grass and plant life. In the context of the ecological restoration of grasslands worldwide, Savory advocates Holistic Planned Grazing to properly manage livestock – mimicking the predator/prey relationships in which these environments evolved.

[v]  The lecture How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change by Allan Savory is available at:

See also the Savory – Holistic Management website available at: