Censorship of tens of thousands of medical professionals who are speaking out against the mainstream narrative on the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as against vaccines – Youtube deleted over 800,000 videos labelling them ‘coronavirus misinformation’. 

The idea that ‘the preponderance of medical evidence favours vaccination’ has probably something to do with the fact that all dissenting voices from the medical field have been censored and banned.

Youtube, for example, recently announced that they deleted over 800,000 videos for ‘coronavirus misinformation’. 


One has to search on alternative media platforms to find the tens of thousands of medical professionals who are speaking out against the mainstream narrative on the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as against vaccines; for example:


Many of the dissenting voices from the medical field can be found at the World freedom Alliance webpage, and specific information regarding Covid 19, vaccines etc can be found at their link:



How can there be full deliberation on a subject when different sources of information or opinion are being censored?

In the Vedas, Krishna uses the Sanskrit word vimrishya which means deliberate on this fully. The Sanskrit dictionary adds emphasis to the definition, stating that a thing is to be examined judiciously and cautiously. In order to examine statements with deliberation, one requires a whole list of other attributes such as thoughtfulness, discernment, insight, common sense, astuteness, discrimination, intelligence, knowledge, cleverness, rationality, logic, wisdom, enlightenment, etc. Devotees of Krishna bring their collective experience to any discussion:

How can persons have the opportunity to enlighten each other on issues of the day if certain posts on social media are being deleted?

My Twitter account has been suspended for posting offical government data on vaccine injuries – thousands of other accounts are also suspended – this is censorship akin to an evil dictatorship. The evil doers face the consequences of their artions and justice will be done upon them.

Regarding following Srila Prabhupada, I think Prabhupada’s personal disposition towards ‘injections’ and modern medicine is very clear:

Prabhupāda: …my Guru Mahārāja was in his last days, these rascal doctors injected… Our, this Kushjabihārī, Tīrtha Mahārāja brought so many big, big doctors. And he protested, “Why are you giving me injection?” He protested. He personally said, “Why are you giving me injection?” And if you bring a doctor, the rascals will not stop. “Oh, that is our treatment. We must try our best.” They will plead like that. “To give more trouble to the patient, that is our business.” Inventing new medicines means inventing new means of giving trouble. That’s all. As soon as you ask them whether by injection the life is guaranteed, they will say, “No. There is no guarantee. Let us try, make experiment.” Yes. In hospital, as soon as you get… Whatever nonsense knowledge they have got, they make experiment, at the risk of other’s life. (Srila Prabhupada Conversation, Gorakhpur, February 14, 1970)




Its not that Srila Prabhupada was against medicine, but like everything else in the modern world the asuras (evil doers) have taken control of the health industry, and therefore Prabhupada encouraged devotees to ‘make little research’ and find out the original ayurveda.

Big Pharma keeps people sick because there is no money to be made when people are in good health (see Ty Bollinger, The Truth About Cancer). According to Prabhupada’s qualification, the vaccines can easily be shown to be both unnecessary and un-beneficial.

The Vedas are the original source of all knowledge, and thus knowledge in medical science is also there for the perfect cure of the diseases of the living entity.

Big Pharma that has no intention of keeping people in good health, or in administering cures for their illness. Big Pharma also tortures and kills millions of animals in their research labs; and now increasingly they use aborted babies in both research and end products:

A doctor can convince himself that if he simply follows protocols, then he is justified in injecting people with Covid 19 vaccinations, then classifying the ensuing death as ‘death by Covid’.

Murari Gupta was an independent physician:

Murari Gupta did not require to experiment on animals or use aborted babies for his research and medicines. He simply followed the Ayur Veda, and could cure people in a natural way. Krishna says I am the healing herb (Bg 9.16). Our doctors in ISKCON cannot cure people like Murari Gupta was able to do. They are more or less drug pushers for Big Pharma.

The original practitioners of natural medicine in America were all basically outlawed or overcome by Rockefeller who was the founder of Big Pharma. The rest of the world quickly fell under the grip of these big pharmaceutical companies.



The net result of covid 19 vaccinations will be more deaths and more injuries. We have hundreds and thousand of doctors, nurses whistle-blowers, etc. who are trying to raise awareness, but they are unfortunately being censored by Big Tech, governments and social media corporations – the moneytocracy, the moneyed super wealthy that controls worldwide banking, mega corporations, WEF, WHO, and the UN etc instructs the governments and the governments do what they are told like mindless sheep. The leaders are then given cushy jobs in the EU etc as a pat on the back for not rocking the boat of the socalled “powers that be” (ie. the small criminal network that controsl these international institutions).