Cardinal Burke: Forces of the ‘Great Reset’ have used COVID to advance ‘evil agenda’

An interesting video, a Cardinal speaks out against the evil worldwide marxist Reset that is taking place under cover of a so-called virus. In my opinion it should also be noted that the root of this problem lies with those few people that own and/or control the western/worldwide private banking system, World Economic Forum and globalist “monetacracy” /corporate system (including big-pharma) as explained in the book Globalism Unmasked and in this article. Destructive communism and the destructive western corporate “system” are both used historically and currently as tools of authoritarian control that serve the interests of a small group of ultra rich greedy people that have the resources to do so.

For example, over decades Communists in Russia killed over 60 million Christians in Russia. These communists/bolsheviks were originally funded by Western Jewish owned Capitalist Banks based in New York. These so-called Jews are not the original good Jews of Biblical times. The upper echelons of Judaism, Christianity, banking, international politics and many sections of society have for a long time now been infiltrated by those seeking power, vast wealth, and authoritarian control. The ultimate truth is that these people will not escape the consequences their unjust actions.