Article: Transcending Covid-19 and the Climate Crisis power game

by Mark Keenan 11th April 2022

In March 2020, as the entire world grinded to a halt for the first time in recorded history in the face of the Covid-19 scare, most people had no idea of the deep significance of the events taking place. It was the first time that all nations were collectively brought to a complete standstill. The fact that all the people of the world were simultaneously forced to ‘stop’, signalled that a major change in the world was coming.

We know that Covid-19 hoax was pre-planned; that the PCR test, methods for recording case numbers, the CDC’s Covid-19 genome are all fraudulent;  it is proved that the so-called virus was never isolated anywhere; doctor’s such as Dr Stefan Lanka have exposed the virus misconception; the so-called Covid-19 ‘variants’ are due to the vaccinated becoming ill and spreading variants, not the un-vaccinated, as Dr Mikovits explained, it’s a cover up of XMRVs, transmitted into humans via contaminated vaccines; the dangers of  MRNA-based vaccines, and of EMF technologies, such as 5G; that manmade climate change is a deception; Covid-19 and manmade climate change are a ‘psyops’ intended to propel the world into the Davos Group WEF technocratic ‘reset’ and the aligned UN Agenda 2030 plan;  additional orchestrated pandemics, crises and wars are likely ‘in the pipeline’ to further these plans. Many doctors and scientists that have explained this are censored on internet platforms.  In the book “Transcending the Covid-19 Deception” I detail evidence for the above and a 100-year timeline of key events, who and what is behind the curtain of these lies, and the bigger picture of what it all means.

They are using these well marketed scares, false ideologies, fake crises, and political systems (democracy, communism, socialism, etc.) to control you. Many people are thus in a media-and-government-induced dysfunctional state of confusion, and thus blindly assume their pre-determined role in society under this ‘dictatorship of words’ without even being aware of it. For example, we now have millions of so-called climate change warriors blind to the fact that climate change is not actually caused by carbon emissions.

Manmade climate change is nothing more than UN, WEF and EU promoted non-evidence-based propaganda. I am a signatory of the Climate Intelligence Group European Climate Declaration, a declaration that has been signed by 1,000 scientists in climate and related fields, that asserts “the proclaimed climate crisis exists in computer models only”.

How can I assert this? I worked as a scientist at the UK Government Dept. of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), and at the United Nations Environment Division in Geneva. I resigned from both roles. It was evident that the manipulation and distortion of data had long been used to promote false ideology and deceptive agenda rather than fact. These agendas stem from the top echelons of the international finance, political, and mega-corporate system, and those private central bankers who control the system by owning the source of debt-money creation.

The UN is clever marketing tool and unelected unaccountable political mechanism for implementing and maintaining a corrupt worldwide system, under the clever guise of ‘fixing the problems of the world’.  It is so big most people have no idea what the UN really is or what it is designed for, and who are the globalist robber barons that control it from the top down. The word sustainable was hijacked decades ago, it is now deceptively used to advance the agendas of the globalists who couldn’t care less about the environment.

The UN Agenda 2030 plan and the Paris Agreement goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 7% per annum until 2030 is in effect a plan that will disable the resource mechanisms of the industrial economy for the food, energy and goods that enable human life and survival. This is being done before humanity has transitioned away from the flawed polluting trans-national industrial economy toward self-sufficient local economies. Whether you believe the ‘plug is being pulled’ intentionally or not, this inevitably amounts to a de-population outcome. The dependency of humanity on a globalised system was created for decades by an international political corporate hierarchy rampantly promoting and implementing flawed trans-national systems for agriculture, energy and goods, aligned with a usury economy in which wealth continuously flowed toward the private bankers. These globalised oil-dependent systems become useless as peak oil manifests.

Furthermore, the current green energy/renewable technologies being promoted by the UN and WEF, these technologies are not a viable solution for the world’s energy supply. The Energy Returned on Energy Invested is much too low – in essence the entire process is mathematically flawed. This is evidenced by the work of Professor David MacKay. Regius Professor of Engineering at Cambridge University and former Chief Scientific Advisor at DECC.

The funding of entire world economy is now based on a life-killing net-zero GHG strategy. Note that the world’s central bankers are behind this decision and are fully funding the worldwide climate change ‘project’. The Bank for International Settlements created the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure, which represents the world’s mega-banks and $118 trillion of assets globally.

Democracy will not make things better; it is an illusory divide and conquer/control trick. It is just the election of the latest political figure heads, none of whom have any real power – it’s the behind-the-scenes privately-owned world banking cartel that owns the debt-money creation system that has the means to control, own, fund, or de-fund whatever government, corporation or ideology it wishes. Many politicians are the witting, and often un-witting, pawns, of the globalists. Democratic leaders are subservient not to the people but always to international finance. International banking and mega corporations control governments.

For many decades the so-called banking and corporate elites have had full control of the source of money creation and its allocation, via the debt-money system, and have therefore, by default, been able to fund, and increasingly control and manipulate the entire world spectrum of industry, media, government, education, ideological supremacy and war to their own design, agenda and benefit. Mayer Amschel Rothschild (banker) is reported to have said:

“Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws.”

The WEF reset/UN Agenda 2030 moves the elites beyond control of the money system, to control of the people system, via new rules, track and trace, bio-metrics, vaccine passports, digital IDs, facial recognition, smart cities and blockchain power dynamics. That is not smart for you, it is smart for them. It is all presented in clever marketing language because if people understood it nobody would want it. Humanity urgently needs to take back control of the money creation process, or, at least, function outside of the privately-owned worldwide banking, credit creation and corporate system.

People’s access to energy and resources is being intentionally reduced via rapid inflation, bogus climate change policies, ongoing geo-political theatre and intentionally instigated war, in which both ‘sides’ are acting as pawns for the wider agenda of the punch-and-judy show globalists.

As sovereign free peoples, we urgently need to start planning, connecting with each other and creating much more self-sufficient local communities, towns, and regions free of the globalist controlled monetary system.

If people are not dependent on the system they cannot be controlled by the system. How many people will accept a ‘well-marketed system of technocratic control’ and how many will maintain their own freedom and create their own local systems? You are part of the answer.

The mainstream media is fully owned and controlled by the corporate elites and it is time for people to replace their window on the world. This starts by turning off the TV. John Swinton, former chief-of-staff for the New York Times said: “We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes… They pull the strings… AND WE DANCE.”

The corporate super-entity

The Covid and Climate change hoaxes could not have been orchestrated without a single controlling world influence over the media, banking, and the corporate/political structure. Who owns the banks and asset management companies that own and control the world? Let’s take the example of Blackrock, one of the world’s largest asset management companies, which manages funds of over $27 trillion ($27,000 billion) and in effect owns most of the U.S. and large parts of the world. The major shareholders of Blackrock are all mega-banks and financial corporations, in this way we can see that it the private mega-banks that own most of the world.

A study was conducted in 2018 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, on the relationships between 37 million companies and investors worldwide, and they concluded there is one ‘super-entity’ of just 147 tightly knit mega-corporations, and all of their ownership was held by other members of the super-entity. In essence, the worldwide privately owned financial and corporate orthodoxy is one large self-reinforcing super-entity underneath the tentacles of financial mega-corporations, who are themselves pre-dominantly owned by a small coterie of privately owned mega-banks/financial institutions. One corporate ‘super-entity’ of interlocking ownership literally owns and dominates the world economy, resources, and media.

The private banking cartel owns and controls the corporate super-entity. A small number of mega-banks are among the top ten stock holders of virtually every Fortune 500 corporation. This is why less than 0.001 % of the world’s population, i.e., a small number of banking family elites and their networks, own the majority of the world’s assets and wealth. It is no coincidence that the founder of the WEF is Klaus Schwab, a son of the Marianne Schwab (nee Rothschild) of the banking dynasty.

A systemic ongoing problem with the world economic system, and peak oil, has been manifesting.  Various studies now indicate that peak oil has occurred, and the days of using oil as a cheap energy source to drive the flawed globalised system and seemingly endless growth may soon be over permanently. The decades old economic Ponzi scheme of the globalists has thus reached its mathematical end-phase, forcing another paradigm shift.

By 2019, virtually every national government of the world owed vast or mathematically unpayable amounts of debt to the worldwide private banking cartel. This system forces people to live in a debt cycle which never ends. Since debt does not really exist (the money was created from nothing), the national debt is a hoax perpetrated by the so-called ‘powers that be’. The private central-banks and governments facilitate this worldwide con game. President John F Kennedy was the last US President to attempt to rectify this.

This system of debt-money slavery had reached its mathematical end-phase by 2019. A new system of control was needed and the elites had known this for a long time. Most people still have no idea that in March 2020 the world central bankers launched a world economic reset under cover of the pre-planned Covid world lockdown. Viruses, it seems, suddenly become invisible enemies of the world’s governments, but it was all pre-planned. The Covid-19 hoax was and is a cover/smokescreen for an attempted new worldwide system of societal control. At the exact same time as the lockdown was introduced the world central bankers implemented a world financial reset and transferred trillions of dollars to Blackrock; and the WEF/UN launched a pre-planned technocratic reset of world society aligned with their Agenda 2030 plan.

Transcending the power game of godless scientism

The Covid-19 vaccine has been relentlessly promoted as a chemical messiah purported to save everyone from death, the problem of course is it is a false and dangerous messiah of demonic scientism. The vaccine companies and government health agencies knew that the Covid-19 vaccines were unsafe and going to injure a high volume of people. This is proved by the fact that the MHRA in the UK posted a procurement contract notice on the EU EPSD procurement website in 2020 “urgently seeking an artificial intelligence software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions”. Statistics published by the UK Government’s MHRA listed 460 dead and 243,612 reported injuries within months after the launch of the Covid-19 vaccines. To date, millions of vaccine adverse reactions and thousands of vaccine-induced deaths are recorded by Yellow card and VAERS, etc., but not reported by globalist-owned media. A puppet media who, at the launch of the pandemic, employed nothing less than trauma-based mind control to convince the world’s population that they were all likely to die from a killer virus unless they do exactly what the world government orders and take an experimental gene-modification vaccine and wear masks.

Masks, by the way, are a masonic symbol of subversion, de-personalization and slavery. People in a dysfunctional state of confusion and fear have yielded their lifelong wisdom in favour of subjugation and compromise, and the younger generation is being moulded and depersonalised into robotic compliance, instead of exploring their God-given potential, which always derives from their uniqueness.

Corporate godless forces are pushing the deceptions of Covid, manmade climate change, for their Hegelian dialectic agenda of control via UN Agenda 2030 and the WEF reset. More fake pandemics, geo-political theatre, and wars are likely in the pipeline to further these plans.

In our own life-time we have lived under a political hierarchy, which though pertaining to be made of individual and autonomous nation states, is actually a one world government controlled by the world private banking cartel via its controlling ownership of the mega-corporate world structure (as evidenced in my books); and via its institutional vassals, including the unelected unaccountable UN, WEF and WHO.

This hierarchy has also stealthily introduced a poisonous a debt-monetary system that has caused economic enslavement to billions of people through-out the world, and a perpetual war machine which has caused death and injury to hundreds of millions of people through-out the world; it is a system which has introduced mass abortion, mass animal killing, atheistic ideology, illicit sex, gambling, and intoxication; it is a system that has introduced genetically modified foods, chemtrails, thousands of toxic manmade chemical compounds, herbicides and pesticides, fluoridated water, toxic pharmaceuticals and vaccines, widespread ecological destruction, etc. The godless ulterior forces have been foisting an increasingly dark and perverse society on us. There is no more normal. There has not been a normal for a very long time.

Though individual politicians have been replaced by others, the same system of government has continued. In the midst of a so-called pandemic, we were expected to believe that this one world government was suddenly concerned for the lives and health of people threatened by the so-called virus. Does a vulture wish the cow to be alive or dead? And does a vulture political hierarchy wish for the physical, economic and spiritual health of its citizens? Luciferianism is the underlying globalist cult religion, and is the only ideological institution adopted by the UN, via the UN’s relationship with Lucis Trust. Lucis Trust was originally called Lucifer Publishing Company, and still has a private library within the UN building today.

Many politicians are themselves unwitting pawns of the godless international hierarchy. The real divide in society is not the media fostered left-versus-right punch-and-judy show’, it is totalitarianism versus human freedom. The power seekers versus the freedom lovers. There are those that just want to be left alone and there are those that just won’t leave them alone. Covid-19 was a fulcrum event, it created a mental split. There are those that fully accepted the government narrative, restrictions and wore the masks of slavery proudly; and there are those more aware people that could see for themselves what was really happening.

The situation could be perceived as a challenge for us all, we can choose to either be a slave to the system or, alternatively, to create and co-create an improved society, a world of integrity, truth, justice and wellbeing, along with the many millions of people who also realise what is happening. This may all be a spiritual test where everyone has a choice and a role to play – without the narcissistic forces there would be no battle where the righteous ones can prove themselves.

In ancient societies by fulfilling one’s dharma, duty, or mission in life with integrity and to the best of one’s ability, whilst cognisant of the Creator as the supreme authority to which we will ultimately answer, each person could live more successfully in the mode of goodness, contributing to the overall societal welfare. This contrasts with modern-day conditioning in which many people behave like government-controlled zombies or robotic cogs in the system machinery of the money-masters. Robot-like behaviour is not human, humans know how to improvise and create new things directly from the source, from the Spirit.

Remember no politician, police or person has authority over you – unlock yourself from their mental prison. The agenda of political control in the world is not going to stop by people complying with it, it only stops when people say no and cultivate a path not reliant on an immoral system.

When you use the gadgets and platforms of the current corporate system you inevitably come into contact with a mass worldwide collective hypnosis, a conditioned mentality that has been molded by corporate TV, corporate media, social media which is filtered by computer algorithms, smartphone applications, etc. The pressure to comply and conform with the accepted reality and cleverly designed propaganda of these collectives is huge. In contrast, when you embrace your dharma, duty, or mission in life, you are on the right path and are doing ‘what you are here to do’, your mentality engages into a whole new world of possibility and you can feel the difference.

The ancient Vedic texts describe that humanity is in the age of ‘Kali-yuga’, a time period of chaos and dominance of dark powers. The ‘dark powers’ are hell bent on harming humans physically; crushing our consciousness and separating us from our connection with God. However, good-hearted God-conscious humans are exceedingly resilient and the dark forces cannot defeat them. It appears that enough people have awakened so that humanity is now holding the potential for an alternative reality, a better future. If a person is still thinking that they are under the control of the governments, then they are unable to function as a truly free soul and remain bound by the edicts of the government. It’s all about consent. If we do not consent with evil, it has no control over us.

It seems like most of the world has been desperate to return to the ‘normal’ world we had in 2019 prior to the fake pandemic, but the reality is that life pre-Covid-19 was far from normal, what exactly are people trying to get back to? Vastly excessive consumerism; hours stuck in traffic; the 9 to 5 hamster wheel to pay off the mortgage (mortgage is the French word for death grip btw); kids glued to harmful microwave-producing smart phones; mindless TV programmes designed to keep you ‘programmed’ and dumbed down; the whole world in unpayable debt to private bankers; an education system that indoctrinates everyone to become cogs in the system machinery of the criminal elites; mega-corporations polluting the earth; toxins in the food and water supply; Hollywood movie drivel; internet censorship; impotent art, music and culture projects that depend on corporate gatekeepers or state funding and, therefore, lack the balls to say what needs to be said; the list goes on and on. What is normal about any of that?

The old system was based on debt-slavery of money created from nothing by private bankers, and the new system being pushed is based on technocratic control created from nothing except our consent to cleverly marketing narcissism and lies. We need a better paradigm, but obviously not the technocratic ‘new normal’ paradigm the elites have planned for us to keep us under tabs. Local systems for food, energy, water and services are an essential part of escaping the coming technocratic system that is being cleverly wrapped around us. Start creating local self-sufficient systems and networks.

We don’t need these international money-masters and their ‘paid-for’ bureaucrats. We don’t need to be slaves to their systems of medical fascism, fraudulent banking, and international political and corporate totalitarianism. It is time to leave it all behind – to hell with the new normal and to hell with the old normal. Is a slow comfortable death in the suburbs of the ‘system’ really what you are here on Earth for?

The dystopian movie The Matrix portrays humans as just batteries, the slave energy to fuel a technocratic dictatorship. How many people will wake up, like the movie character ‘Neo’ and discover their own power? We are in real physical and spiritual war for truth and freedom.

Mark Keenan is an author and former scientist at the United Nations in Geneva, and at the UK Government, Department of Energy and Climate Change. The book “Transcending the Covid-19 Deception” is available at and (US) or email for direct delivery.

Copyright © Mark Keenan, 2022.