30,000 People March in Dublin in Defiance of the Globalist-Funded Mass Plantation of ‘Unvetted’ Migrants into Ireland and Europe

On Monday 6th May, an estimated 30,000 people held a peaceful march in Dublin, Ireland, showing their strong determination to protect Irish culture from the new world order/UN-funded, plan of mass ‘unvetted’ immigration. The large march occurred amidst rising crime by migrants, including violent crime and sexual assaults. Of major concern to the demonstrators is that most of the migrants coming to Ireland seeking asylum are unvetted/unchecked, and, whilst the majority of the asylum seekers are from Ukraine, there are also significant numbers coming from countries where there is no war at all.

It appears that under the ‘Temporary Protection Directive’ Ukrainians are not required to present a passport or a visa. Nobody knows who these asylum seekers are as recent government data shows that 87% of the asylum seekers into Ireland present with no passport, as described in this recent article. It appears that by destroying or ‘losing’ their passports before entry migrants can avail of ‘asylum seeker’ status, therefore, no one knows who they are, and whether or not they have a criminal record.

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The asylum seekers become eligible for free government benefits, free housing, free food, free bikes, and other perks. Whilst the majority of asylum seekers are coming from Ukraine, it clear that there is a significant number of single male asylum seekers who are not fleeing war or persecution, and are from countries where there is no war. Government data also shows that the vast majority of the non-Ukrainian asylum seekers to Ireland are thousands of mostly single men from countries in Africa, the middle-east, and as far away as Pakistan.

It appears these men have been enticed by the financial and housing benefits offered by the governments, including Ireland, that are subject to EU pro-mass-migration policies. Ireland is now known by thousands of migrants as ‘Treasure Ireland’. In contrast, when Irish and European peoples emigrated to the US, Canada, the UK and Australia in times past, I note that they worked hard, and received no freebies.

In my experience most people worldwide are decent people, however, it is being reported that the influx of thousands of ‘unvetted/unchecked’ migrants is causing a significant  increase in crime, including, violent crime and rape. Being aware of crime-committing migrants is not ‘phobia’ – it is not ‘rascism’ – it is common sense. This video here below provides some interesting statistics.


Newtown Mount Kennedy –  a turning point in Ireland

It is clear the Irish government (a puppet of the EU) is not on the side of the Irish people at all. The violent scenes of government police attacking and pepper spraying ordinary villagers, men and housewives, in Newtown Mount Kennedy, has sent a shock throughout the entire country, and indeed as far as the UK and Europe.

The brave villagers of New Town Mount Kennedy took a peaceful stand against the plantation of a large centre of unvetted migrants in their village. What happened then? The villagers (men, housewives, and teenagers) were attacked, beaten, and pepper-sprayed by the balaclava-wearing riot police of their own government. It is clearer than ever that the Irish government is treating the Irish people like 3rd class citizens in the country the Irish/Celtic/European peoples have lived in for thousands of years.

Mere days after the peaceful protest in Newtown Mount Kennedy when the villagers were attacked by riot police, large military-grade expensive metal fencing was erected around the  ‘migrant’ site at Newtown Mount Kennedy. The speed at which this was done, seemingly at ‘the drop of a hat’ is an indicator that the plantation of hundreds of unvetted migrant centres throughout Ireland and the UK is more akin to a military operation with vast financial backing.

One of countless examples is the tiny village of Annamoe, County Wicklow, Ireland. The village has a population of about 100, yet the villagers have been ‘told’ that 950 unvetted migrants are to be ‘placed’ into their village. See this video HERE.

In this report a local politician describes that whilst there are 14,000 Irish homeless people in Ireland, Syrian migrants are being given new houses in County Mayo, Ireland.

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It appears that similar issues have existed in the UK and mainland Europe for many years now:

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Furthermore, the vast majority of Irish people can hardly afford the rent, or to buy a house. Irish people and European people are struggling in this rigged inflationary system of the ‘new world order 0.1% crowd’, just as all working people of all other countries and races are too.

I forewarned, 14 years ago, in my published writings during the Lisbon treaty debacle, that it was a very bad idea for Ireland to give more power to an unelected faceless EU bureacracy. The EU is a political project run by the new world order crowd – this small group of money-masters and ulteriors could not care less for the people of Europe, your family, your community, or your country. In fact, the EU political project has been a trojan horse of communism, mega-corporate monopoly, and creeping totalitarianism from its very inception.

The Irish people sensibly rejected the EU Lisbon treaty via referundum 14 years ago, but it was then shoved down their throats yet again, thereby, making a mockery of modern democracy, see this book:

The Lies of Green Politics and How the Green Party Betrayed the People of Ireland

Voting new politicians into the revolving door of national government will not solve these issues – the faceless EU makes most policy. The problem is deeper – all governments are subservient to the world private banking cartel who control the sources of debt-money creation; and are, thus, also subject to their new world order agents pushing UN Agenda 2030. Paid schills and brainwashed pro-EU folks have ruined Ireland and Europe, blind to what the EU political project actually is. Now as reality begins to sink in, pro-EU liberals, and the EU-aligned traitorous Irish political classes, are looking decidedly nervous.

Mass immigration has been in the name of the name of advancing ‘diversity and multi-culturalism’, yet, the world is already diverse, the world is already multicultural. If current trends continue Irish people will soon be a minority in their own country. When does multi-culturalism become the death of Irish culture? or indeed European culture? Are these just clever political code words for another agenda entirely both in Europe and the US? Furthermore, the commonly heard mantra is ‘help minorities’, yet, the reality is the white race is a minority group with only about 8 or 9 % of the world population of white European stock/descent. I examine these topics in my book: Censored History of the New World Order – WW2, Communism, Zionism, Jews, and the Vatican


The majority of the ‘unvetted/unchecked’ migrants are from Ukraine

It appears that “Since February 25, 2022 Ireland has completely cancelled visa requirements for all citizens of Ukraine, so it is not necessary to issue a permit before traveling. The temporary protection status, which gives the right to live, work and study in the country, is valid until March 4, 2025″, and that, “In total there have been 104,870 Ukrainian arrivals under the Temporary Protection Directive as of 04 February 2024.”, see Endnote [i]. According to a Citizens information.ie document, which is intended  for Ukrainians, Citizens of Ukraine do not need a visa to travel to Ireland.

Clearly there are lots of decent people, genuine refugees, and families that have fled from Ukraine, however, it is also increasingly clear there are criminals among the 100,000 Ukrainian people now in Ireland. Furthermore, it appears that there is no war in large parts of Ukraine – a country almost 10 times the size of Ireland.]

This inevitably has resulted in many Ukrainians arriving to Ireland without showing a passport. It appears that these procedures do not apply to citizens applying from other countries outside the EU. Yet it clear that there are many non-Ukrainian asylum seekers arriving (with no passport). For example, in this recent article an applicant from Pakistan (where there is no war) admits he has no passport.  Are the Irish government Irish immigration officials acting in violation?


The bigger picture

It appears to me there are many good people in all countries of the world, but when mass-migration has no criminality checks, and does not even require a passport, it can only but attract criminals, free-loaders, and those that are hiding a criminal record. In fact it is recipe to do so. It appears to me this has never been about helping genuine asylum seekers – the bigger picture appears to be more about a fully-funded plan of the new world order crowd for continent wide destabilization.

Pushed by zionist jew influence in the US, the pre-dominantly Muslim middle-east has been invaded, bombed and de-stabilised by the new world order-controlled US government; and then millions of migrants from Africa and the middle-east (and in recent times Ukraine) were channelled to Europe (and the US) by the same new world order crowd. Meanwhile, it appears zionist Isreal does not allow immigration, or miscegenation; and the ‘ulteriors’ behind all this sit back and munch popcorn while ‘the movie of chaos that they directed’ plays out.

What happens when this issue hits the shores of the small Island of Ireland with its unique white Celtic cultural heritage?  The world over people will tell you that for generations the Irish have been amongst the most welcoming and friendly people with a tradition a hospitality to all visitors. Without doubt Irish people have been generous in welcoming the migrants over the past years. Yet, with crime rising, the consequences of ‘unvetted’ mass migration have become starkly clear, and the ‘visitors’ are starting to be viewed as ‘invaders’.


Who has been funding and promoting all this mass-migration?

It is the new world order crowd that are providing vast funding and channelling millions of migrants into Europe (it is not the migrants funding this – it appears the migrants do not have the vast funds required to finance the movement and housing of millions of people). A project of this size can only be undertaken by the cohorts of those who control the debt-money system itself – a system which creates debt-money from nothing. The connection between banking dynasties, debt-money, and usury has been well established over centuries.

I note that the alleged zionist Jew, George Soros, has pumped billions of dollars into mass migration NGOs, such as the Open Society Foundation. See this video HERE recorded by a town mayor in Hungary that exposes that mass migration is an EU/UN/George Soros funded project. It also appears that Israel’s foreign policy for years has been to funnel Muslims from the middle east into Europe to destabilise Europe and enable an easier path toward the “Greater Israel Plan”. Meanwhile, it appears Israel’s borders are virtually closed to immigrants, and ‘miscegenation’ is illegal in Israel.

I also note a UN International Organisation for Migration (IOM) donor relation webpage, see Endnote [ii], lists the governments that are top donors as follows:

Governments are funding this, however, all governments of the world are in vast debt to the world private banking cartel. World Bank statistics, see Endnote [iii], show that virtually every national government of the world owes vast amounts of debt. The massive total debt incurred by governments of the world cannot ever be fully repaid as there is always more debt in the system than ability to repay (money in circulation). The total amount of debt is possibly quadrillions (thousands of trillions) according to some if the financial instruments known as derivatives are included.

So, it is ‘debt money’ that funds this agenda (and all other deceptive agendas of the new world order government system, such as UN Agenda 2030). By controlling the sources of debt-money creation (creating debt-money from nothing), the new world order crowd have been funding any demonic agenda they wish. Governments, and the UN itself, are simply implementation tools.

I examine these topics in my book Censored History of the New World Order – WW2, Communism, Zionism, Jews, and the Vatican.

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[ii] Source: https://www.iom.int/donor-relations

[iii] Sources: http://datatopics.worldbank.org/debt/ids/



Additional information

Horrific stories – 12 year old Irish boy sexually abused by a migrant in a shopping centre toilet in Cork

In recent shocking events a migrant stabbed a man in the neck in Dublin Airport; a migrant released a video threatening to have the town of Killarney in Kerry bombed; and in Cork city a migrant pushed a 12-year Irish boy into a handicapped toilet in a shopping centre and sexually abused him. The sexual predator was caught by an Irish man who arrived at the scene, yet, in another example, of the endless betrayal of the Irish people, the offender was released by police a mere 6 hours later. A report of this crime, recounted by the man that caught the offender and saved the young boy, is referenced in Endnote [i].

These types of violent and sexual crimes were virtually unheard of in traditional Irish society. Now we hear of incidents week in week out. Being aware and judicial of highly aggressive crime-committing migrants is not “phobia” – it is not “rascism” – it is common sense! It is the duty of righteous men and women everywhere, whatever their race, colour or religion, to stand for righteousness. The video below provides some statistics on violent crime committed by foreign nationals in Europe.



Orchestrated destruction and culture clash – the zionist connection

The new world order crowd would like nothing better to see the Christian world engage in conflict with the Muslim world – this is what they hope for, and actively provoke. Meanwhile, the new world order crowd want to de-stabilise and destroy both the ‘authentic Christian’ world, and the Muslim world. The zionist-influenced US government orchestrated the US bombings and invasions in the middle-east; and zionist jews and zionist Israel has been fomenting this ‘culture clash’ in Europe by channelling millions of migrants from the middle-east and Africa into Europe.

See also this recent article and my book Censored History of the New World Order – WW2, Communism, Zionism, Jews, and the Vatican


A note on original authentic Christian culture; and the connection of the ‘Judeo-Roman’ Vatican with the new world order

Amidst the controversy about mass migration, the God-conscious soul knows that all land ultimately belongs to God – we are only the caretakers. Countless millions of good sincere people worldwide are seeking God via either a certain institutional religion or a non-institutional path – this is everyone’s God-given right to choose according to their own inclination.

I note various good men and women taking a strong stand against the globalists, are also calling, for a re-embrace of Judeo-Christian Roman Catholicism. I will give my perspective on this. I say it is good to cleanse ourselves of the perversity and degradation that has infected modern society, and it is good to embrace ‘original’ pure Christian values; but, that ‘the Roman Vatican’ is a different ‘kettle of fish’ entirely that I do not endorse, and that warrants close examination. Look before you leap.

I was raised in a Roman Catholic family, and I know there are millions of sincere Catholics, and many sincere Roman Catholic priests. I know God exists, yet I perceived from a young age there was something seriously ‘off’ about the ‘institution’ of the Roman Catholic church.

Millions of sincere God-conscious people worldwide turn to religious institutions; however, my research and life experience over the years indicates the ‘institutions’ are corrupted, more than corrupted, many are bogus. Indeed my study of ancient scripture (not modern distorted, altered, or mis-translated scripture) indicates it is better to turn to God Himself, and skip the self-appointed middle-men. Throughout the history of the world, institutions, whether political or seemingly religious, have always been a magnet for narcissists seeking institutional power and control. Let us take a cursory look at the Roman Catholic Vatican, which is a ‘Judeo’-Christian institution.

The first obvious point is that a horrific culture of paedophilia has been exposed in the Roman Catholic church in recent decades. Furthermore, over the past decade, and longer, many Catholics have been very critical of the Roman Catholic Vatican, and the Pope, for being aligned with the communist-type policies of the new world order, including the deceptive UN Agenda 2030. In the picture below we see Pope Francis accept a hammer-sickle communist style crucifix from the Marxist President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, in 2015.

Roman Catholic Pope Francis appears to be a champion of the new world order, and of the bogus climate change policies, and this is to the upset of many Catholics, who believe he is misguided, to say the least. He is co-operating with the UN, the WEF, and running PR for the globalists on climate change. Amidst the Covid-19 hoax he advocated that even healthy young people get vaccinated, stood in the way of religious exemption for forced vaccinations, and sent a representative to Davos to bless and approve the totalitarian WEF great reset.

“… this (climate change) has become some kind of religion, even the Pope is into it!” –  Patrick Moore

Pope Francis, even addressed UN member governments with a plea to support the UN goals. “The adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development … is an important sign of hope,” he declared, before demanding a UN “climate” regime, see this book. In 2015, when the UN General Assembly of the United Nations voted on the UN policy document Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Pope Francis blessed their ambitious venture and addressed the General Assembly in person to endorse the deceptive document.

“The Jesuits have made extensive use of Liberation Theology over the past fifty years to advance the ideals and principles of Marxism throughout Latin America. This is one reason – and possibly the main reason – why virtually all Latin American countries today are controlled by Marxist governments… Since the Roman Catholic Church is now being led by men who espouse the doctrines of Marx, albeit in a modified form, it should hardly be surprising that the global elite have called on Pope Francis to launch their “new universal agenda”. He is part of the same globalist cabal, placed in that position – like his immediate predecessors – to assist with the introduction of the New World Order.” – Author, Jeremy James

Furthermore, in various photographs Pope Francis carries the infamous ‘broken cross.’ In his book, The Broken Cross: Hidden Hand in the Vatican (1981), Piers Compton wrote: “[The Pope also made use of] a sinister symbol, used by Satanists in the sixth century, that had been revived at the time of Vatican Two. This was a bent or broken cross, on which was displayed a repulsive and distorted figure of Christ, which the black magicians and sorcerers of the Middle Ages had made use of to represent the Biblical term, ‘Mark of the Beast’.”

Well, many Christians know, and it appears to me that more ‘Judeo-Christian’ Roman Catholics are beginning to realise, that the sordid historical story of the Vatican goes even deeper, as I detail in the book Censored History of the New World Order – WW2, Communism, Zionism, Jews, and the Vatican


Original Christianity is not the ‘Judeo-Christian’ Roman Vatican

Amidst the lies and government-funded ideological indoctrination that has been rampant in government-funded school curriculums, is the bogus history we were taught in school. The reality is that original Christianity, real Christianity, original Christ-consciousness (not ‘Judeo’-Christian-Roman  Vatican Christianity) was the heritage of these ancient peoples in Ireland, Europe and beyond. The ‘Judeo-Roman’ Catholic church was firmly ‘established’ roughly 400 years after Jesus Christ. Original Christianity was suppressed and original Christians were thrown to the lions in the Roman coliseum. ‘Judeo-Roman-Christianity’ was not, and is not real Christianity, it was an institutional monopoly that was later brutally imposed by the Roman empire 3 or 4 centuries after Jesus Christ. Just as environmentalism is hijacked by bogus manmade climate today, so was Christianity hijacked by the ‘old world order’.

The ancient Celts were spread across parts of ancient Europe. God-conscious peoples across various parts of ancient Europe confronted the Roman armies in battle, amidst the destructive ravages/crusades and mass book burnings conducted by the Roman empire.  Mass book-burnings of ancient holy texts took place across Europe and beyond. Yet, the Roman military never managed to conquer Celtic Ireland or Scotland in those times past.

The ‘old world order’, the Roman world empire and its banking family dynasties did not die, it changed its name. The ruling elites of ‘the empire’ now morphed and hid behind the scenes of a seemingly divine mantle – it was now known as the Roman ‘church’ and all had to bow before the authority of Rome and its armies. It was not just Islam that was to be vanquished, for ‘original Christianity’ was the primary target to be destroyed if the new monopoly on religion was to be established. For those sincerely seeking God, the Roman church was now the only restaurant to be allowed in town, however, the food on the menu was to sneakily change over time. Scriptures were subtly adjusted, distorted, deleted, or rewritten, whilst leaving enough truth and essence to hook those millions of people sincerely seeking God. Middle-men were inserted between the people and God – those not accepting the word and authority of the ‘middle-men’ were destroyed.

It was a clever and deceptive move by the Roman empire to hijack the name of Jesus Christ, after having brutally oppressing the original Christians for centuries. Remember this: the original Christians were thrown to the lions in the Roman coliseum; Jesus Christ was persecuted by the ‘Jewish’ pharisees; and Jesus was opposed to the orthodoxy of the Jewish pharisees and the Romans.

“Only when the Church of Rome took over the Jesus movement did a new tyranny of the written word start, established by the foundation of an ecclesiastical hierarchy… professional members of the Church monopolized Christianity by taking the positions of ‘authorised’ priests, bishops and popes. Only those having gone through church monitored schools were entitled to preach and lead communities. The reason was obvious: hierarchical positions could easily be manned with institutionally chosen people…  and people were not to know about the original (true) form of Christianity, what to speak of comparing it to the new ‘only’ Church.” – Author, Armin Risi

The word ‘Jew’ did not even exist 2,000 years ago at the time of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, there is comprehensive evidence that Jesus Christ was not a Jew, as the ’Judeo-Roman Vatican’ claim – He was a Galilean, many historical books on this subject are referenced in this book. Thus, crucially:

  • Judeo-Christian heritage is a hoax;
  • the Judeo-Roman Vatican is not the representative of God – it is an unholy sham;
  • those modern-day Jews or zionists that claim to be ‘the chosen people’ are not actually (what a sneaky trick that was);
  • and Christian zionism is based on a lie.

I also note the crimes of paedophilia that have been exposed as being widespread within the ‘Judeo-Roman’ Catholic church, not just within the institution in Ireland, but in institutions in many countries. I suppose it must be just a co-incidence that paedophilia is endorsed in the Jewish Talmud. Rev. Ted Pike, director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian organization, stated in a 2016 article titled Paedophilia – The Talmud’s Dirty Secret:

“Does the Talmud share Christianity’s foundation of wholesome moral values? Hardly. Instead, the Talmud is the sleazy substrata of a religious system gone terribly astray; it is that code of Pharisaic unbelief Christ described as “full of all uncleanness” (Matt. 23:27). Shockingly, Judaism’s most revered authority actually… sanctions one of the greatest sins of all: child molestation. Christ accused the Pharisees of His day of being Satan’s spiritual children… Second century Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai, one of Judaism’s very greatest rabbis and a creator of Kabbalah, sanctioned paedophilia… in ben Yohai’s hometown of Meron, Israel, tens of thousands of orthodox and ultra-orthodox Jews gather annually for days and nights of singing and dancing in his memory. References to paedophilia abound in the Talmud… Aren’t Christ’s words more appropriate? “Woe unto you, scribes and pharisees, hypocrites!… even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and inequity. (Matthew 23:27,28)” – Rev. Ted Pike, see Endnote [ii].

I recently spoke with a man whose brother committed suicide because of the terrible sexual abuse he suffered as a child from these monsters hiding behind a so-called Roman Catholic ‘holy cloth’. A wise friend summed it up: “What better place for demons to hide?”. Yet, the demons that are hiding behind the walls of religious institutions cannot hide from God.

God undoubtedly exists as a loving father to us all; He sees all; and is waiting for each of us to connect with Him. To glorify the Holy Name of Christ one does not need an ‘institutional middle-man’ – God is with us all, at all times.

Author: Mark Keenan, is a former scientist at the UK Government Dept. of Energy and Climate Change, and at the United Nations Environment Division. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is author of the following books available on amazon.com:

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[i] Report at the 30 min 20 second mark of this video:


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